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Abortionist Steven Brigham Lied according to Prosecutors

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Steven-Chase-BrighamThree years ago, New Jersey regulators suspended abortion provider Steven Brigham’s medical license for endangering and deceiving patients. During the suspension hearing, he testified that he was covered by medical malpractice insurance.

Since the early 1990s, public records show, Brigham’s patients have suffered emergency hysterectomies, severe bowel injuries, severed ureters, and sweeping lacerations to the uterus. Over a period of two decades, Brigham has been barred from practicing medicine in at least six states, sued by his landlords and business associates, and even served jail time for failing to pay taxes.


According to RH Reality Blog, in 1986, Brigham failed to complete his National Abortion Federation (NAF) training, and his application for membership was denied.

“We were very enthusiastic about this doctor when he first came,” said Suzanne Poppema, a former board chair of the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and Physicians for Reproductive Health. “He was young and socially adept and seemed to say all the right things, and asked good questions that you would expect someone just starting out to ask.”

“Right away we started hearing that he was moving into both early and later second-trimester abortions. And he had a complication,” she said, referring to a problem with an abortion procedure.

“I sat down with him and three other physicians, and we said to him, ‘You have to promise that you will not do any second-trimester abortions until you have spent two weeks with one of our senior physicians,’” Poppema recalled.

Now, as Brigham, 57, tries to regain his license, New Jersey prosecutors have submitted evidence that his sworn statement was yet another lie. They allege that not only did he stop carrying required liability insurance around 2006, but last month produced a phony insurance policy when forced to back up the statement.

The Bermuda-based company that purportedly issued his policy was itself a sham. It has not issued policies since 2006, when the company operator went to jail for insurance fraud and money laundering, according to legal papers filed Nov. 27 by New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Jeri L. Warhaftig.

“Brigham also produced a fraudulent receipt for payment for a policy issued by” the sham company, Warhaftig wrote.

Brigham’s attorney, Thomas Gorrell, did not respond to requests for comment.

The allegations are the latest twist in Brigham’s 20-year, multistate history of trouble with regulators, the IRS, landlords, creditors, and law enforcement agencies, according to the Philly Inquirer.

Brigham Riley111230104609-maryland-abortion-drs-arrested-story-top

Operation Rescue reports that, Brigham has drawn more charges after an interview with the woman who was injured revealed in an interview that she did not sue Brigham for her botched abortion because he did not have the required malpractice insurance. This prompted New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Jeri L. Warhaftig to investigate further. She discovered that the insurance certificate Brigham submitted was for a sham company in the Bahamas that had shut down when the proprietor was convicted of insurance fraud and other crimes. She also found that the receipt he offered as proof of current payment was a fake and that Brigham has not carried the mandatory malpractice insurance since 2006.


Fellow Brigham abortionist Nicola Riley had been issued a public reprimand and ordered to pay a penalty of $5,000 for unprofessional conduct related to a botched abortion at a secret late-term abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland, operated by Brigham.

In Utah, the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) issued its final order against Riley on November 25, 2013, after reviewing the final order from Maryland revoking her medical license in that state. Riley was further ordered to “submit an essay describing how she will modify her practice to ensure that any facility in which she practices has an appropriate [emergency] contingency plan.”

DOPL further ordered that the $5,000 penalty be stayed pending the outcome of her Maryland license revocation appeal, which is currently progressing through the system.

Previously, DOPL sanctioned Riley for lying about a previous felony conviction while serving in the military to gain admittance to medical school and licensure in Utah. She was ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 and was restricted from conducting abortions pending the outcome of the Maryland case.

Operation Rescue first discovered Riley’s misrepresentations about her criminal past and obtained her military records through a FOIA request that proved it.

The most recent order makes no mention of restricting her abortion practices, leading to concerns that she may return to the abortion industry.

“I find it shocking that anyone would allow Riley to practice medicine in any form after lying to multiple medical boards, engaging in illegal late-term abortions, nearly killing a woman, then using the worst possible judgment that further delayed emergency care,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “I doubt if an essay on the subject of emergency contingencies will do much to protect the public from her brand of quackery.”

In September, 2010, Riley was working for Brigham doing second and third trimester abortions in Elkton. Brigham would illegally induce labor in the women at his headquarters in Voorhees, New Jersey, then would lead a caravan of laboring women down to a secret facility in Elkton, Maryland, where he was training Riley to complete the riskier late-term procedures.

However, Brigham was legally allowed only to abortion up to 14 weeks. To make matters worse, Brigham was never licensed to practice medicine in Maryland.

During an abortion on patient D.B., as she is referred to in legal documents, Riley perforated her uterus and pulled out part of her bowel.

Records state that Riley waited 90 minutes after inflicting the injury before transporting the patient down the block to a nearby hospital via Brigham’s private vehicle. Riley had considered placing the woman, with her bowel hanging out her vagina, into a wheelchair and pushing her down the sidewalk to the hospital ER. She refused to call an ambulance, even though the women’s condition was serious.

Unbelievably, DOPL found nothing wrong with transporting a patient in her precarious condition via private vehicle, noting that “if a patients s [sic] condition is too critical to wait for ambulance service in a rural or remote area, the use of a private car might well be the best option.” (Emphasis added.)

However, Maryland Board of Physicians documents obtained by Operation Rescue show that Brigham’s secret Elkton abortion clinic was only one block away from Union Hospital’s Emergency Room.

After taking the woman to the hospital, Brigham and Riley behaved suspiciously, stating they were from the “secret late-term abortion clinic in town.” Alarmed, the hospital staff notified the police. The patient was transported via Life Flight to Baltimore for emergency surgery to save her life. The surgeon who treated her reported Riley and Brigham to the Maryland Board of Physicians.

Police later raided the Elkton facility and discovered the bodies of 35 late-term babies stored in a blood-smeared freezer. Brigham and Riley were arrested on murder charges in related to the aborted baby remains and extradited to Cecil County, Maryland, where their charges were eventually dropped after an expert witness withdrew from the case.

D.B. eventually sued Riley for malpractice and reached an undisclosed settlement.

Riley’s Maryland medical license was first suspended and later revoked based upon her lies about her criminal past and her unprofessional conduct in delaying emergency care for her botched abortion victim. In addition, Riley was forced to surrender her medical license after the medical board there discovered she had lied on her license application there as well.

Maryland issued a cease and desist order against Brigham, lacking the jurisdiction to take more serious measures due to his lack of Maryland licensure. However, in New Jersey Brigham faces several counts of negligence and unprofessional behavior that could cost him the only medical license he has left. Brigham’s licenses in at least six other states were either revoked or surrendered under threat of revocation.

Brigham has a long history of ignoring or outright breaking the law beginning shortly after he was fist licensed to practice in 1986. He did a stint in jail in 1998 for billing fraud. Just last month, years after Brigham was ordered not to have anything to do with abortion businesses in Pennsylvania, Integrity Family Health abortion clinic ordered to close after it was discovered that it had deceptively concealed ties to him.

Even if Brigham’s license is permanently revoked at a hearing expected sometimes next year, it is doubtful that it would put him out of the abortion business. He continues to operate abortion clinics in New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida with shoddy abortionists who have little better records than he.

“The fact that authorities continue to allow dangerous abortionists like Brigham and Riley to exploit the system is appalling and places the lives of women in continual danger. It is clear both are proven liars and habitual law-breakers. Even the abortion groups who traditionally defend even the most heinous acts of abortionists understand how dangerous Brigham is and have publicly thrown him under the bus. If these groups can see how bad he is, it should be obvious to authorities in every state he is doing business. Pro-life groups in states where Brigham mills operate should be forwarding news articles and documents related to his every misdeed to medical boards and state attorneys general demanding legal action to close his clinics,” said Newman. “Brigham and Riley simply do not respond to traditional forms of discipline. The only way to ensure that they are not out there victimizing people is to lock them up. Somehow, even though Utah has given Riley what amounts to a slap on the wrist, we hope that New Jersey can find a way to put Brigham out of business and behind bars where he belongs.”


RH Reality ROGUE 1

Recently, the pro-choice lobby has turned inside out attempting to claim they are the ones outing bad abortion doctor. This new agenda comes on the heals of bad publicity received after abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murdering babies born alive and at least one abortion patient.

But the leap to disown Brigham may be having some backlash from the pro-abortion crowd, NARAL ProChoice Virginia writes these words, “In regards to our previous alert, we wished to affirm our support for continued excellence in women’s reproductive health care, not to pre-judge Mr. Brigham’s guilt or innocence of any charges. Mr. Brigham, like any person accused of wrongdoing, is entitled to due process under state and federal laws. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia supports a continued thorough and fair review of the allegations against Mr. Brigham. The allegations against Mr. Brigham are incredibly serious and, if true, evidence a disregard for women’s health that we at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia find unacceptable. We take this matter very seriously. It is no secret that anti-choice lawmakers in our Commonwealth could use infractions to attack the courageous abortion providers who operate under the highest standards of care.”

In 2010, Jill Stanek, a pro-life nurse and blogger, said “Brigham is so bad … that even the abortion industry, with its exceedingly low standards requiring abortionists show up with a remotely functioning third world medical license in any field, has been forced to turn against him.”

She notes how Vicki Saporta, president of the National Abortion Federation, a trade group for abortion businesses, was compelled to tell the Associated Press about Brigham, “His record is the most egregious one I know of in the field.”

AP says NAF “has been warning authorities about Brigham’s practices since the mid-1990s” though Stanek says she wants proof because she’s never seen any such warnings.

Stanek also points out that Saporta’s answer makes it appear “Saporta has heard of other egregious abortionists, but Brigham wins the quack hack award.”

She also points out how, in message to followers on Twitter, NAF said the prosecution of Brigham was a “rare occasion of agreement” with pro-life advocates and that “supporters and opponents of abortion want [Brigham] investigated.”

John Hayward, writing for Human Events claims, this isn’t the first time the NAF has been late to the party in condemning an abortion ghoul. They helped a slightly lower-key version of Kermit Gosnell, Dr. Steven Chase Brigham, regain his medical license in New Jersey after it was suspended in 2004 for malpractice that included transporting women across state lines to evade state restrictions – something Gosnell has also been accused of doing. In another similarity to Gosnell, Brigham employed unqualified medical assistants at his clinics.

The New York Medical Board assessed Brigham as having “inexcusably bad judgment” and having “repeatedly exaggerated his medical training, experience, and skill.” Nevertheless, Michael Burnhill, VP of medical affairs for Planned Parenthood and an NAF board member, testified in his defense. The NAF finally turned on Brigham when the Pennsylvania Department of Health shut down four of his clinics last July, and the IRS went after him for tax evasion.

It should be noted that the NAF actively opposes efforts to improve the lax regulation of abortion clinics. They refer to such efforts as “TRAP bills,” and describe them as bills which “are often introduced by abortion opponents who claim that abortion is an unsafe and unregulated procedure. By implying that abortion clinics are uniquely dangerous and in need of special regulation, such bills recklessly promote an unfounded fear of abortion.” Their website assures visitors that “abortion is, in fact, one of the safest medical procedures in the United States.” Apparently Pennsylvania seceded from the union when nobody was looking.

Brigham and NAF

In an interview at a NAF conference, Brigham told the media, “We believe women deserve the best medical care. We want to provide the best quality of care in a non-judgmental atmosphere”

Steven Brigham abortionist with a lengthy list of license suspensions and revocations

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In early August 2010 abortion patient “D.B.”, as records identify her, went to Steven Chase Brigham’s American Women’s Center in Voorhees, New Jersey, and discovered she was 21.5 weeks pregnant. In order to skirt the laws on abortion limits by gestation in New Jersey, Brigham, who is not licensed to practice in Maryland, opened a secret office in a rented medical space in Elkton, Maryland. This clinic was not advertised under Brigham’s American Women’s Services, his four-state empire of 15 known abortion mills. Documents show that the Elkton facility’s paperwork often bore the name Grace Medical Services, but the people that worked there simply referred to it as Elkton. The purpose of this under-the-radar office was to complete second and third trimester abortions that were illegally initiated at Brigham’s Voorhees, New Jersey, headquarters.

It appears in an effort to maximize profit and avoid state law, Brigham would begin the late term abortions in New Jersey, than instruct the women to appear to his office in Maryland where the abortion could be completed legally.

The abortion on D.B. was performed by Brigham’s associate Nicola I. Riley, with Brigham overseeing the procedure. D.B. began her procedure at about 11:00 a.m. and it lasted for about two hours. The patient developed complications and needed to be taken to the nearby hospital. Riley placed D.B. into a wheelchair with her legs up and had intended to push her the two blocks to the emergency room, but the patient’s mother insisted that an ambulance be called, but Riley refused, and after some discussion, D.B. was loaded into Brigham’s rental vehicle and transported to Union hospital. The 18-year-old woman suffered a critical uterine perforation during surgery, she arrived at the hospital bleeding and semiconscious. The patient’s injuries were so complicated that she had to be flown by helicopter to Johns Hopkins Hospital. Riley “returned to the Elkton office … to perform another abortion,” documents report.

According to several archived news sources – abortion doctor Steven Chase Brigham has had a litany of troubles which have plagued him for years.

In 1990 according to The Providence ( A Canadian Newspaper) Brigham attended the National Abortion Federation Conference, where he was quoted in the paper as stating, “We believe women deserve the best care.”

In 1991 – Brigham was ordered by Berks County Judge Forrest G. Shaeffer Jr to stop doing abortions at his Berk, PA offices. Shaeffer ruled that Brigham fraudulently concealed his intentions to perform abortions when he signed a lease from the owners: Berkshire Group.

In 1992, according to the Associate Press, Brigham retired his Pennsylvania medical license after a confidential attorney general investigation.

In 1994, The Star Ledger reported that a New Jersey woman filed suit against Brigham after he botched a late stage abortion then kept her bleeding in his office for hours. The suit identified the woman only as “Jane Doe” said that the abortion patient lost 8 units of blood and needed an emergency hysterectomy following her encounter with Steven Brigham at the American Women’s Center in Spring Valley, NY. The paper stated that at the time of the suit, Brigham had lost his medical license in New York.

While lawmakers in Maryland are cracking down on non-surgical Pregnancy Care Centers, they have neglected the high risk surgical abortion clinics, for possibly political reasons. In the 1994 suit mentioned above, the plaintiffs claimed that Brigham lured women into his abortion clinic through deceptive yellow page ads indicating he was ” a specialist in gynecological surgery”

Similar to recent events from the recent Maryland botched abortion incident, in this 1994 case, when the women came to Brigham showing signs of a later term pregnancy than New Jersey law allowed, staff at Brigham’s abortion clinic told her they could do the procedure in New York. During the abortion , according to the article, Brigham slashed the women’s cervix , uterus, and uterine artery. Despite her obvious critical condition, Brigham only called an ambulance after the women went into shock.

In January of 1994, the Star Ledger reported that New Jersey disciplined Brigham’s New Jersey license and according to the 17-page complaint charged that Brigham “has no formal training in obstetrics and gynecology and is neither board certified nor board eligible in any specialty.”

The state also alleged that in 1993, Brigham performed an abortion on a 14 year old girl and barred her mother from the operating room because she could not pay his $50.00 surcharge, for allowing a family member to watch the procedure. In addition, the article states that according to the complaint, Brigham used excessive amounts of sedation and placed gauze in the teen’s mouth during the abortion.

Brigham was also accused by the board of performing second trimester abortions which he was not trained to perform , failed to refer patients for follow-up care, engaged in unsterile practices and published “misleading and deceptive advertisements”.

Also in 1994, according to the Asbury Press, a nurse was so disgusted with the care Brigham gave his abortion patients that she quite working for him. Lynette Zielke of Turnersville, testified before the New Jersey Medical Board that she was the nurse who assisted Brigham in the 1993 abortion on the 14-year-old girl. She said the girl was over sedated and that Brigham risked choking her by stuffing her mouth full of gauze. ” I whispered, do you really want to do this?” Brigham replied, “Yeah , I want to give her a little extra sedation, She needs it.” The nurse then exclaimed that they would not be able to wake her up.

In December of 1994, The Star Ledger headline read, ” New York revokes license of abortion doctor”
The article stated that both New York and New Jersey determined that Brigham was a danger to the public for acting negligently and displaying bad judgement and according to the report would often “inflate and embellish the truth.” Brigham maintained that he was a victim of unfair treatment by the board. At the time of the revocation, Brigham was practicing at an abortion clinic in Florida and had previously let his Georgia license expire instead of facing a disciplinary hearing in that state. In addition, the 1994 news story said the California medical board was meeting to determine whether they would revoke his license as well.

When local pro-life groups publicized the news of Brigham’s disciplinary records, a 1994 Associate Press report quoted Patricia Anderson spokeswomen with the National Abortion Federation as blaming pro-lifers for sleazy abortionists when she stated, that tactics against abortion doctors “create a climate where physicians with less experience can step in.”

In 1995, a New York Times article reported that Florida suspended the license of Steven Brigham. He had been performing abortions at the Ladies Center in Pensacola despite his well publicized cases from New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and California.

In 1998, he was sentenced to four months in jail for failing to file corporate income tax returns and bilking insurance companies in New York, according to a Boston newspaper.

Old news stories also indicate that despite Brigham’s despicable behavior of botched and dangerous abortions, pro-choice supporters routinely came out to escort women into his clinics.

According to in April of 2010, the IRS placed more than $234,000 in liens against him for failing to pay payroll taxes. He’s also subject to tens of thousands of dollars in state tax liens. and in July , the Pennsylvania Department of Health ordered Brigham to close his four clinics in the state, saying he employed unlicensed caregivers.

The pro-life group Operation Rescue is calling for criminal charges against Brigham and has a detailed report of secret abortion clinics and abortion horrors by Brigham and his associates. Operation Rescue obtained several key documents which show that Brigham sticks his nose up in the face of the law and will continue to be a public safety concern if he is not stopped. Read the full report here

More news here

Maryland State Senator calls for AG to charge abortion clinic owner with felony

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Doctors cited in Elkton abortion probe skip hearing
1 wins continuance, 1 has license revoked

This photo purportedly shows Dr. Stephen Chase Brigham, who has been ordered to stop performing abortions in Maryland, where he does not hold a medical license.
Related Documents

Riley Investigation Report
Shepard Investigation Report

Posted: Friday, September 10, 2010 2:15 By Jacob Owens

The Maryland Board of Physicians upheld the suspension of a medical license held by an 88-year-old obstetrician who has been linked to an investigation into an Elkton abortion clinic.
Dr. George Shepard Jr. served as the medical director for the American Women’s Services‘ five abortion clinics in Maryland. However, neither he nor his lawyer appeared at the post-deprivation hearing in Baltimore on Wednesday.

American Women’s Services is a chain of 15 abortion clinics in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia owned by Dr. Steven Chase Brigham, who previously had his medical licenses suspended in three states.

Shepard’s role at Brigham’s five Maryland clinics in was to order medications that were then dispensed to the managers at each location, according to the board’s summary suspension report.

The board also maintains that Shepard’s responsibilities included ensuring that aborted fetuses were properly refrigerated and patients left the facilities in good health following their procedures.

Last month, the board began an investigation into the AWS clinic in Elkton after an 18-year-old patient who was 21 weeks pregnant was badly injured during a procedure and required emergency surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore to repair her perforated uterus.

C. Irving Pinder Jr., the executive director of the state medical board, told the Baltimore Sun this week that Shepard was not thought to have been directly involved in that botched abortion procedure, but he was “aiding and abetting the practice of medicine by an unlicensed professional.”

Dr. Nicola Riley, the 45-year-old obstetrician who allegedly punctured the patient’s uterus during the Aug. 13 procedure, also did not appear before the board for a scheduled hearing Wednesday.

However, her lawyers, Christopher Brown and Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, were granted a continuance.

“The board will reschedule the hearing for a future date, but their immediate schedule looks jammed,” Brown said. “We asked for the continuance because of the short turnaround time with the holiday.”

Brown said Riley would seek to keep her state medical license, which she obtained July 20.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s office also filed a complaint Wednesday accusing Brigham of illegally performing late-term abortions.

Officials in that office said they would seek to revoke or suspend Brigham’s New Jersey medical license for trying to circumvent state laws by taking patients to other states for abortions. A cease-and-desist order issued by the Maryland medical board alleges Brigham and Riley began the procedures in New Jersey, before requiring patients to drive their own vehicles to Maryland, where the abortions were completed.

In New Jersey, abortions cannot proceed if the fetus is older than 14 weeks, while Maryland does not specifically restrict second-trimester abortions.

Brigham’s New Jersey medical license is the only one he currently holds after forfeiting his Pennsylvania license in 1992 and his New York license was revoked in 1994. Subsequently, Florida revoked his medical license for failing to inform them of New York’s actions. He also chose to not renew his medical licenses in California and Georgia in the early 1990s.
According to state medical officials, Brigham does not possess a medical license in Maryland.

Since the allegations of botched abortions and questionable medical practices came to light, local politicians have gotten into the debate over Brigham’s clinics and the status of abortion in the state today.

On Thursday, Andy Harris, a Republican state senator and congressional candidate, said he believes the state should take additional and immediate action in regards to Brigham’s practices.

He said, the state’s attorney general’s office should launch an investigation into the four other AWS clinics to see if there are any other unlicensed physicians working at those locations.
“Second, in a clear signal that this type of shoddy medical practice is unwelcome in Cecil County, the Cecil County State’s Attorney office in should immediately charge Dr. Brigham … with a felony,” Harris, himself a medical doctor, said in a press release. “Practicing medicine without a license in Maryland is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.”

Finally, Harris said the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene should begin inspecting, licensing and regulating all clinics in Maryland where late-term surgical abortions are performed because those procedures should legally be considered surgeries.

Delegate Michael D. Smigiel Sr. (R-Upper Shore) said he plans to introduce legislation next year to ensure abortion clinics hire only licensed physicians. He also said he would like to see sanctions against abortion clinics that perform late-term abortions

“Maryland law doesn’t even allow us to track the number of abortions in the state,” Smigiel said. “We need legislation that allows us to track abortion rates as well as keep basic info, like the age of patients, in order to protect our citizens.”

Abortion case points to loophole in Maryland laws

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Abortion Case Points To Loophole In Md. Law

A teen was critically injured during a failed abortion. There was a hearing Wednesday for two doctors whose licenses were suspended as a result.

Suzanne Collins explains the case points to a loophole in Maryland law meant to protect patients.

An abortion on an 18-year-old at a Cecil County clinic in August went terribly wrong. The state says Dr. Nicola Riley perforated the teen’s uterus, yet Riley and clinic owner Dr. Steven Brigham didn’t call 911. They drove her to the hospital instead.

The medical board says Riley is a danger to the public and suspended her license. She had been flying in from her Utah home to perform abortions in Maryland. She didn’t accompany her lawyers to Wednesday’s hearing.

“Dr. Riley believes she should be reinstated but as I said, we’re not going to talk about this case. As I said, we need more time. That’s what we told the board today and they gave a continuance,” said Riley’s lawyer, Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum.

The state says Brigham owns five women’s clinics in Maryland, as well as clinics in other states. Since he doesn’t have a medical license in Maryland, they’ve ordered him to cease and desist practicing here but his clinics can remain open.

This case brings up a loophole in Maryland law. While doctors are licensed and regulated, some clinics that perform surgery are not and the state can’t shut them down.

“We do not have authority to go into a facility unless we have a specific complaint against a specific doctor in Maryland,” said Irving Pinder, Physician Licensing Board.

Another doctor, 88-year-old George Shepard‘s license is also suspended. He was medical director of Brigham’s Maryland clinics but didn’t show up for the hearing.

Abortion protesters did show up, however.

“We want to make sure that Maryland women are not exposed to this butchery,” said Jack Ames.

Planned Parenthood also “condemns the actions of Dr. Brigham and any physician who practices without a license or endangers patients’ health.”

Also on Wednesday, the New Jersey Attorney General’s office filed a complaint accusing Brigham of illegally performing late-term abortions.

Brigham was not authorized to abort fetuses older than 14 weeks in New Jersey. Maryland law does not specifically restrict second-trimester abortions.

New Jersey authorities accuse Brigham of initiating abortions for three patients in Voorhees, N.J., including this teen, then leading them in a caravan to Elkton, Md., where the procedures were concluded.

N.J. seeks suspension of doctor’s license in Elkton abortion
Associated Press
8:39 AM EDT, September 9, 2010

Authorities in New Jersey are seeking to suspend or revoke the medical license of a doctor accused of ferrying patients to Maryland to complete late-term abortions.

Dr. Steven Brigham has already been cited for practicing medicine without a license in Maryland. On Wednesday, the New Jersey Attorney General’s office filed a complaint accusing him of illegally performing late-term abortions.

Brigham was not authorized to abort fetuses older than 14 weeks in New Jersey. Maryland law does not specifically restrict second-trimester abortions.

New Jersey authorities accuse Brigham of initiating abortions for three patients in Voorhees, N.J., then leading them in a caravan to Elkton, where the procedures were concluded.

Documents show another physician botched the abortion of one of those patients, forcing her to undergo emergency surgery.

Teen In Critical Condition After Botched Abortion

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A botched abortion leaves a teenager in critical condition in Cecil County.

Now Suzanne Collins reports the state has suspended the licenses of two doctors and ordered another to stop practicing in the state.

The Elkton clinic was closed Friday with a cease and desist order on the door.

The trouble began when Dr. Nicola Riley performed a failed abortion on an 18-year-old woman on Aug. 13, perforating her uterus and cutting her bowel.

The state has just suspended Riley’s license to practice medicine in Maryland and also the license of an 88-year-old doctor dispensing medicine at the clinic.

“The report that came to us was so egregious and the information in the complaint so serious, the state had to respond quickly,” said David Paulsen, Md. Health Department.

Union Hospital called police when the semi-conscious teen arrived at emergency with two doctors in a rental car, not in an ambulance.

One of them was Dr. Riley. The other was Dr. Steven Brigham who owns the clinic and others in a number of states.

Investigators say security at the hospital told them Dr. Brigham and Dr. Riley were circumspect about, “who they were, what happened and where they came from.”

Also, the report from the state says Riley went back to the clinic and performed another abortion.

Brigham, the clinic owner, has no license to practice medicine in Maryland, but the state says he was supervising the abortions. They issued a cease and desist order.

Elkton Police raided the clinic taking medical records and seizing a freezer.

“It contained fetuses, approximately 35. They appeared to be close to full-term,” said Lt. Matthew Donnelly, Elkton Police.

The licensing board’s investigation finds three patients, including the teen, followed Brigham in their own cars from his New Jersey clinic, where he can’t perform late-term abortions to Elkton the day of the surgery.

Riley, who just got her Maryland medical license, flew in from her home in Utah to perform the abortions.

Brigham operates four other clinics in Baltimore, Frederick and the D.C. suburbs.

2 abortion Drs. ordered to stop after Md. injury

BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland health officials have ordered two doctors to stop performing abortions after a woman was critically injured during a procedure last month.

The state Board of Physicians ordered Dr. Steven Brigham to stop practicing medicine without a license in Maryland and suspended the license of Dr. Nicola Riley. Police raided one of Brigham’s offices in Elkton looking for medical records, and found dozens of late-term fetuses in a freezer at a clinic.

Riley and Brigham brought an injured 18-year-old woman in a personal vehicle to Union Hospital in Elkton after a failed abortion Aug. 13, according to the board’s orders. The woman was then taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where she was found to have a uterine perforation.

A Hopkins doctor filed a complaint against Riley, and along with a general surgeon, repaired the injuries to the woman.

Brigham owns American Women’s Services, which has offices in several states.

The 18-year-old woman initially went to an American Women’s Services office in New Jersey and met with Brigham on Aug. 12, according to the order. She returned the next day and was given pills to induce contractions, and told to drive 60 miles to the Elkton facility where the abortion would be performed.

Several days later, the Elkton police department, acting on a warrant for the woman’s medical record, found a freezer with about 35 late-term fetuses. Elkton police didn’t immediately return a telephone message Friday night.

Brigham is licensed in New Jersey, but not Maryland. Riley has a license in Maryland, but “poses a threat to her patients’ safety and well-being and thereby represents a danger to the public,” according to the board’s order.

The board said Riley lives in Utah and flew to Maryland to work at the clinic.

A third doctor, George Shepard Jr., also had his license suspended. He ordered medications for AWS’ Maryland facilities and knowingly took part in an arrangement in which abortions started in one state and patients were told to drive across state lines for completion of the procedure, the board said.

Voicemails left with Riley at her office in Utah and Brigham’s office in New Jersey were not immediately returned Friday night. A message left for Shepard’s lawyer was not immediately returned.

UPDATE 9-8-2010

Board upholds license suspension against doctor in abortion injury
State panel grants continuance to lawyers for second physician

By Nick Madigan, The Baltimore Sun
2:18 PM EDT, September 8, 2010

The Maryland Board of Physicians on Wednesday upheld a suspension order against an obstetrician who ran an Elkton clinic in which an 18-year-old woman was badly injured during an abortion.

Neither the doctor — George Shepard Jr., 88, who oversaw the five Maryland clinics of American Women’s Services — nor his attorney appeared Wednesday morning at a board hearing in Baltimore that was to hear evidence against him in the case of the woman, who suffered a ruptured uterus and other internal injuries during a procedure on Aug. 13.

The medical licenses of Shepard and another doctor, Nicola I. Riley, were suspended last week. A third doctor in the case, Steven C. Brigham, 54, who state officials say owns the chain of clinics, was not licensed to practice medicine in Maryland and was ordered to stop doing so.

Two lawyers for Riley, 45, appeared at Wednesday’s hearing and asked for a continuance on the grounds that they had not had sufficient time to prepare a defense of her actions. The continuance was granted.

“She’s going to fight to keep her license,” Christopher C. Brown, one of Riley’s lawyers, said after the hearing. The other attorney, Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, added, “She should be reinstated.”

The physicians’ board took action against the three doctors after a surgeon at a Baltimore hospital had been forced to perform an emergency operation on the young woman to repair damage from the procedure she underwent at the Elkton clinic.

C. Irving Pinder Jr., the executive director of the physicians’ board, said that even though Brigham was unlicensed in Maryland, he could still be fined $50,000 for each incident of malpractice, and that law enforcement agencies were looking into the possibility of charging him with felonies.

The other two doctors could also be charged, and the physicians’ board retains the option of reprimanding them, revoking their licenses, placing them on probation or dismissing their cases.