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Lisa Robertson: I am totally pro-life, pro God, pro babies

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After mistakenly calling herself saying “pro-choice” in a interview with the Huffington Post, Duck Dynasty family member, Lisa Robertson is trying desperately to clarify her words.

Lisa Robertson abortion Huffo

I blogged about the interview yesterday (read here) after I located this statement by Lisa on her Facebook page shortly after it aired.

Dear Friends, please be in prayer for me today. I am fretful over the interview with HuffPostLive yesterday. I am pro-choice only when it’s Gods choice. I was so flustered over her questions & just wasn’t aware that she was trying to trap me. Call me naive. I had an abortion @ 16 & I clearly stated that it was a decision that I’ve regretted all my life. I also stated that I thought God was the only person qualified to take a life because he made the life. Maybe I will get to minister to people who otherwise would shut me out but I am clearly pro-God & pro-life. I hate entrapment but failed to see it happening.”

Lisa Robertson abortion

Today, Lisa went on the Christian Broadcasting Network to speak about the book she wrote with her husband Al. She was asked up front to clarify what her honest and true feelings were when she was asked about her belief on abortion.

Lisa told CBN host, Terry Meeuwsen, that she was definitely pro-life and pro-babies.

Lisa Robertson abortion CBN

Well, I was 16 years-old,” Lisa said, “and whenever we were talking um with the interviewer she just was saying, well you know, your life has turned out great since you had and abortion. I mean, you got the man that you always wanted and I said- yeah- but my life didn’t turn out great. There’s been many years since then where I have really struggled with that decision. I know that that decision was not the right decision. Um…we do have a choice, in this world whether or not we do that or not. But I am totally pro-life! I am pro-God. I am pro-Babies. You know? The time of conception is when that life begins. And I believe that we should honor that life. And, so, I just kinda got a little mixed up whenever we were talking. Uh, but, I’m definitely pro-life but, like I said, we all do have a choice as to whether or not we want to go there. And, I want people to know that you can be forgiven whenever you’ve done those things in your past.”