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Hillary Clinton partners with Gates Foundation which funds abortion

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There is no organization that I respect more than the Gates foundation and the work that Bill and Melinda have done in demonstrating the importance of measuring what you care about.” ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton


As Hillary Rodham Clinton, ponders another presidential run in 2016, she has launched a new partnership Thursday with the Gates Foundation.

Gates Foundation partners Hillary Clinton

The Gates Foundation operated by Bill and Melinda Gates supports abortion, Planned Parenthood, and what many term eugenics globally.

Video below is a conversation between Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Melinda Gates, and Chelsea Clinton on the “importance of data in charting a path towards the full participation of women and girls in the 21st Century and ways to measure progress toward that goal.” This event took place at New York University as part of No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, a new initiative at the Clinton Foundation whose mission is to bring together partner organizations to evaluate and share the progress women and girls have made in the 20 years since the UN Fourth World Conference in Beijing.

Hillary Clinton told the crowd, “There is no organization that I respect more than the Gates foundation and the work that Bill and Melinda have done in demonstrating the importance of measuring what you care about.” ~

Hillary Clinton Partners with Gates

With the 20th anniversary approaching of a historic 1995 women’s conference, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation is partnering with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to “gather and study data on the global progress of women and girls and the gaps that remain.”

Gates 1 million Planned Parenthood

But many people are suspicious of that the real motives behind this effort may be masking a global push for more abortion and population control.

Hillary Clinton admires Margaret Sanger

Hillary Clinton has gone on record admiring Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who was steeped in racist eugenics.

I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision,” Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2009 at a Planned Parenthood gala

Hillary Rodham Clinton has supported abortion on demand as well.

Here as Senator, Hillary Clinton goes on record to use tax payer funds to pay for abortions:

Here Hillary Rodham Clinton is asked again about her admiration for Margaret Sanger who embraced bigotry and racism and eugenics the elimination of the Black race:


Melinda Gates is the wife of Bill Gates and her support for abortion and Planned Parenthood are also well know.

Some facts in Melinda Gates:

Melinda Gates’ favorite form of birth control is Depo Provera. But hormonal contraceptives, particularly injectable methods like Depo Provera, have been shown to increase the transmission rate of HIV/AIDS.

At the UN’s 1994 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Western elites’ language of population control was officially changed to the language of “equality,” “sustainability” and “reproductive health.” The population control tactics, however, did not change.

Melinda Gates’ partners, Marie Stopes International and International Planned Parenthood Foundation, were founded by leaders in the early eugenics and population control movements, and who were very open about the fact that they did not like the idea of poor people of color having children.

More on Melinda Gates here and here

Gates Planned Parenthood Maafa21

Bill Gates has been on record as supporting abortion (and here) , financing abortion, and his dad was the former head of Planned Parenthood:

Gates PP

Bill Gates and Planned Parenthood:

GATES: When I was growing up, my parents were almost involved in various volunteer things. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that. And so it’s fascinating. At the dinner table my parents are very good at sharing the things that they were doing. And almost treating us like adults, talking about that. My mom was on the United Way group that decides how to allocate the money and looks at all the different charities and makes the very hard decisions about where that pool of funds is going to go. So I always knew there was something about really educating people and giving them choices in terms of family size.

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Planned Parenthood was founded on racist eugenics – watch Maafa21 for documentation.

This blog has several posts about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation starting here

Large Corporations Fund Abortion, Eugenics and Planned Parenthood, from the film Maafa21.

As I said in the beginning, we are so admiring at what she [Melinda Gates] and Bill and their team have done..” ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton.