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Pro-choicer threatens to break the leg of pro-lifers who left flier on door

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A pro-choicer called Pro-Life Action Ministries and left them a threatening message, after they went door-to-door throughout Richfield, MN, handing fliers asking the community why Planned Parenthood was preying on them:

PP Flyer

Brian Gibson, executive director of the pro-life group said they received a handful of negative responses and this threatening voice message which threatened to break the leg of any of their members who hung up another flier:

I’m calling regarding a little flier we got on our door, it says call. I’m just calling to let you know that if you leave another freak’n flier, I’ll break the leg of the person that drops it off. You and your F****** propaganda – knock it off !”

Listen to threatening call here:

Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood: health insurance shouldn’t be reason mother doesn’t get to be with children

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Planned Parenthood has no shame !!!

In this video of Planned Parenthood knocking on American homes to push ObamaCare ( Affordable Care Act a/k/a/ ACA) “organizer” Nina says, “The strong healthy person on day could get into an accident. You know, things happen. It should be the reason why a student has to drop out of school. It shouldn’t be the reason why a mother doesn’t get to be with her children.”


How does Planned Parenthood get away with things like this? They KILL CHILDREN for petes sake ! How much more can you separate a mother and child than that?

PP 2012 2013 Annual Report

Disgusted !!!

VID: Planned Parenthood going door to door to promote ObamaCare

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Eugenics founded Planned Parenthood has to pay “activists” to “get out the vote” to support pro-abortion candidates!

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The nation’s largest abortion provider who receives millions of federal tax dollars every year is using that money to pay people to “Get out the vote” and support pro-abortion candidates. Planned Parenthood was founded by a member of the American Eugenics Society who admitted that she gave Klan Speeches – her name is Margaret Sanger.

Now, they are using our money to fund their eugenic agendas…and they are paying “activists” to go door to door to make sure that Planned Parenthood continues their ability to stick their hands in the pockets of tax payers, many of which are now unemployed !

From the FaceBook of Advocacy Events for October! by Planned Parenthood Health
October is upon us!! And Planned Parenthood Health Systems is in the midst of engaging activists and supporters in North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia! You still have a chance to be part of the movement in any one of these states. So find your state below and take advantage of these awesome opportunities to create change in your community!

Thank you!

Patty, Sloane and Kira
Planned Parenthood Health Systems Field Team


Where: Raleigh and Wake County, NC
When: Oct 9 (9:30am-2pm), Oct 10 (12:30-4pm), Oct 17 (12:30-4pm)
Description: Are you interested in encouraging underrepresented voters in your community to vote? Here is the perfect way! Be one of our many activists that will be pounding the pavement in North Carolina, knocking on doors, and encouraging Wake County residents to go out and vote!
Stipend: $35/shift
Help encourage your neighbors to exercise their right to vote! Sign up to canvass today!

Where: Wake County, NC
When: Oct 23 (9:30am-2pm) and Oct 24 (12:30-4pm)
Description: Join us while we distribute voting information literature to hundreds of underrepresented voters in Wake County. This fun and easy effort will remind and encourage countless residents to exercise their right to vote this November!
Stipend: $35/shift


Where: Cherokee County, Gaffney, SC
When: Oct 5 (5:30-8:30pm), Oct 7 (5:30-8:30pm), Oct 9 (10am-2pm), Oct 10 (1-5pm)
Description: Help us spread the message of prevention first to the Upstate. Join us as we go door to door to fellow Planned Parenthood supporters in Cherokee County. We will ask them to join the movement by signing a prevention first postcard that we will mail to their state legislator.
Stipend: $30/4hr. shift, $23/2hr. shift
Change the face of reproductive healthcare one door at a time! Sign up today!


Where: Bridgeport-Clarksburg Area
When: Oct 10 (1-4:30pm), Oct 16 (11am-2:30pm)
Description: Help us protect women’s health care in West Virginia! Join us as we knock doors and ask voters to sign our “Put Prevention First” postcards. We will then mail these to state legislators to encourage them to support preventive care for all West Virginians and to reject dangerous and divisive restrictions on women’s health care.
Stipend: $30/shift
If we work together, we can see real change in West Virginia. Join the movement! Sign up to knock doors today!