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Group raises money to open Ok City abortion clinic

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Trust Women Foundation, Inc., a Trojan name that assumes that profiting off the slaughter of children in the womb and damaging women with abortion is somehow good, has announced that they plan to open an abortion clinic in Oklahoma City.

Trust Women

In 2013, Trust Women opened a child killing center in Wichita, Kansas, to replace the one closed by the late third trimester abortionist, George Tiller, after he was murdered.

Trust Women raising money OK abortion

The abortion clinic foundation is using CrowdRise to raise support and has so far raised a whopping, $490.00.

Their page reads:

    Trust Women is opening an abortion clinic in Oklahoma City. In 2013, TW opened Wichita, Kansas’ only abortion clinic,it’s flagship clinic. TW has the know-how and experience to navigate hostile environments and oppressive policies to open clinics in underserved communities.

    In OK there are 18,713 women for every 1 OBGYN—the 2nd worst access in the US. OK has some of the nation’s highest infant mortality and maternal mortality rates. OK has the 5th highest teen pregnancy rate in the US.

    Trust Women opens clinics that provide abortion care so that all women can make their own decisions about their health care.

    Oklahoma needs a clinic…you can make this happen.


Julie Burkhart Trust Women abortion

Trust Women- believes so much in the need to help women with their Oklahoma abortion clinic idea, that their Founder and Executive Director Julie Burkhart has raised $50.00 towards the cause.


Trust Women feels that Oklahoma needs more abortion clinics, and this might be in part to the arrest of one of their colleagues recently, Dr. Nareshkumar Patel.

In early December, the Oklahoma abortion doctor was arrested after an undercover sting revealed that he was offering to perform abortions on women who were not pregnant.


News reports indicated at that time that undercover agents set up appointments with the 62-year-old abortionist where they say he administered ultrasounds and pregnancy tests and then told them they were pregnant, when they weren’t.

Affidavit Patel

A copy of the probable cause affidavit against Patel has revealed what the sting uncovered.

According to the document, in June, a medical licensure investigator called Patel’s Oklahoma City abortion clinic, Outpatient Services for Women to schedule an abortion and was told it would cost $620.00. She then went to the clinic and gave them the cash for the abortion. Prior to her visit to the abortion clinic, she confirmed she was not pregnant. The investigator says that abortionist Patel gave her an ultrasound and told her she was “very, very pregnant,” giving her five RU486 abortion pills with instructions on how to take them. After her visit with Patel, she immediately left his clinic and went to another physician to confirm she was not pregnant. The entire interaction was caught on video and audio recordings.

Outpatient Services for women Patel

On October 13th, a female Oklahoma City Police Detective confirmed by a licensed physician that she was not pregnant. Then, three days later, the detective along with agents from the state’s Attorney General’s Office, went to Patel’s clinic for an abortion she had previously scheduled, wearing a recording device. She also paid Patel $620.00 for RU486 abortion pills and was given a receipt for her purchase. She was then taken to an exam room where Patel told her she was pregnant. The police detective, who used her own name for the appointment, was allegedly given an ultrasound and a urine test which Patel said came up positive for a pregnancy. Patel then gave her RU486 abortion pills with instructions. Immediately following her visit to the abortion clinic, the detective went to a medical facility which confirmed she was not pregnant.

On October 21st, a female Oklahoma Attorney General Agent scheduled an appointment for an abortion at Patel’s clinic which she recorded. That same day, the agent confirmed with a medical professional that she was not pregnant. The abortion appointment was scheduled for the following day. On October 22nd, the AG representative and other agents went to Patel’s Outpatient Services for Women abortion clinic and under the alias Elizabeth Fitzpatrick paid the receptionist $620.00 for the abortion procedure. The agent was not given a pregnancy test but was taken to an exam room where abortionist Patel asked her for the date of her last menstrual period. According to the agent, Patel performed an ultrasound and told her she was “early in her pregnancy.” He then gave the female agent five RU486 abortion pills with instructions on how to use them. As with the other investigators, the AG agent immediately went to a medical center for a second pregnancy test which turned up negative.

As a result of the undercover stings, in early December, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt charged Dr. Naresh G. Patel with three counts of obtaining money under false pretense after improperly prescribing abortion-inducing drugs to patients he said were pregnant, but were not.


Patel was later placed under arrest and is currently not practicing medicine , pending an investigation by the state’s medical board.

Perhaps “Trust Women” wants to replace Patel’s abortion business – let’s hope we never find out.