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Abortion advocate: Defunding Planned Parenthood more menacing threat than Ebola

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Over at the People’s Cube blog where they claim to “cure weak liberalism with strong communism” have put into perspective the Ebola scare in light of – are you ready for it- ABORTION!

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No, they are not referring to the millions of babies already slaughtered and the thousands that are killed every day from abortion. People’s Cube author Commissarka Pinkie wants you to “put the scare into perspective.


Lest you think this is finally a voice of reason- think again !

Commissarka Pinkie writes, “The hysteria over Ebola has gotten so out of hand lately, that President Obama was forced to cancel some golf and fundraisers to put out a fire irresponsibly set by the liars of Fox News and talk radio, whose shameless, pathetic fearmongering is nothing but straight up racism and a depraved, immoral desire to score cheap political points.

“We’ve heard what’s been said already by the Government in a seemingly vain attempt to calm unfounded fears—that to catch Ebola, you have to rub your nose in a pile of vomit or doo-doo left by an Ebola patient, then wipe away the mess with your bare fingers only to shove those fingers up your nose and then stick whatever you dig out into your mouth and swallow, taking great care not to spit out a single particle lest you infect someone else who might be tempted by the simple, innocent, uncontrollable urge to scoop it up and snort it up their own nose, etc.

“Yet people, oddly enough, choose to disregard such reassurances, and continue to panic.

“Perhaps this calls for some much-needed perspective with a list of greater, more dire and menacing threats to humanity and even our planet—all of which can be traced to a single source—REPUBLICANS.”

Pinkies List

Among the list of important issues that override Ebola Commissarka Pinkie names, Banning abortion and all forms of contraception, “Women will die because they are forced to go into back alleys with dirty wire hangers! Also, without continued funding for Planned Parenthood, women won’t know where to go for mammograms, leading to even more deaths!

I hate to burst little Pinkie’s bubble- but- Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms they are the number one provider of abortions in the nation, though.

Then again- I hate to accuse her of trying to scare people.