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Pro-Life African Americans respond to Planned Parenthood mouthpiece Cynthia Tucker

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The Atlanta Journal Constitution has allowed one of their “journalists” to continue to publish Op-Ed’s against the efforts to expose the racist and eugenics history of Planned Parenthood , despite the fact that Journalist, Cynthia Tucker is a Recipient of Planned Parenthood Awards, which she fails to DISCLOSE in her attacks.

Cynthia Tucker is a Planned Parenthood Maggie Award recipient is who wrote an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, entitled: “Is Abortion a Racist Plot? Of Course Not” . This article , doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood, was clearly written in my opinion, to offset the powerful impact of documentaries like Maafa21 and exposing of Black Genocide from abortion. Tucker failed to disclose the FACT that she is a recipient of the Planned Parenthood award….

Then….on April 13, 2011, Tucker penned this trash entitled: Abortion is black genocide? Nonsense, of course and again failed to disclose her Planned Parenthood award status while attacking those seeking to expose the eugenics founded organization !!!!

Now Pro-Lifers are fighting back…and they are seeking to respond to this one-sided attack of their message. But the Supposed “Open Minded” and “Unbiased” hard-core pro-abortion ATC has refused them the chance to post a rebuttal…so Black Pro-Lifer, Ryan Scott Bomberger, has posted a rebuttal on his website which I have posted below…

22 Apr 2011
OP-ED by Ryan Scott Bomberger, The Radiance Foundation

Cynthia Tucker’s April 13th column, “Abortion is black genocide. Nonsense of course” is itself the nonsense. She writes from sheer hyperbole and outright distortions. But she’s an abortion apologist; it comes with the territory.

Margaret Sanger was an avowed, unapologetic eugenist and incorporated this racist pseudoscience into every effort of her Birth Control crusade. It’s not some conspiracy; it’s documented history. It’s as verifiable as Planned Parenthood awarding Ms. Tucker the Margaret Sanger Award last year for her journalistic “advocacy of abortion” and defense of the nation’s largest abortion chain. Some call that shilling.

And yes, abortion is their business, which is why they mandated all of their affiliates to provide abortions by 2013. With $1 billion in assets, they spend millions in every state on preventing any prolife protections (waiting periods, parental consent/notification, women’s-right-to-know, ultrasound, father’s rights, clinic standards) in order to protect their largest revenue stream of over $200 million annually—from abortions.

We have more access and usage of contraception than ever before in our history, yet the unintended pregnancy rate, according to the CDC, has remained at 50% for decades. Poverty has only risen since abortion was legalized in 1973; U.S. Census Bureau reports it’s the highest since the War on Poverty in the 60s. More contraception has only seen more abortions. Facts matter.

But Ms. Tucker has chosen to ignore the research and resort to something simpler—demonization. In fact, Ms. Tucker’s “Maggie” Award was won, in part, by an article she penned deriding The Radiance Foundation’s Endangered Species billboard/web campaign that led the public to As in the April 13th column, last year’s article could not accept the existence of black prolifers nor our focus on dealing with abortion’s devastating impact on the urban community. What about 60% of black pregnancies in NYC ending in abortion? This is the “logical solution” to life that is unplanned?

I didn’t realize as a black individual, I had to remain on the ideological plantation. According to Ms. Tucker and other abortion advocates, who regularly spew racial and gender animus, blacks who dare believe in the humanity of the unborn are mere puppets. Prolife blacks, in their view, are enmeshed in some conspiracy and incapable of thinking for themselves. Now, this is racism. As much as abortion defenders like mining for it, it’s a shame they are the ones ignoring racism where it historically exists while churning out epithets to avoid dealing with the epidemic of abortion in the black community. Tucker’s baseless accusations reveal how little she knows about Dr. Johnny Hunter or many other prolife advocates who are engaged in their communities helping those in need, unwilling to wait for the government to ride in on a white, black or brown horse (had to make sure I was inclusive).

As one who was adopted and an adoptive father, I know the beauty of possibility and the passion with which people from all races defend human life in all of its stages. It’s a favorite talking point for abortion apologists, but I know of few people who are single-issue minded. As if having a singular focus on a human injustice is something to be ashamed of, anyway. Abolitionists had a singular focus to abolish the inhumanity of slavery. Perhaps they should have first worried about housing, health care, job opportunities, and equal pay before they embarked on such a narrow-minded mission.

Eugenics has been the three-corded strand (racism, elimination of the “unfit”, overpopulation mythology) that ties slavery, anti-miscegenation laws, separate but equal, Jim Crow laws, birth control and the epidemic of abortion together in an inseparable bind. It is the driving force behind Planned Parenthood, NARAL’s and abortion apologists’ relentless campaign to justify abortion no matter the reason, no matter the cost. We saw the disastrous consequence of this pro-abortion radicalism in Philly’s “House of Horrors” where abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s butchery went unabated for decades thanks to NARAL’s silence.

Abortion apologists like Ms. Tucker choose to ignore the voluminous irrefutable evidence of the racism and eugenics that defined Planned Parenthood’s beginnings and unaltered course. She chooses to throw out schools of red herrings and make laughable and completely unfounded accusations. Yet she supports those things that offer temporary assistance but cause perpetual dependence—the very cause of 70% fatherlessness and single parent poverty in the black community. Perhaps there’s just a little too much sheen coming off of her new “Maggie” award to keep her from seeing beyond the shiny empty trophy.

Ryan Bomberger is the Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, a Georgia based 501(c)(3) life-affirming organization. He is the Emmy Award-winning Creative Professional behind the “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” billboard and He’s an adoptive father who resides in metro Atlanta with his amazing wife and four children.

More about how the media is being used by Planned Parenthood read this: Planned Parenthood’s media mouth pieces seek to discredit the eugenics, abortion, Black Genocide film Maafa21 !

To learn the history of Planned Parenthood and the racism of abortion, watch the powerful and fully documented film: Maafa21 (Clip Below)