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Planned Parenthood pro-choice abortion escort arrested for assault of pro-lifer

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H/T Jill Stanek:

UPDATE April 2012 After pleading down to the misdemeanor charge of “jostling,” Klein was convicted two weeks ago and slapped with a $250 fine.

Planned Parenthood Ann Arbor, Michigan Bernie Klein is well known to pro-lifers as vulgar and volatile.

But on September 30, Klein went too far.

Pro-life sidewalk counselor Paul Dobrowolski was speaking with the father of a baby who was about to be aborted inside the Planned Parenthood clinic by his girlfriend, and Klein (pictured right), increasingly disturbed by the course of the conversation, finally goosed Dobrowolski, first with his knee and then aggressively with his hand.

There was a witness, so police were called, charges were filed, and Klein is to be arraigned on charges of assault and battery in district court on January 20, 2012.

Klein has apparently been investigated before for his associations with a suicide ring ( Story here) Klein has apparently volunteered as a Planned Parenthood deathscort for 21 years now, receiving praise from the organization as recently as its January 2009 newsletter…

Full story here

On June 27th, Bernie Klein, security guard for the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Professional Drive in Ann Arbor, verbally and physically harassed Citizens for a Pro-life Society picketer Steve Gendregske who manage to video tape the incident on his cell phone.
In the beginning of the video Bernie is washing a pro-life chalk message off the sidewalk near the clinic and then he goes after Steve in a threatening manner! Police were notified and took a report of the incident.

This incident comes on the heels of another incident where the manager of a Kansas City, Kansas abortion clinic abortion clinic body slammed a pro-lifer- watch below:

Mary Anne Sause is a pro-life activist. She was putting away her signs when she says Mark Pederson, the clinic’s manager came up to her car and took pictures.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

MANAGER of ABORTION CLINIC awaits trial AFTER …, posted with vodpod

However in court on January 25,2012, Sause says the judge made the case more about her beliefs than about the battery charge.
“I was scrutinized about my pro life stand,” she says, “I do fight for God and the unborn in silent peaceful prayerful presence known.”

Sause says in the end the judge found the clinic manager Mark Pederson not guilty because Sause says the witnesses didn’t support her version of events.