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President Obama ,Planned Parenthood Prez and others address liberal bloggers at Netroots Nation Convention

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Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the largest chain of abortion clinics in the nation, met in Providence this week to speak to the Netroots Nation convention. Richards also addressed the Democratic Convention on 2008, despite her organizations links to eugenics and racism ( Watch Maafa21)

Richards, one of several </aluminaries to speak at the Thursday evening session of Netroots Nation 2012, said that despite attacks her organization has received from Congress last year, the use of the Internet and social media has ;allowed us to completely reshape our movement.

Her talk opened with a video featuring dozens of young people carrying signs and saying “I have sex”

Nearly 3,000 progressive bloggers, grassroots and union activists, online organizers, journalists and more are gathering here this week for the seventh annual “Netroots Nation” convention.

The convention, billed as the country's largest progressive gathering, spells big bucks and high profile. As the Netroots website says: “Think family reunion for the left.”

Netroots board consists of member of NARAL a pro-abortion advocacy group and their staff consists of progressives that have worked for the Democratic National Committee.

According to RedAlertsPolitics Blog:

In addition to Obama , Advocates for Youth’s leader: Debra Hauser also addressed the pro-abortion bloggers.

If liberal organization Advocates for Youth has its way, one day there will be an abortion clinic on every corner in America.

That’s right. The organization and its supporters hope that one day abortion clinics will outnumber Starbucks,’ 7-11’s, McDonalds’ and gas stations.

At a progressive conference for bloggers and activists, Netroots Nation, Debra Hauser, Advocates for Youth President, told attendees of a panel on sexual education and abortion that there needed to be a new “culture around abortion” in the United States.

“So you could put a Planned Parenthood– and I hope we do – on every corner in America, and you can have good sex education in the classroom, but if you still have a culture that says sex is negative, sex is bad, sex means death, sex means disease and dying, where we can’t deal with normal adolescent sexual development, where we believe that young people should just say no, then we can’t get to a place where young people can feel confident and comfortable going into that Planned Parenthood or using that information,” she said.

Hausner also lamented that “only” 28 percent of high school students are on birth control or Depo Provera (a birth control shot). “So we have a long way to go,” she added.

In a 2010 Netroots convention Nancy Pelosi pushes the Dream Act:

And Last year the group invited the controversial Van Jones:

As well as the disgraced Keith Olbermann