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Planned Parenthood Supporters espouse their racist eugenic crap online

Posted in Black Genocide, Eugenics, Planned Parenthood, Racism with tags , , , , , , on June 22, 2010 by saynsumthn

I just stumbled onto this chat and found this hateful/racist post by a Planned Parenthood supporter. Still doubt that Planned Parenthood is being used to target people? Just listen to Planned Parenthood’s racist supporters defend them. Watch Maafa21 (Clip Below) to learn how racist abortion is !

Re: Planned Parenthood Quote

Anonymous Coward writes,
Planned Parenthood = saving taxpayers billions of dollars every year by aborting babies who’d be a drain on the system (future prisoners, welfare leeches, flunkies).
God Bless Planned Parenthood for that!!

And BOWMAN writes, “It’s very true that there’s extensive overhead spent there as far as educating people on family planning and sex. It just very under-utilized from what I’ve seen. In all the medical facilities I’ve worked in, patients are treated more like cattle would be treated. It’s all about how many you can process and how fast you can process them. $ once again being the governing factor. “

Anonymous Coward writes, “it’s not PPs fault that all the dirtbag fuc*ups of this country go there for abortions….the ethnic trash is most of their clientelle, but no one puts a gun to their head to get an abortion. so get off your high horse a**hole and be thankful there are millions less leeches in america due to PPs free/low cost abortions!”


Ezra_Yisrael1970 wrote, “Planned Parenthood is a code name for “EUGENICS” where extermination of the Black seed was implanted in urban communities to stop Blacks from procreating. If PP goes downhill, it couldn’t be soon enough. BURN IN HELL BASTARDS! “

I-AM-Becky writes, “I’m all for abortions for black mothers who can’t afford the baby they are pregnant with. What I don’t understand is why so many of you have babies that you can’t support. Try closing your feakin legs for once!”