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Former abortion giant Planned Parenthood lobbyist now politician in Wisconsin

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Chris Taylor Wis State521427_558663210831225_1540212907_nFormer Public Policy Director for abortion giant Planned Parenthood now politician: Chris Taylor !

Being a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood was the best preparation,” she says. “I did the electoral strategy, so I knew elections and how to communicate with people on issues. I was the lead advocate at the state level for women’s reproductive health care, and these are some of the hardest issues to lobby on. That job taught me how to be persuasive and strategic.”

Taylor is proud of the agency’s success during her time there.

“When I started at Planned Parenthood, we had no shot at getting anything done because of the composition of the Legislature. I’ve learned you have to have proactive strategies because one day you’ll have a chance and you need to be ready,” she says.

Protecting public schools

Defense of public education and policies that benefit families are at the top of Taylor’s agenda.

“It is absolutely critical to have a strong public school system,” she says.

Currently she is enjoying rereading Harry Potter to her kids, whom she says help her keep perspective.

“Kids provide so much levity. Kids don’t care if you’re in the Legislature. You’re the mom and they want to play Legos.”

Some Democrats are already suggesting that Taylor could be going places. But would she run for governor or for national office? Taylor isn’t sure.

“I’m just getting started, and right now I am focused on representing my constituents. But you can never say never. Maybe it’s possible when my kids are a little older. Opportunities come up, and you can’t always predict what you’ll do.”

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