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Blacks protest NAACP over abortion say every child has a right to life

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NAACP asked if evil done to Blacks (Confederate Flag) or by Black leaders (thru Abortion Ailence) is worse

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GuestClenard Childress Black abortion NAACP COnfederate Flag

Black leaders protested outside the NAACP conference in Philadelphia decrying the group’s refusal to speak out against abortion which kills a majority of Blacks.

Clenard CHildress

Rev. Clenard Childress, Jr. director of the largest Black pro-life organization the country, LEARN, told Life Dynamics that his “All Black Life” project visited the NAACP convention for days with a team of African Americans holding signs relating to Black Genocide.

Ab Savage act of violence 2912951881766_n

He said that the group’s basic message at the NAACP event was that, “ALL Black Life Matters.”

“It is a gross injustice of the NAACP board and members to ignore the genocide of the African American community and the health ramifications that are resulting from abortions upon African American women,” he said.

Childress also spoke to OneNewsNow from the convention calling the NAACP hypocritical for not speaking out against Black Genocide form abortion.

Right now I think the African-American community is quite hypocritical and short-sighted when it comes to being in an uproar about the Confederate flag and totally ignore the 1,786 African-American children who are killed each day in the womb,” he told the media outlet.

A controversial sign that Rev. Chilidress and his group showed to the 3,000- 5,000 attendees the 106th Annual NAACP Convention, was the image of a Confederate Flag alongside a dead aborted child.


Under the flag were the words: “Evil done to us?”

The words under the aborted baby were: “Evil done by us?

Black confederate flag abortion 791718708639_n

The imagery was powerful,” wrote one columnist who spoke to Childress after the event.

Rev. Childress said that the sign hit home and most of the delegates the group talked to, “were connecting the dots and the conversations were extremely fruitful.”

They stared at the signs for a while and walked off shaking their head but saying , that’s right, that’s right, its wrong,” he stated.

This connects the dots better than the others,” he pointed out.

In addition to the Confederate sign, another sign held by the Black pro-life group read: Abortion Suppresses the Black Vote.

Abortion Surpresses the Black vote 1800222921023362_n

Others addressed the recent killings of Black men by police showing the barbaric way Black babies are butchered inside the womb by abortion doctors.

Abortion Surpresses the Black Vote 73028160483091916_n

A person believed we were from the NAACP,” Rev. Childress reported.

He walked up to us and said, ” well brother you voted for this didn’t you? When you voted for Obama you voted for abortion,” he added.

“We then got into a great discussion and I was able to tell them who we were.”

I Cant Breathe 87898772904711_n

The most popular sign was the confederate sign, everyone stopped to talk and look at the comparison,” Childress stated.

“One person was so frustrated that he had no retort to the sign he said well you might as well put the American flag up there also cause its happening not under the confederate flag but the American flag.Yes, I said, but this flag stands for liberty and justice for all… We refuse to apply it to everyone..,” he said.

Childress said that in addition to holding the signs, they handed NAACP members hundreds of copies the documentary film, Maafa21.

Maafa21 Logo 2

The film, which features the Black leader, details the eugenics agenda of abortion by diving back into the history of Planned Parenthood and their racist founder, Margaret Sanger.

Fully titled, Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America, and has been screened hundreds of time in public venues nationwide and can be viewed online here.

In addition to Maafa21, Life Dynamics has published a brochure challenging the NAACP’s silence in the abortion related death of a Black women.

Tonya Reaves brochure small

Life Dynamics contents that 24-year-old Tonya Reaves was murdered after Planned Parenthood doctors left her bleeding inside their Chicago abortion facility in July of 2009.

When the leadership of the NAACP decided to look the other way at the killing of Tonya Reaves, they totally shredded whatever credibility they had left,” the Life Dynamics brochure reads.

NAACP Prochoice statement

All together Rev. Childress said their group handed out over 6,500 pieces of material exposing abortion and Black Genocide over the three days.

Rev. Childress sent Life Dynamics a few of the reactions he received from various NAACP members:

    I am going to bring this display to my city.
    You have opened my mind to the facts we will have to talk more once I get back home.
    I never looked at abortion this way before, I am from Detroit and all people ever say is that there are too many Black babies. Children having children but a heart is beating at 18 days?
    ( weeping) I am a minister and it happened a long time ago< I never resolved this in my heart till today, I feel free, thank you for praying and speaking with me
    Are those statistic accurate, that cant be true.

When we begin to really look at the facts, we’ll recognize that our leadership is more about their own power and their own political progress than they are the plight of African-Americans,” Childress said.

Powerful vid of Black leaders opposed to abortion and Planned Parenthood

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Black leaders from LEARN – such as Dr. Johnny Hunter, Dr. Clenard Childress, Akua Ferlow , Star Parker president of C.U.R.E.

Johnny Hunter Say SO

“Stop giving to groups that are trying to wipe us out. We’re calling on all Black folks that the way to stop this thing is a very simple solution. We’ve had to boycott buses in the past. We’ve had to boycott grocery stores; we wouldn’t even buy toothpaste if they didn’t like us. Well, I’ve got a solution- it’s a very simple thing. Let’s boycott the abortion industry.” ~ Dr. Johnny Hunter

Star Parker

“It is time for the Congressional leaders and the Supreme Court to understand that we need a new civil rights amendment, we need to overthrow Roe. V. Wade. It is time for us to stand up and say Roe v. Wade and Dred Scott read verbatim. And there is something wrong with calling a human being – a human life- PROPERTY. We are calling today for a boycott of Planned Parenthood. We want you to shut up your doors and leave our communities right now. We are calling on Black America to stop going into these clinics. They are convincing you that they are providers of health care and they are providers of slaughter and we want them to leave our neighborhoods…It is time for the pastors to stand up- get some back bone and see what is happening in our neighborhoods.”

Bishop Eddie Long

“If we believe murder to be wrong only because of human suffering involved we have an unstable foundation for making an ethical decision. The basic criteria for such decision will be the desire to minimize suffering instead of developing respect for life. Eventually that criteria or that basis provides the rationale for abortion of the handicapped and the deformed babies.”

“One of the problems with the fall of Rome, let me tell you how they became so immoral. That mothers were having children. They didn’t have abortions they would go ahead and have the children and put them on the street. And the government, the Roman authorities, forbid anyone to touch the babies, let them die. But, the Church, under the threat of death, would go out in the street and get the babies. And many of them were persecuted many of them were killed. But, they went out anyway and would pick up the children and take the children home and raise the children. That’s what a remnant church does. A remnant church isn’t just sitt’n up talking about how they’re going to get blessed and how they’re going to get debt free. A remnant church are those who are willing to go in the streets and pick up what was laying on the wayside and not sit up and talk about how inconvenient this might be. When do we place a value on life?” ~ Bishop Eddie Long