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Feds Force Bank to Remove Crosses, Bible Verses, and Christmas Buttons

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Pro-aborts vandalize pro-life church crosses

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Pro-life display vandalized at Franklin church
July 6, 2010
Franklin, VA – Vandals have targeted a Franklin church, snapping dozens of crosses designed to send a message about abortion.

Rows upon rows of crosses were placed in the grass – about 275 in all. Now many of them have been pulled to the ground and broken in half.

“My first thought was it might have been deer, but then when you come up here it’s clearly not deer,” said Mark Cicero of the Rock Church.
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Rock Church in Franklin had been putting them up since April to give a visual representation of the thousands of abortions performed every year in Hampton Roads. They are not sure if it was deliberate or a mindless, random prank.

“Absolutely no way to know. My hope would be that it’s just some young kids, you know. Who were out for a thrill and knocking this down,” Cicero said.

But the church is not ruling out that the broken crosses are the work of someone who does not agree with their pro-life message.

“If somebody else wants to do something over there that’s pro-choice then go for it, but don’t mess up this memorial,” said David Dillon of the Rock Church.

At first they started putting the crosses back in the ground, but then they let them sit there so everyone could see the destruction. The church plans on putting thousands more in throughout the year.

“I guess we’ll probably find out if it’s vandalism or not. We’re not going to put a camera or anything, if it continues over and over again. Usually kids out for a thrill, they kind of give up on it after a while. Someone who has an agenda doesn’t give up,” said Cicero.

The pro-life display caught the attention of drivers passing by.

“Personally I don’t think so. No I don’t think it’s a good idea,” said one Franklin driver.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Right here there’s nothing going on, but I do think it’s really bad that someone would vandalize it,” said Kristan Cobb, Franklin resident.

The church has not filed a report with police, but plan to if problems persist.