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Abortion advocates leave hateful comments following death of pro-life hero who stood outside Planned Parenthood

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The mindset of abortion activists never ceases to amaze me.

Shortly after the death of a pro-life hero, who spent his final hours standing up for unborn babies outside Planned Parenthood on August 22, 2015, pro-choice vulchers swooned.

Bon RObert Adis Planned Parenthood

In one of his last acts on earth, 73-year-old Bob Adis, who was lovingly referred to as “poppy” joined last weekend’s pro-life protest in Livonia, Michigan to expose Planned Parenthood’s gruesome baby parts operation.


Bob Adis, whose handicapped wife was with him at the clinic, started having chest pains and was removed from the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood by ambulance and pronounced dead shortly after he reached the hospital.

The Detroit Free Press did a story on the protest and mentioned Bob’s death.

While the pro-life community and Mr. Adis’ church and family mourn his death and before Bob was buried abortion advocates began spewing their hateful words.

Ignorant people, like Cindi Brody, suggested that Bob’s death was punishment from God for publicly opposing child killing and the selling of baby body parts, writing:

    “Clearly a sign from god to mind your own business.”

Cindi Brody mind business abortion

And then there was this hateful comment from abortion supporter Paul Deeb ·

Paul Deeb pro abortion comment

    “Yay! One more crazy Christian nutbag down.”

In a reply to another comment, Paul admitted he was pro-abortion calling, “an abortion preferable to birth.

Paul Deeb proabortion

No surprise that Paul, an advocate of abortion, would celebrate that a human is now dead.

Had Bob or the unborn babies been fuzzy cute animals, we might have witnessed a different reaction from Paul as evidenced by these posts:

Pail Deeb FB 2

Pail Deeb FB

Other comments left by abortion radicals about Bob’s stand and death are listed below:

Prochoice comment 2

Prochoice comment Bob Afid

prochoice comment 3

prochoice comment prolife died

Tom Greibe

Despite the ugly words of those who advocate death, Bob Adis has touched many people.

Prolife Robert AdisThis message about Bob’s life which was posted to Facebook:

    “Bob Adis, went to be with the Lord today. He spent his last hours serving the Lord defending the lives of the unborn. Please keep his dear wife, Joan in your prayers.“

On his tribute wall, someone who knew Bob described him as:

    “one of the most caring, kind, patient, thoughtful, peace-loving, and generally wonderful men God has ever created.“

His pastor Rev. Dan McGhee told the Detroit Free Press:

    “It’s a remarkable thing to me that Bob, on the very last day God gave him on Earth, he spent it to advocate for life for those who are not given the chance to live their lives. That shows kind of heart he had.”

Monica Migliorino Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society left this tribute:

    “I know this is a sad time as Robert’s family mourns his death. I hope that everyone can take comfort in the fact that Robert died doing the Lord’s work as he began to suffer the heart attack while standing up for the sanctity of human life and against the killing of the innocent unborn. God took him at such a beautiful moment. His life and death will stand as a great testimony to the truth and mercy of God.”

Other tributes about Bob read:

    Gentle soul, that really cared for family and friends. You will be missed, until we meet again.”
    “One of the nicest Dads and husband that I’ve ever met. Bob, along with Joan, was SO dedicated to his children. There was hardly a function I didn’t see them. He will be missed.”
    “You will be missed but all of the great memories from throughout the years will always bring a big smile to my face.”

    “Bob was a very kind and compassionate husband, father, and friend. He was always willing to help others, especially his family, friends, and the church. Bob loved Jesus and his Bible study groups. He was generous and loved having friends at his home.
    I will miss my friend in Christ.”

    “I could meet him at church, and he had a kind word, or maybe a funny antitode. Bob will be missed…”

    “Bob was a wonderful man, a mentor and most of all a friend who will be missed so very much.”

    “God makes no mistakes and Heaven is a sweeter place because of Bob.”

As I searched for more about Bob’s life, I found this video and cannot confirm whether this was about him or another Bob Adis but, the words this group of friends are singing ring true.

Like the unborn Babies that Bob and his precious wife Joan wanted to protect, Bob was truly one in a million!

    “I thank the Lord for Bob Adis. He is already missed.” ~ Pastor McGhee.

The story of his last moments of life are being viewed thousands of times on this blog and will continue to inspire others to love God and make every hour count for others while you are on this earth.