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Bill Maher Explians to Charlie Rose Why Islam is Worse than Christianity. No Comparison

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ABC’s abortion report ties Mississippi’s last abortion clinic to “God”‪ #‎ShutDerzisDown‬

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ABC Jackson WHO

In Mississippi, the state’s only abortion clinic may have to close because of a law similar to what is being proposed in Wisconsin. A job ad in large bold type is featured on the Jackson (Miss.) Women’s Health Organization‘s website asking for physicians with admitting privileges to apply. In September, the clinic applied to about seven nearby hospitals but was rejected by all of them.

JAcksonWHO Website seeks docs

ABC’s Nightline did this report on the last abortion clinic in Mississippi and tied those who killed babies to “God”:

Christian Abortionist? Is there such a thing?

Willie Parker ABC

Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden, asked what they called a “Christian Abortion Doctor” who kills unborn children at Jackson Women’s Health abortion clinic in Mississippi, how many abortions he would do on ONE woman. Abortionist Willie Parker responded, “How many? As many as necessary”


Derzis ABC News July 2013

Diane Derzis who runs the Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion clinic in Mississippi and another in Alabama, told ABC news, “ I Know as fervently as they do that what I’m doing is moral and right, but if I’m wrong, that’s between the Lord and I. ” – abortion clinic chain owner Diane Derzis.


New Women All Women NWALDenied

Diane Derzis owner of the Mississippi abortion clinic also runs a shoddy abortion clinic in Alabama. DID YOU HEAR THAT ABC? You failed to report that FACT!

A combination of shady practices, injured patients, and building code violations resulted in the culmination of a 76 page deficiency report filed by the Alabama Department of Public Health against (Birmingham, Ala.) New Woman All Women abortion clinic in March 2012. ( Reports Life Legal Defense Foundation)


The report ultimately led to the revocation of clinic owner, Diane Derzis’, license to operate the facility and in May 2012 the abortion clinic was closed down. Ms. Derzis teamed up with long time friend Kelley Rainwater to strike a deal that would allow Rainwater to serve as a straw person running the clinic for Derzis. But….on February 8, 2013, the ADPH confirmed that Ms. Rainwater’s application was denied.

Derzies is fighting to stay open at her abortion clinic in Mississippi which is being defended by pro-abortion groups despite the conditions of her clinic in Alabama. She has also been granted a pass by a judge in the closing of her Alabama abortion clinic.

Jackson Womens Health Organization Abortion Clinic Owner Diane Derzis’ idea of “Fine” : 2 patients overdosed ! Welcome to “safe abortion”

According to Operation Rescue, Derzis’ abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, is run the same way as her now condemned Alabama abortion business. In fact, it employs some of the same abortionists, including Bruce Elliott Norman, who was the abortionist on duty at NWAW that day in January when three of his abortion patients were hospitalized with complications arising from violations in the standard of care. Two women were overdosed on an IV drug, and another woman landed in the ICU with heavy bleeding after she was left unmonitored while being dosed with a strong medication that causes powerful uterine contractions.


Pro-lifer Ryan Bomberger reacts to ABC News’ report:

ABC’s Nightline, just days ago, went to Mississippi’s sole abortion mill owned by the ever wealthy Diane Derzis. Nightline spent 72 hours, they claim, inside the abortion mill. But apparently what actually happens INSIDE the building isn’t part of the story. Nightline didn’t show an abortion, didn’t show a mutilated baby’s body parts being counted, didn’t show biohazard waste bags filled with dead babies or any part of the act that has killed 55 million since Roe. Instead, Nightline touted the cute bubble-gum pink color of the exterior of the building and drove around in Diane Derzis’ gas guzzling, “global warming”-inducing Hummer.

(Apparently, pro-climate control ABC was okay with that since Derzis’ offset her “carbon footprint” by eliminating thousands of other footprints.) They could’ve asked why her other clinic in Birmingham, Alabama was closed down. They could’ve asked why the State issued 76 pages of health code violations (h/t Operation Rescue’s on her clinic and forbade her from ever owning a clinic in Birmingham, Alabama again. But they didn’t.

ABC’s Nightline also depicted the abortionist who travels to Mississippi’s lone abortion mill as some kind of charitable doctor. ABC fails to mention that Dr. Willie Parker is the highly paid late-term abortionist and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. He’s paid $356,000 by Planned Parenthood for just the abortions he commits at DC’s main abortion center.


(Abortion is still legal throughout the entire pregnancy in DC.) Instead, ABC portrays Parker as a compassionate man from Alabama, with a “deep evangelical faith”, just trying to bring comfort to women, instead of the abortionist who is paid as a subcontractor to travel to several states to abort children and pretend to be a woman’s personal physician.

Sadly, the American public suffers from systematic misinformation by an institution that should be telling the truth, but chooses, instead, to tell us lies.

Christian Pastor arrested for passing out Gospel tracts at Islamic center

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Kansas pastor arrested for Gospel tracts at mosque
Posted by Jack Minor • November 30, 2010 •

A pastor was arrested for loitering after passing out Gospel tracts on a public sidewalk outside of a local mosque in Wichita, Kansas.

Pastor Mark Holick, of the Spirit One Christian Center, told the Gazette he was with 14 members of his church passing out packets containing copies of the Gospel of John and Romans along with a DVD featuring testimonies of former Muslims. Holick said they offered the packets to individuals as they exited services at the mosque. When offering the packets, members of Holick’s group said, “We have a free gift for you.”

Holick went on to explain that some took the packets and there did not appear to be any tension between the groups. After several minutes men who appeared to be Imams and other leaders in the mosque began telling members not to take the packets. Once the Imams came out, mosque members began to pass out copies of the Koran and debate with Holick’s group. He said at no time was there any anger between the groups.

Eventually a police captain arrived and told Holick he would need to be walking while on the sidewalk. Holick said he walked across the sidewalk in front of a 40 foot driveway and when he walked back he was arrested for loitering. He claims he was not blocking traffic in any way.

After spending half a day in jail, Holick was released until his case came to trial. Holick, who chose to defend himself, said the judge told him it was rare for cases like this to come to trial. During the trial Holick was found in contempt of court after expressing frustration over court restrictions on his attempts to question the arresting officer and the trial was halted. The next court date is Dec. 7 where he will respond to the contempt charge.

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A Blogger reported that:

Pastor Holick and fourteen other Christians, including two additional senior ministers, did not step foot inside the mosque – – but merely attempted to engage Muslims in dialogue on a public sidewalk as they left the building.

When the police arrived on the scene, Mr. Holick was handcuffed and forced into a squad car.

When asked what crime he had committed, the police, according to the pastor, said “loitering” and “failure to disperse.”

Mr. Holick told OneNewsNow that it was “very disconcerting to see the gospel squelched — especially on a public sidewalk in a country with a constitutional guarantee of free speech.”

UN to consider anti-blasphemy laws proposed by the Organization of Islamic Conference, would make criticism of Islam illegal in America

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Press Release Christian Freedom International Condemns Proposed Defamation of Religions Resolution
Contact: Craig McDonald, Christian Freedom International, 800-323-2273

SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich., Oct. 13 /Christian Newswire/ — Christian Freedom International (CFI), a Michigan-based organization that assists persecuted Christians around the world, is condemning the Defamation of Religions Resolution that will be proposed at the UN General Assembly in New York City late this fall.

The resolution, which will criminalize any words or actions determined to be adverse to a particular religion, is being proposed by the Organization of Islamic Conference, an inter-governmental body comprised of 57 states with significantly Muslim populations. The resolution has taken various forms that have been proposed since 1999, but if passed this year, it will provide international legality for any national law punishing blasphemy or any other criticism of a religion.

Although “defamation of religion” is a concept that would ideally protect religious freedom on the broadest level, the resolution has appeared to focus mainly on the protection of Islam. CFI believes that if the resolution is passed, it would give repressive governments and extremist groups the liberty to punish anything deemed offensive to their particular religion, and will only advance the persecution of religious minorities, especially Christians.

Under existing “blasphemy” laws in Muslim-majority nations, many people are routinely arrested and imprisoned for the crimes of insulting or denigrating Islam. This past January, a Christian shopkeeper in Pakistan was sentenced to life in prison and fined $1,000 for allegedly desecrating the Quran, and a college professor in India had his hand severed as a result of insulting the prophet Mohammed on an exam questionnaire last May.

CFI, a ministry that works actively on behalf of persecuted Christians in repressive countries like Burma, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, urges all citizens to contact members of Congress and encourage them to vote against the Defamation of Religions Resolution at the UN General Assembly this year.

To learn more information about CFI’s work and persecution around the world, visit

CBN is reporting that, The Organization of Islamic Conference claims the threatened Koran burning and the protests over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero make it imperative to protect against growing Islamaphobia.

The resolution is supposed to protect all religions. But Jay Sekulow, with the American Center for Law and Justice told CBN News that it’s real purpose is to protect Islam, that it could be used to persecute people of other faiths.

“The fact of the matter is that this definition of religion has nothing to do with protecting religious freedom, in fact to the contrary,” Sekulow said.

“What it does is isolate and protect Islam from criticism, which means those that are engaged in the (propagation) of gospel to members of Muslim faith would be guilty of violating a UN resolution,” he explained.

“I mean who’s in favor of defaming religion? Nobody is the answer,” he added. “But that’s not what the resolution deals with. The resolution says if you speak out against Islam you’re guilty of violating a UN resolution.”

Newspaper editorials in Muslim nations around the world are also calling for the resolution’s passage.

Last Year Lou Dobbs reported this:

I found this on YouTube….from the PEN American Center

1:23 a representative of the United States speaks:

From the PEN American Center, United Nations Side-session Panel Discussion with Dr. Agnes Callamard, director, ARTICLE 19 (UK), Professor Tariq Ramadan (Switzerland), Mr. Budhy M. Rahman, program officer, The Asia Foundation (Indonesia); Moderated by Mr. John Ralston Saul, writer, president of International PEN (Canada).

International PEN and its national centers are extremely concerned about ongoing processes in the United Nations aimed at combating defamation of religions. We are also concerned about an initiative by the UN Ad Hoc Committee on Complementary Standards, established in 2007 by the Islamic Conference (OIC) and a group of African countries, to draft a treaty that would ban religious defamation. Human Rights protect individual human beings, not institutions or religions. Criticism of religions and religious practices must be allowed, in particular when religions are viewed from a political point of view. As organizations representing writers, artists, and journalists of all faiths and none, we warn against any regulations prohibiting criticism of any religion or any set of ideas.

Against this background we have asked a group of high profile scholars, writers, and human rights defenders to join us for a side event in Geneva on the afternoon of September 16 in Room XXI of the UN Building.

Minnesota- the first Muslim state, is Shari law wedging its way into the US?

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Glenn Beck on Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace

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Christian Church Zoned out – Obama where is your outrage?

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Federal Religious Discrimination Suit Filed Against Dixmoor, Ill.

Suit Alleges Dixmoor Leadership Maliciously Shut Down Church and is Playing “Shell Game” with Public Information

DIXMOOR, Ill., Aug. 27 /Christian Newswire/ — Today, the Power of Praise Worship Center Church (PPWC) filed a lawsuit against the Village of Dixmoor for violating a Federal land use law. The case has been assigned to Federal Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan The Religious Land Use and Institutional Persons Act of 2000 (RLUIPA) provides that no government shall impose a land use regulation that unreasonably burdens religious assemblies. The suit alleges that Dixmoor’s Code Enforcement Officer, Fred Cody, took matters into his own hands when he forced the church out of the building they were renting, citing that the church was in an area not zoned for religious use. This was after Dixmoor’s Village Board of Trustees agreed that PPWC could lawfully use a facility it rented.

Seeking to clarify how Dixmoor could justify removing the church, PPWC and its attorneys repeatedly asked for a complete copy of Dixmoor’s zoning code, which the village refused to provide. The suit charges both a violation of RLUIPA and refusing to comply with four Freedom of Information Act requests for copies of the code. PPWC filed the suit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The rented property is located at 14323 Western Avenue in Dixmoor.

“Dixmoor has been playing a ‘shell game’ with the church, as it has ignored or dodged four Freedom of Information requests for its zoning code,” said the church’s attorney, John Mauck, partner at Mauck & Baker LLC. “For a village to hide its zoning code would be like a town hiding the name of its mayor or another piece of basic public information.”

“We know this community is hurting and we want to bring hope to the hopeless by honoring Jesus, serving the people in Dixmoor and sharing God’s love,” said Pastor Nathaniel Holmes. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, 30 percent of Dixmoor’s population is below the poverty line. Holmes continued, “When we started using the facility, we had 50 members, and now we’re down to six because we had our house of worship ripped out from under us. We expect Dixmoor’s leadership to come clean and play by the rules of open government and respect the U.S. Constitution and Federal laws that prevent religious discrimination.”

“Is Dixmoor the new Wild West where one person takes the law into his hands and can shoot down a church?” said Mauck. “The village leadership made it clear that they wanted this church, but their Code Enforcement Officer has decided to operate by secret laws.”

PPWC is seeking a temporary restraining order to allow it to resume operating the church and prevent the Village of Dixmoor from threatening to remove PPWC from its rental property. In addition, the church is seeking financial damage for the time each member or former member has been denied their Free Exercise of Religion, and other unnecessary costs the Village has inflicted on the church.

A copy of the suit is available for download here,