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Chinese woman murders and dismembers boyfriend after he forced her to have an abortion

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Taipei, April 30 (CNA) Police in Taichung said a woman from China has confessed to killing her Taiwanese boyfriend and then dismembering and burning his body after his sudden disappearance gained media attention.

An elaborate murder case shocked Taiwan, as a 46-year-old masseuse admitted to killing her 36-year-old boyfriend, before chopping his body into nine pieces.

The suspect, whose family name is Huang Jingwen, immigrated from China and runs a massage parlor in Taiwan’s central city, Taichung. The victim, Lan Kun-yu, owns a lathe factory that has a gross revenue USD$150,000 a month.

The pair began dating 8 years ago when Lan was a factory worker. Three years ago, Huang invested USD$33,000 to sponsor Lan’s bank loan, so he could open his own lathe factory. Lan promised to give her 20% of the profit when the factory started making money. However, Huang found out a year later the factory was already in the green, but her boyfriend never gave her a cent. In addition, Huang reportedly was pregnant with Lan’s child, but Lan allegedly forced her to get an abortion. Huang later said it was then that she began planning the elaborate murder of her lover.

She saved up prescription sleeping pills over two years, and secretly learned how to drive so that she could use a car to dispose of Lan’s body after killing him.

On April 27th, Lan came home drunk. Huang put ten ground up sleeping pills into Lan’s black tea, and wrapped the mattress with black plastic bags before covering it with sheets to avoid blood stains. After Lan lost consciousness, Huang took out a meat cleaver and chopped off his head with two hacks. She then dragged the body to the bathroom to let the blood drain, before cutting it into 9 pieces.

Huang then mixed the body parts with her clothes in 11 separate bags, pretending she had a fight with Lan and was moving out. She drove her boyfriend’s body parts off in a rental car, burned them, and hid the knife behind the bathroom mirror of a motel.

Huang would have gotten away with the almost perfect murder, but while the police were questioning her about Lan’s disappearance, they brought up her abortion from two years ago and she became emotional. She admitted to murdering Lan, citing the abortion as her motive to kill him. Police are investigating whether she had an accomplice.

Not Guilty by reason of Insanity Verdict for Mother who decapitated and ate child’s brain

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A Texas woman who decapitated her 3 week old baby before eating his brain will not spend any time in jail after being found not guilty in court.

34-year-old Otty Sanchez was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the death of baby Scott Wesley Buchholz-Sanchez and prosecutors accepted a plea deal from the woman who claimed that the devil made her kill her child.

As previously reported when police arrived at the scene they found the baby in a bedroom with three of his toes chewed off, his face torn away, his head severed and brain ripped out.

Police say Sanchez ate the boy’s toes and part of his brain before stabbing herself in the chest and slashing part of her throat.

In a 911 call made by Sanchez’s sister, the woman can be heard screaming in the background:

“I didn’t wanna do it! He told me to!”

Sanchez charged with capital murder and found competent to stand trial.

The Associated Press reports however that after three examinations by separate doctors, she was determined to be legally insane, forcing the court to accept her plea.
Sanchez will be committed to a mental hospital before a court determines if she is no longer a danger to herself or anyone else.

She was previously prescribed the antidepressant Citalopram after the birth of her child but had only taken it the day before killing her son. The drugs do not take effect for a few weeks.

County District Attorney Susan Reed says Sanchez repeatedly sought help for her illness but did not receive the proper care.

The woman reported hearing voices a week before the fatal attack and was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.

2009 Press Conference

2009 News Report:

The scene was so gruesome investigators could barely speak: A 3 1/2-week-old boy lay dismembered in the bedroom of a single-story house, three of his tiny toes chewed off, his face torn away, his head severed and his brains ripped out.

“At this particular scene you could have heard a pin drop,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said Monday. “No one was speaking. It was about as somber as it could have been.”

Officers called to the home early Sunday found the boy’s mother, Otty Sanchez, sitting on the couch with a self-inflicted wound to her chest and her throat partially slashed, screaming “I killed my baby! I killed my baby!” police said. She told officers the devil made her do it, police said.

Sanchez, 33, apparently ate the child’s brain and some other body parts before stabbing herself, McManus said.

“It’s too heinous for me to describe it any further,” McManus told reporters.

Sanchez is charged with capital murder in the death of her son, Scott Wesley Buccholtz-Sanchez. She was being treated Monday at a hospital, and was being held on $1 million bail.

‘In and out’ of psychiatric ward

The slaying occurred a week after the child’s father moved out, McManus said. Otty Sanchez’s sister and her sister’s two children, ages 5 and 7, were in the house, but none were harmed.

Police said Sanchez did not have an attorney, and they declined to identify family members.