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Disturbing Anti-Global Warming,climate change (anti-human life video): blowing up children

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WARNING- VIDEOS are Graphic !!!

This offensive video from the environmental group 10:10 was released on 9/30/2010 and then retracted on 10/1/2010.
Furor has erupted over the new 10:10 UK campaign video involving a school teacher (played by Gillian Anderson) who asks her children what they are doing for climate change and blows up her uncooperative students.

Conservatives are rabid. Progressives are embarrassed. It is not clear how many children have been frightened into cutting down their carbon emissions… likely very few.


UK’s Eugenie Harvey, director of the 10:10 campaign, says it’s all about “sending signals to our leaders” that emission cuts are attainable and worth pursuing. “The campaign is about amending both behaviour and attitudes. We had a massive surge of members at the beginning, and it has been steadily rising ever since. Globally, we’ve had around 3,000 businesses sign up and 80,000 individuals. In the UK, around 45% of all councils have now signed up, too.” She states, “Somewhat perversely, the failure at Copenhagen actually emboldened us, proving we were not redundant.”