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Creepy Condom Man demos Female Condom for Planned Parenthood

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Condom Man UTube

This CREEPY Vid links to Planned Parenthood’s FreeCondomsMemphis website

FreeCondomMemphis PP

Condom Man Female Condom

Hello my fellow Americans welcome again, I’m Condom Man.
In today’s topic insertions AKA to the female condom.
Available at my locations look us up it at

Condom Man Holding Condom
So how do we begin, well first look for the expiration date, there it is -looks good.
Next –fluff it around make sure it’s got some air in there shows freshness.
Next we wanna roll that sucker up until it’s in the corner
Find that special edge and pull and remove from the packet.
Condom Man Demo Vagina

Now turn that bad boy upside down, pinch her on up.

Condom Man Demo Insertion
Go ahead and insert… but only as it is comfortable and easy for you to do.
Now once it’s properly applied and thoroughly used twister right there.

Condome Man Demo Insertion 2
Now safely remove, dispose of properly.
And remember female condoms can be used for anal sex as well
Just remove the ring
have a good day Memphis