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Florida board revokes Sarasota abortion doctor’s license

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By Todd Ruger
Published: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 1:00 a.m.

A Sarasota doctor’s mistaken killing of the wrong fetus while trying to abort its deformed twin should never happen with today’s medical technology, a national expert said.

Dr. Matthew Kachinas, an obstetrician and gynecologist with a home on Longboat Key, botched a procedure called “selective reduction,” which can increase the mother’s safety during problematic multiple pregnancies.

Kachinas was supposed to inject a lethal chemical into a deformed male fetus during the 2006 procedure at his now-defunct Sarasota clinic, Premier Institute for Women’s Health on South Tamiami Trail.

By mistake, he injected the healthy female fetus inside a woman identified in documents only as “K.M.” The Florida Board of Medicine revoked Kachinas’ medical license Saturday.
A combination of carelessness and Kachinas’ lack of experience are both to blame for the fetus’ death in this case, said Dr. Mark Evans, a New York City obstetrician and geneticist who helped pioneer the technique.

Evans said he has never made that mistake in the thousands of selective reductions he has performed over the past three decades. He has not heard of a similar mix-up in more than 25 years, dating back to a time when ultrasound machines were far inferior to today’s technology.

Evans said the procedure is highly specialized, and that more than half of his patients come from out of state.

“Unless you do a lot of them you shouldn’t be doing them,” said Evans. “It requires skills that most people don’t have.”

Kachinas, 50, had never done the procedure before.

During disciplinary hearings, Kachinas blamed a bad ultrasound machine needed to find the position of the fetuses inside the uterus, and said he had a hard time telling his patients “no” and did not want them to have to travel out of state to have it done.

At a November hearing, Kachinas said he thought he had zoomed in on the male fetus, the one that had Down syndrome and signs of a heart defect. A week later, he learned that he had instead injected the healthy female. He concluded there must have been a problem with the ultrasound machine he was using.

After losing his license Saturday, Kachinas was involuntarily hospitalized because he said he planned to commit suicide. He could not be reached for comment Monday.

Kachinas represented himself before the board, Health News Florida reported. In a rambling presentation, Kachinas spent most of his time addressing two less-serious charges levied against him in unrelated cases. When he got to the twin case, though, he admitted he “screwed up.”

Records in those other cases show that in 2002, the Department of Health charged Kachinas with violating the medical practice laws after he was observed in a restroom taping pharmaceutical vials to his legs so that they would be concealed by his socks and pants.

And in 2004, the Department of Health cited him for failure to have records showing proper care in the case and for falsifying a death certificate. But a judge ruled there was no proof Kachinas knew the records were false.

The Associated Press and Health News Florida contributed to this report.