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Planned Parenthood carries giant condom to gay pride event

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June is known as gay pride month and it was also the month that the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was forced upon all 50 states.

Planned Parenthood Obama SCOTUS Gay Marriage

The White House was elated:

White House Love Wins Gay Marriage

Obama lit up the people’s house with rainbow colors angering many American:


So did Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthppd Gay Marriage SCOTUS

Planned Parenthood then took part in the Twin Cities Gay Pride parade where they marched with a giant condom.

Planned Parenthood condom Gay Pride 2

Planned Parenthood condom Gay Pride 3

Planned Parenthood condom Gay Pride

Planned Parenthood prez, Cecile Richards also took part in gay pride “celebrations.”

Cecile Richards Gay Pride 2015 PP

Meanwhile Planned Parenthood’s number one politician, Wendy Davis who was resoundingly defeated for the Texas Governor’s race, has changed her profile to the rainbow in celebration of the Supreme Court case on gay marriage.

Wendy Davis Gay Pride

So did 2016 Presidential hopeful – Hillary Clinton:

Hillary CLintonm Gay Pride Marriage SCOTUS

Planned Parenthood tells teens to bring condoms to prom

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So, you are sending your teen off to the prom.

You went shopping…bought that perfect outfit.

You paid to get their hair and nails done, maybe rented a car, she has her date – you snap a picture

… and …

Oh… Wait a minute….

As your teen exits you ask them,”Do you have a condom?

Uh – NO!!!!

But, the largest chain of abortion clinics and raunchy sex-advise does:


You can’t make this stuff up.

What color does Planned Parenthood see? #thedress

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The image of a dress has gone viral after a Tumblr page asked, “Guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?”


The dress is really Blue and Black.

While the hashtag #thedress is trending, abortion giant Planned Parenthood has decided to cash in on the event with their version of a condom dress:

PP Condom Dress

And then tweeted this:

PP The DRess Condom

Of course, when it comes to killing babies inside the womb with abortion, Planned Parenthood knows their colors very very well:

PP money-dT67g7AT9

Planned Parenthood uses black faux drug dealer to pitch “hook up in your hood” sex to teens

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Written by Saynsumthn Blog

A video called “The Goods” uploaded by Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic uses a black faux drug dealer to pitch sex solutions to teens telling them to “hook up in your hood.”

Hook up Hood PP

The video highlights three couples.

Couple number one has a conflict when the boy wants the girl to use a condom and she refuses:

PP hook up couple 1

Couple number two is not seeing eye to eye

PP Couple 2 Hook Up

Couple number three is having a difficult time deciding to “go all the way”

Couple 3 PP Hook UP

The scene switches to a basket ball court where the couples discuss their love lives amongst their friends.

Dude, I tried to get my girl to use condoms, but she just wasn’t hav’n it, man,” boy from couple number one tells his guy friends.

I tried to get my girl to go all the way,” says guy from couple number three while couple number two’s bro brags his girl is satisfied.

BB Hook up PP

In an almost stereo typical fashion an African American Planned Parenthood faux “drug dealer” of sorts walks up to the group with a solution to their sex problems.

PP Drug Dealer Hook Up Man

I have a hook up if you’re interested,” he tells the girls first.

Hook up man PP

As the boyfriends walk over he continues, “Stuff to make your sex life a whole lot better.”

PP are the goods hook up

One of the boyfriends tells him, “We’re not looking for any drugs dude.”

Need Goods PP

Drugs?” the black Planned Parenthood dealer says, “you don’t need drugs to have a good time. You need the goods!”

He then lets them in on the secret, “You see…Planned Parenthood is the hook-up, ” he tells them.

This is yet another example of the way the abortion giant, whose foundation is based in racism, views African American males. It is also another example of the way they target sex to teens. Shameful in every way!

Watch below:

Planned Parenthood uses condoms to promote Halloween

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Leave it to sex-obsessed Planned Parenthood to find 101 uses for a condom.

No sooner did I blog about the abortion giant’s recent condom fashion show that I discovered another way to use the “safe-sex” tool.

Ghosts !

That’s right, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas used two condoms as ghosts to celebrate Halloween on their Facebook page.


Pretty Frightening !!

Planned Parenthood: putting on condoms keeps a family together

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You know the old adage, “The family that prays together stays together.”

Well…that is not the belief of sex crazed Planned Parenthood.

In a recent twitter post the abortion giant writes, “The family that practices putting condoms on together, stays together.”

Family practices Condoms

What do you expect?

Group claiming they represented Planned Parenthood pelted pro-lifers with condoms! Shouting, “We love abortion!”

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The pro-life group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust claims that while protesting at Boise State University, they were pelted with condoms by a person claiming to represent a Planned Parenthood.

Survivors visits college campuses displaying abortion victim photography at various universities.

During their visit to Boise Secular the pro-lifers said it seemed like students at the university were just “flipping out!”

Boise 1

According to the pro-lifers a group claiming they represented Planned Parenthood, pelted the team with condoms! Shouting, “We love abortion!”

Later the group said they noticed a young man kneeling in front of one of the pro-life signs.

Sure enough!! He was vandalizing the sign!

According to Survivors, the vandal drew a mustache on the face of the aborted baby.

When one of the Survivors asked him, “Why would you do that to the picture of that little girl who was killed by abortion?

He just smirked and said, “Well it’s a boy now! I love abortion.”
Boise 2

According to the groups’ founder, Jeff White, “I tell you; if you are not afraid for the future of our country you would be after just spending a couple of days with the Survivors Campus Outreach Team, experiencing what they experience. Being hit with rocks or condoms, being spit on or mocked all comes with the privilege of being on campus and speaking out on the issue of their day. They represent the truth of abortion and go as ambassadors of Christ and their work is not in vain!”
Boise 3

Kristina, a member of the pro-life group summed it all up: “They like to call us crazy but at the end of the day…they are the ones who look crazy and it works to our advantage!”