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Suspended abortion docs dukes it out with pro-lifers outside hearing room

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An abortion doc whose license was just suspended after the state health department found abysmal conditions at his Michigan abortion clinic went head to head with pro-life leaders outside the hearing room.

Robert Alexander abortion doc 2014

According to a report by Operation Rescue, Abortionist Robert Alexander appeared before the Michigan Board of Medicine this week for a final hearing on charges of gross negligence and incompetence after he was caught operating a squalid abortion facility in Muskegon that rivaled conditions found at Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia “House of Horror.”

Despite the fact that an administrative judge found that Alexander, who suffers from mental illness, was not fit to practice medicine and recommended his permanent license revocation, the Board voted to suspend Alexander’s license for 6 months and 1 day. They also told Alexander that he would have to re-apply to have his license reinstated, at which time he would be required to pay a fine of $75,000.

If Alexander does not reapply for licensing, his license would not be automatically renewed after his suspension and he would continue to be barred from practicing in Michigan. ( read more here)




Outside the hearing room, the abortion doctor accused pro-lifers of using inside connections to close his clinics down. Pro-life leaders had an angry response, “May I remind you that it was the Fire Marshall that shut the building down,” one of them stated, “It had nothing to do with the Board of Medicine or the State investigators.”

Alexander confronts prolife leaders

When asked about the accusations by former patients that he had botched abortions he responded, “Botched abortions is when they are done wrong. Every patient is handled with care. Every patient is handled with delicate gloves, “ Alexander told a WoodTV8 reporter.

To avoid further questions by the news media, Alexander said, “Let me go, okay? I gotta go, I got to go to see some patients right...”

He was then asked by eh reporter, “How can you see patients, you don’t have a license?

The conversation which clearly shows how confused this abortion doctor is has been uploaded in full by WoodTV8:

Here the abortionist blames the death of his wife who died this year on harassment by pro-lifers but then he later calls the people from Right to Life, “good people.”

Robert Alexander media 2014

He also elaborates on why he can still practice telling the reporter that the revocation of suspension order isn’t in effect yet.

The pro-lifers then respond to his accusations that they placed someone inside his office to get him closed down.

Abby Johnson CLinic Alexander article

That accusation is based on an article published by Life News in 2012.

Lynn Mills Robert Alexander Hearing  2014

Pro-life activist Lynn Mills explains that one of Alexander’s staffers wanted out of the abortion business so she contacted Abby Johnson’s group. Mills says that Johnson put the former clinic worker in touch with Operation Rescue who asked her if she wanted to file a complaint against the clinic.

It is no secret for officials to use former employees to gather inside information or complaints about people doing illegal or unprofessional activities which cause harm to the public. Alexander just needs to face the facts, he did this to himself and there is no one else to blame.

Abortion doctor facing new state charges

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RobertAlexanderDr. Robert Alexander, whose Muskegon abortion clinic was shut down for alleged unsafe and unsanitary conditions, took a job last year running a taxpayer-funded STD clinic in Detroit.

Target8 Tease:

Target 8 confronted him outside the Detroit office last week. He resigned the next day, effective immediately, clinic officials said.

Robert Alexander Target 8

Alexander is facing new state charges of incompetence and negligence over conditions of the Muskegon clinic. He refused to comment last week. He covered his face with his coat, shut his car door and drove away.

Robert Alexander 2014 compplaint

Target 8 found him working as a physician treating patients at the Detroit Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic on Woodward Avenue. It is operated by the non-profit, but publicly funded Institute for Population Health that now acts as the city’s public health department.

Alexander’s former office manager, who said she worked for him three years, said she wants to know how he got a job.

She also said she wonders why the state Attorney General, which filed the latest charges of incompetence and negligence, hasn’t interviewed her. She said it was her complaint to Michigan Right to Life that led to those allegations. She is identified in state records as his office manager.

She told Target 8 about alleged botched abortions, re-used needles, unsanitary conditions, an ultrasound machine that didn’t work.

“I don’t know how he still has a job,” she said. “I don’t know how he still has a job. I don’t. I don’t know how any one would hire him because it’s hard enough for me to get a job and I just worked for him.


Alexander, 59, had faced earlier allegations of botched abortions in Muskegon that put women’s lives at risk, but those were dismissed by the state Board of Medicine without investigation.

A Target 8 investigation last year revealed the chairman of that board, Dr. George Shade, who ordered the complaints dismissed, once worked as Alexander’s mentor after Alexander got out of prison for selling illegal prescriptions.

The Target 8 investigation led the Michigan Senate to pass legislation that requires three board members to review allegations against doctors and requires board members to disclose conflicts of interest.

Target 8′s findings, Schuitmaker said, also raise questions about the state’s latest investigation into Alexander.

The state Attorney General’s Office in November filed charges of incompetence and negligence against Alexander over conditions at the Women’s Medical Services clinic he ran at 863 E. Apple Ave. in Muskegon.

His longtime office manager, who said she worked at the Muskegon clinic for three years, said nobody from the state has interviewed her.

If the state AG called her, she said, she would have a lot to say.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said she worked for Alexander until his office was shut down in December 2012. Alexander performed an abortion on her several years before she started working for him, she said. She said she contacted Right to Life of Michigan in June 2012 — six months before the closing — after finding Alexander at a sink filled with used needles.

“He was cleaning them and he was getting ready to re-use them on women, to give them medication,” she told Target 8.

She said she saw him use one of those needles on a patient.

In recent years, the clinic was open only on Saturdays, with Alexander performing nine to 15 abortions on a typical day, the woman told Target 8. He charged less than others — about $377 plus $150 for medication, she said.

The clinic, she said, was often unsanitary, with blood on walls and equipment.

“That’s typical. As soon as he was done with a procedure, he would have it on his hands, he would touch the walls, he would walk all over.”

Records show the woman worked as Alexander’s nurse, even though she was never licensed as a nurse.

She acknowledged performing nursing duties, including giving shots, despite not having a license.

The woman said the clinic’s ultrasound equipment stopped working about 1.5 years before the office closed, leaving Alexander guessing how far along his patients were.

“So he would just do a vaginal exam, and you know, guess that way,” she said.

The woman said she also witnessed botched abortions.

“There were quite a few that had to go in and get a D&C (dilation and curettage), some of them had to be hospitalized, a couple of them had to get a complete hysterectomy,” she said.

In the latest AG complaint accusing him of incompetence and negligence, Alexander blamed his office manager, identifying her by name.

He said the woman “told him she was a licensed practical nurse but he failed to verify her credentials,” records show. He also said it was her job to clean the office.

The woman denied misrepresenting herself as a nurse and said cleaning was not her job.

State LARA and AG officials refused to comment because of the pending case against Alexander.

It was a break-in at the Muskegon clinic, still unsolved, that led police there in December 2012.

Inside, the city found blood on the floor and walls, uncovered buckets of unidentified fluids in the operating room area, blood dripping from a sink p-trap in a patient room, biohazard bags on the floor and closets, unsecured containers of used hypodermic needles, unsecured medication and patient records scattered around the office, according to records.


By that time, Alexander already was working at Detroit’s Institute of Population Health (IHP) as a subcontractor — a job he started in October 2012, IHP officials told Target 8.


According to the WatchdogWire Blog Alexander was brought to the attention of authorities by pro-life activist Lynn Mills.

The blogger writes, ” I saw that one of my Michigan Facebook friends, Lynn Mills, had posted an article about a Michigan abortionist who had a tax lien placed on his home. I wondered if it was Dr. Alexander’s home, but it turned out to be a different abortionist.

Lynn and I exchanged emails, and she wrote that we would connect the next day regarding Dr. Alexander. It turned out she had some very important information about him.

Lynn told me that Dr. Alexander still works at the Herman Kiefer Clinic in Detroit. I wondered how that could be true as Senator Jones’s office had informed me that nobody knew of Dr. Alexander’s whereabouts.

Lynn gave me the telephone number of the Detroit Department of Public Health and Wellness Promotion, which is (313) 876-4176. I called the number and told the person on the other line that I was looking for Dr. Robert Alexander and wondered if he was still working for the Department.

She informed me that yes, indeed he does still work for the Department. She told me that Dr. Alexander works for the Herman Kiefer Clinic, and she gave me the phone number of the clinic’s Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, which is (313) 324-9612.

“Deidre” at the Herman Kiefer Clinic answered my call at 2:32 pm on Thursday, August 15. I told her that I was looking for Dr. Robert Alexander, and she confirmed for me that he was still seeing patients at the clinic. She also confirmed that he works with Sexually Transmitted Disease patients.

After I hung up, I started shaking physically. This news took a while for me to process. My heart was racing, and I could not believe that Dr. Alexander is still working within the Herman Kiefer Clinic and that my news tip from Lynn Mills (Lynn is a rockstar!) helped me confirm all of this. I could not have done this without her help.

Below ( SEE THE BLOG) are several pictures taken over the weekend by Chris McCoy of the Franklin Center, who was in the area where the Herman Kiefer Clinic is located (Thanks Chris!). Click on the images to enlarge them.

According to the organization Free Medical Research, the clinic is federally funded. However, Watchdog Wire cannot independently confirm the clinic’s revenue sources. What can be confirmed, however, is that taxpayers in the State of Michigan are helping to pay this doctor’s salary to examine patients for sexually transmitted diseases.

My last article published on July 24 indicated that no one knew of the whereabouts of Dr. Robert Alexander. Senate Judiciary Chair Rick Jones’s office told me that the media had visited the Herman Kiefer Clinic, and they were unable to obtain confirmation that Dr. Alexander was still working there.

I do not place any blame on Senator Jones for believing the media, but perhaps he will pay more attention to citizen journalism in the future. Senator Jones’s office issued an official statement on this issue (shown below), and I anticipate the new legislation will be passed in the Fall. I hope to be present in the room the day Dr. Alexander’s license is officially terminated.

Citizen journalism is making a big difference in getting to the truth. Let’s say a reporter enters a medical facility with a television camera looking for a staff member. I doubt they will get the information they are seeking. Citizen journalists may be sneaky at times, but we break no laws and we fly under the radar very well.

BOOM. Dr. Alexander was right under our noses all this time. The more I delve into citizen journalism, the more I realize how vital it has become. A media team could not get the truth regarding Dr. Alexander. But when an activist and a citizen journalist worked together, we got to the truth.

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