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Violent Pro-choice activst hits pro-lifer with car

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According to a Charelston media source, Abortion protester William Gasque told Charleston police that Larry Carter Center, a well-known liberal pro-choice activist in the Charleston area, hit him in the knee with the fender of his car at Charleston Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic on the morning of Jan. 12.

Gasque was not injured, but he went to the downtown police station to file a complaint four days later.

According to a manager, the clinic has had a restraining order against Center for about two years. She says she has not had problems with the abortion protesters trespassing or being disruptive before.

In a previous incident, the pro-life group 40 Days for Life Charleston, SC reported that on July 30, 2011, Larry Carter Center “came walking up the street pushing a lawn mower. When he approached the spot where a group of Catholics were praying the Rosary, he turned on his lawn mower and started pushing it into the legs of two men. This mower was running, the blades were cutting the grass, and he was yelling and bumping into these two men. Another man, who comes out on Saturdays, saw what was happening and came over to help our Catholic friends. The police were called and reports were filed. A video below shows a portion of the incident that was captured on film. The footage does not show Center bumping into the two men.

And according to Life News Center wasmordered by a court to stay away from a pro-life girl he assaulted outside an abortion center. Larry Carter Center has been ordered to 15-feet from -year-old Katherine Williams for six months and to avoid further arrests after he assaulted her back in May.

According to the Charleston Police Department’s criminal incident report, Ted Williams of Charleston and his daughter Katherine were participating in a pro-life demonstration on May 2 at the Charleston Women’s Center abortion business.

The police reports say Mr. Center “came up to the orange fence that borders the property and kicked the sign Ms. Williams was standing behind.”

“The sign struck Ms. Williams in the foot and the shin,” the report added and Williams prosecuted Center for assault.

On June 26 Municipal Court Judge N. Steven Steinert signed a consent order which deferred the prosecution of Center for six months on the condition that he stay 15 feet away from Katherine Williams and have “no new arrests within the deferral period.”