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The Gospel vs The Zombies

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From the author of this video, “The annual Ottawa Zombie Walk, a public demonstration of everyday people’s love and celebration of murder, bloodshed and gore, all in the name of innocent fun, took to the downtown streets of Ottawa again on Oct 27. The most heartbreaking part of this morbid event is the sight of children being encouraged by their parents to participate, complete with depictions of violence, bloodshed and death upon them from head to toe.

Of course, there are no such things as zombies but that does not detract from the reality that the participants are in such obvious need for the eternal benefits gained from God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, lest they perish forever. The gospel is the means to one’s salvation. The gospel was delivered.”

And though it may seem that nobody was listening, I know from my vantage point that some people were. Also, during and after the open air session, Kim, Chris and I were approached by some who had meaningful questions and we talked with them, even one of them being an RCMP officer who asked me to share what I had to say personally with him. He and many others received our “Are You Ready” tracts.”

Despite the distractions, proclaiming the gospel is never a waste of time or effort. People receive a seed or a seed that may have already been planted is watered and God is always glorified.”

40 Days’ David Bereit recounts life-changing story of demonic abortion center

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by John-Henry Westen
• Wed May 18, 2011 17:40 EST
OTTAWA, May 17, 2011 ( – 40 Days for Life founder David Bereit stunned the hundreds of youth present at the Campaign Life Coalition Youth Conference, which takes place yearly the day following the Canadian March for Life, with the story of one former abortion facility and the strange experience of its new Christian owners.

Bereit told the gathered youth that in 2004, while maintaining the crazy schedule of a 40 Days campaign, he was brought to visit the former abortion mill in Michigan on a street called Ransom.

The residents explained that the building was originally a Jewish synagogue, then later a Greek Orthodox Church, but was eventually turned into an abortion facility. Thus the place where God was honored, he said, became the largest abortion facility in western Michigan. More than 20,000 babies were aborted there.

After many years of prayer and attempts to purchase the building, concerned local Christians were still not successful. Finally, however, in 2004 the owners of the building sold it to them at an overinflated price; they immediately evicted the abortionist.

When the new owners first entered the building after taking ownership, it was 5 days after the last abortion had taken place. Bereit arrived two days later. While being given a tour of the place, Bereit says he was struck with the gruesome reality of abortion and the fact that 20,000 innocent lives had been taken in the very room where he stood.

He says he learned there and then that abortion “is the defining issue of our generation.” “This is the struggle between good and evil, between light and dark, between heaven and hell.”
The new owners told him this curious story: After taking control of the building and evicting the abortionist, they gathered together pro-life and Christian leaders for prayer. They began praying at the point where the abortionist entered the building – a back alley entrance that was closed by a large metal bolted door.

The group stood in a circle holding hands and praying for God to cleanse the place of the evil that had happened there. At the conclusion of the prayer, at a pastor’s “Amen,” that metal-bolted door burst open and slammed against the wall outside and those present felt a rush of air going out. A few seconds later they felt a cool gentle breeze coming in. Stunned, the group walked back to the front in silence.

As they stood there, a neighbor came by to ask what happened to the statue of the demon she had for years noticed on top of the building. She said that she noticed that day it was gone. As far as anyone knew there had never been a statue, but the sincerity of the woman led the group to believe that she had in fact seen one on the building.
It was, the local pro-lifers said to David upon his visit, a “spiritual transfer of ownership.” Noting Canada’s Christian heritage, Bereit told the Canadian youth that what is needed in Canada too is a “spiritual transfer of ownership.”

That Ransom street building is now home to a pro-life outreach center called Life International.

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Anti-Christian Bill Maher mocks Sarah Palin’s and Christine O’Donnell’s religion on Larry King Live

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Maher calls Palin a “Religious Nut”

Here Larry King and Maher make fun of the Ten Commandments

and “People like Sarah Palin want a war with Islam- that’s what it says in the Bible- bring it on” – WHAT A LIE!

“More than half Republicans think Obama is trying to impose Sharia Law”

“When Glenn Beck had his big rally on the mall…”


Watch the first video – this blog posted what I heard last night- but on the second one and mostly refer to the link at the bottom the actual CNN Youtube- It gets edited.

First one- they mock Glenn Beck and say Sharia law…

on the CNN Posted YouTube – they edit the Glenn Beck Comments and change Sharia to Islamic Law- Talk about changing the TRUTH !

Begin 4:50 on first video

7:20 More than half Republicans….Sharia Law
7:40 Drudge , Fox,
8:00 comment about Glenn Beck

Begin 4:50 on second CNN Video</strong – l
lefft out Glenn Beck Comment and changed it to Islamic Law

Begins- Fox Matt Drudge – etc
5:27 more than half of republicans – Islamic Law

Here is the actual CNN YouTube

3:50 He’s a secret Muslim Larry
4:19 Fox news makes people stupider
5:14 Intelligent person- broadcasting in America
5:28 – More than Half Republicans believe Islamic Law

Maher on O’Donnel , she will get her “Christian a** kicked”, she’s just “crazy”

Maher has identified a new group called “The Churchers”

“Fox, Matt Drudge Rush Limbaugh reality”

Maher says Fox news makes people “stupider”

Maher also attacked the tea party: “It’s extremely racist thing teabaggers hate is when you call the racist, the other thing they hate is black people”, Glenn Beck