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What will Planned Parenthood teach kindergarteners in Chicago?

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Planned Parenthood will now have access to kindergarteners in Chicago. A new policy that was created in part with the consultation of Planned Parenthood of Illinois will require Chicago Public School students from kindergarteners and up to receive sexual health education instruction beginning in 2015. According to the Chicago Public Schools website the policy was developed with the abortion giant’s participation.

“For K-4 students, instruction will center on anatomy and physiology, reproduction, healthy relationships and personal safety,” the website said.

Planned Parenthood AsktheExperts

Just what will Planned Parenthood teach the kindergarteners? Here are some possibilities:


Explicit Body Descriptions:

What is Pre-Cum?

I didn’t Spew

The book Planned Parenthood sells for 10 year old kids called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” Click on the name to view. ( WARNING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL)


The pictures from “It’s Perfectly Normal” contained pornographic images of cartoon characters engaging in various sex acts.

Parenthood’s web-site “Teen Talk” where “foreplay” is explicitly detailed and “outercourse” is promoted as safe sex, contraception, psychological relief and sexual fulfillment.

Maybe Planned Parenthood will hand these out to the children:


Or kids can learn this:
Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

Or they can watch this vid:
Its YourGame Planned Parenthood