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Pro-choicers Push Abortion as Guerrilla Art Subway Intervention

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This past summer, advocates with Project Choice posted abortion messages in New York City subway cars.

Project Choice Subway

Calling it Project Voice’s Guerrilla Art Subway Intervention, the sticky notes read, “Abortion is nothing to be ashamed of,” “Mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives have had abortions,” and “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”

AB nothing ashamed of

Ab what would hapen

Even though we were tagging the trains, it was important to me that the sticky notes felt less like tagging and more like a conscientious art installation. I wanted the placement of the notes to feel precise and inviting,” organizer Maya Pindyck told Bitch Magazine.

The notes were written in both English and Spanish and the group claimed reactions to the notes varied from thanks to anger.

Recently several efforts to destigmatize abortion have risen up from the 1 and 3 project, Project Choice, Not Alone project and others are attempting to make abortion a household word that women will not regret. Fortunately, thus far, their efforts have failed.