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Abortion LIES out loud! NARAL’s request for Fiction or Non-Fiction stories of choice

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Get this: NARAL pro-choice America, a group that only promotes abortion is offering $2000.00 in prize money for stories about “Choice”. Here are their pro-death rules:

“It can be fiction, non-fiction or somewhere in between – how the story is told is up to you. Choice is a critical thread that connects so much of our lives. We encourage you to think about the diverse reality of life in America, the circumstances that lead to an unintended pregnancy, the different choices women and men make when faced with this situation, and how a person’s decision may influence their future. You should feel free to use inspirations from your own life or community. Write from the heart.”

Fiction or Non-Fiction? Really?


Tell me how you can promote so-called stories of “choice” which is stories of child killing thru abortion with both fiction and non-fiction?

NARAL all you do is LIE Lie LIE:

NARAL uses Black Women to Sell “Abortion as Good”

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The website: Choice Out Loud has images of several women some African American praising the “choice” women have to get an abortion.


The pro-abortion group NARAL has just launched a bizarre new video and website that places abortion on the same moral plane as getting a haircut, picking a sweater, going for a jog or chewing gum—all, apparently, things that a woman can “choose to do with her body,” just like abortion.


Choice Out Loud Muslim

Abortion is a racist ideology that comes from Eugenics – see the truth: Maafa21

In addition, no mention is made about the risks of abortion- go here to see actual autopsy images of a woman who died from “Safe/Legal” abortion

Gotta love this one- you can be FOR ABORTION and LOVE GOD ! I think NOT !!!!

ChoiceOUtLoud Love God