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Austin renting building to Planned Parenthood for $1.00 a year

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LifeSite news has discovered that the city of Austin is only charging abortion giant Planned Parenthood $1.00 a year to rent a huge facility.


Apparently Planned Parenthood has occupied this facility, a 35 acre tract of land improved with a 3,720 square foot free standing building located at 1823 E. 7th Street, since fall of 1972, but, in all fairness building maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of Planned Parenthood.

The documentation was discovered as an agenda item with the City Council posted on a city website in 2010 under Contract and Land Management where they planned to negotiation the lease renewal stating that lease revenue is $1 annually.

Austin Planned Parenthood charge 1 dollar


Planned Parenthood supporter yells “Hail Satan” as police escort him out of meeting

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A Planned Parenthood supporter, was asked to leave a city council meeting by police after a pro-life attorney accused him of threatening pro-life pastors, yells “All Hail Satan” as he is escorted out.

Marcus Shapior asked to leave Planned Parenthood meeting

The backdrop takes place in California where, Planned Parenthood has been building a health center on Fourth Street in El Centro.

Walter Colace Planned Parenthood

According to Christ Community Church pastor, Walter Colace, the El Centro Regional Hospital signed a transfer agreement for Planned Parenthood allowing them to move forward in opening an abortion clinic.

At least 2,000 people, angry that the hospital signed the agreement without any public input, gathered to express their concerns before the El Centro City Council.

Pastor Colace called the decision by the Hospital an “act of betrayal.

David Gibbs addreses prolifers 876_818491719871650855_o

Also speaking before the council was Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney, David Gibbs, and president of the National Center for Life and Liberty.

During the speech Attorney David Gibbs asks the council to remove a man who he says was threatening the pro-life pastor.
David Gibbs

According to witnesses from the church that were present, the threatening man was allegedly saying vulgar things while repeatedly using the F word.

His picture can be seen in the FB screen shot below circled in red.

Shapiaro Planned Parenthood Council

As police escort the man out, you can hear him on the tape saying “All Hail Satan.

Marcus Shapior asked to leave Planned Parenthood meeting 2

The accused pro-choice man, identified himself as Marcus Shapiro when he commented on a previous blog post about the meeting, denying he threatened anyone.

Marcus Shapiro pro-choice

Shapior’s vulgar comment – directed towards David Gibbs, read, “You have the whole show on video Mr. Lawyer… prove where I threatened anyone and I will suck your dick.”

According to the Facebook page from the comment address, Shapiro is an avid Planned Parenthood supporter.

Marcus SHapiro Planned Parenthood

The words are difficult to hear so I confirmed the “Hail Satan” statement with locals who were present at the meeting. You can hear them at approx 2:20 in the video clip below:

An interesting post by Paper Blog written after this post was initially published pointed out the comments by Marcus tat I missed from the YouTube above.

Marcus Shapiro

The blogger also caught this:

Under a mock picture of Satan, Shapiro writes this on Facebook: “For those of you who may be concerned… I am not the anti-Christ nor do I worship the Devil. Do I like to stir the menudo? YES!”

Marcus Shapiro FB Satan


Shapiro then admits to the Hail Satan statement, writing, “I yelled “Hail Satan” at a city council meeting where Heavy duty Church types were spazzing out on the city Council about a planned Planned Parenthood.”

Marcus Shapiro FB

The use of the “Hail Satan” mantra is not new to abortion supporters. During heated abortion debates in the Texas legislature, pro-aborts in the Texas Capitol were Chanting “HAIL SATAN,” as well.

Here a pro-choicer used a sign that said “Hail Satan, Abort Everyone.”

Here a pro-choicer left an abortion clinics using the devilish chant.

Eugenic founded organization gets a Houston street named after it’s supporter

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It may not be pretty, but Tinsley Way adds to legacy
May 5, 2010, 9:04PM

Brett Coomer Chronicle

Visitors to Planned Parenthood’s headquarters will travel on Eleanor Tinsley Way instead of Sterling Center Lane.

One of the most beautiful parks in the city is named for her, as is an elementary school. Serene parks at schools across Houston are her legacy. She devoted a large part of her career as a City Council member to battling the blight of billboards on Houston’s freeways.

So what would Eleanor Tinsley make of Eleanor Tinsley Way, a shabby, nondescript industrial street in southeast Houston that was unanimously renamed in her honor by City Council on Wednesday?

Formerly Sterling Center Lane, the quarter-mile stretch dead-ends at the Gulf Freeway on the north and a small grove of trees next to a rail line along SH35 on the south. Its main attraction is a metal manufacturer, which occupies at least two-thirds of its length.

Kathleen Ownby, Tinsley’s daughter, said her mother would have been quite proud of the street named in her honor, if not for its scenery than for its proximity to Planned Parenthood’s new Houston headquarters.

Tinsley, who died last year, was one of the earliest Houston politicians to seek an endorsement from Planned Parenthood. She never shied away from it, Ownby said, despite the controversy that has propelled the nonprofit into the fight over abortion.

It was Planned Parenthood that helped get the road renamed. Ownby said her mother would be pleased to know that visitors to Planned Parenthood would drive on a street named after her.

Tinsley collected turtle-shaped objects from around the world, a personal symbol she cultivated because turtles can only get things done when they stick out their necks.
Planned Parenthood was one of the things she stuck her neck out for,” Ownby said.