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Planned Parenthood loses abortion customer after refusing to allow toddler inside: baby and toddler safe!

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According to pro-lifers in Missouri, a baby was rescued from abortion this week after Planned Parenthood refused to allow the mother to enter the abortion clinic with her toddler. Pro-life counselors report that when the pregnant woman walked into the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis‬ ‪‎Missouri they told her that her child was not welcomed. As a result, that same mom with the toddler walked out and has chosen LIFE for her unborn child! Praise God!

On the morning of January 21st, a pregnant women seeking an abortion, we will call her “Nadine”, left Planned Parenthood after they refused to let her inside with her toddler who was with her.

Pro-life sidewalk counselor, Katie, told Connie Eller who relayed the story to me, that when she first met Nadine on the sidewalk Nadine was sobbing and crying worse than anyone Katie had ever seen coming out of Planned Parenthood.

While Katie and “Nadine” were talking, a mystery man, that no one knew, suddenly appeared to Nadine and Katie and encouraged Nadine to listen to Katie!!!! Katie said the “man” just came up to her and Nadine and whispered to “Nadine” to listen to Katie and go with Katie to Thrive Pregnancy Center. Nadine says the man just walked away after that and no one knows anything about him.

“Nadine” told Connie that when she went to the abortion clinic she knew that neither her boyfriend (father of the unborn child), her sister, nor her mother wanted her to get an abortion. “Nadine” said that her father is the one that told her she already had one child and she does not need another and that she should get an abortion.

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“Nadine” told Connie that she then went to Planned Parenthood to speak with someone about getting an abortion. BUT, SINCE SHE HAD HER TODDLER WITH HER, Planned Parenthood told her she HAD TO LEAVE, because her child was not welcomed there and Connie believes it is because if the pregnant women waiting for abortions would have seen a child, they might change their minds.

“Nadine” said that Planned Parenthood told her she could come back, but not with her child.

“Nadine” has confirmed that she is pregnant and did she choose life! All because Planned Parenthood refused to allow “children” in their abortion clinic!


This photograph shows a theatre marquee during the late 1920′s. The show is “No More Children with Dr. Lee Krauss”. Krauss and daughter Elaine explained the subject of birth control to the audience. The photograph forms part of the collection of Margaret Sanger’s papers.The film was also the subject of an article in the Margaret Sangers Papers Project newsletter. The article refers to some correspondence between Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and Dr. L. Lee Krauss, who was involved with the film. That correspondence is at the Library of Congress. Margaret Sanger had very little to do with the film except that she was invited to speak to audiences before showings.