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Catholic Hospital who dumped abortionist caught with containers of fetal tissue in car ignored pro-lifers earlier

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Recently, a Catholic hospital in Michigan cut ties with an abortionist who is under investigation in the state. But, local pro-life activists say they approached the hospital about the abortionist’s privileges long before he was in the spot light. They claim the Catholic institution ignored their requests to cut ties, until now.

Providence Hospital Catholic cuts ties abortion doc

As Saynsumthn previously reported, circuit-riding abortion doctor Michael Roth is the subject of a federal investigation on suspicion he performed illegal abortions after police found several containers of human tissue, possibly fetuses in his vehicle. The discovery came after the abortionist was involved in a car accident and prompted the Attorney General and DEA to raid his home and office last week.

Michael Roth

Local pro-life activist Lynn Mills reports that Roth has been killing preborn babies since the Rescue days of the late 1980’s working with other notorious abortionists in the state. She described Roth as being extremely nasty to pro-lifers and the media.

Michael Roth abortion state discipline

Roth has not been charged with a crime yet, but, in light of the story, WXYZ has reported that Roth been kicked out of one hospital where he worked.

Michael Roth abortion Providence Hospital

St. John Providence Park Hospital, which is a Catholic facility said that Roth is on leave from the Hospital and released the following statement to the station:

    Michael Roth, MD is a private practice physician (not employed by the hospital) on leave of absence.

    Our by-laws clearly require all physicians to adhere to the ethical religious directives, meaning no abortions in the hospital.

    But Michigan law prohibits hospitals from denying medical staff privileges based on whether or not a physician provides termination of pregnancy services at other locations.

Lynn Mills 162752_000_GI89G63UR.1-0

Mills said that she has been warning the Archdiocese of Detroit about allowing abortionists privileges at their hospitals since 2010. She stated that last year, she and a group of pro-lifers held a demonstration at Providence Hospital but, she stated, rather than addressing why a Catholic hospital would allow an abortionist to practice there, they called security on the demonstrators.


“It’s time for the Archdiocese of Detroit to release the other abortionist with privileges,” Mills said in response.

“This is a wake-up call that the reputation of all Catholics as well as the reputation of their Catholic hospitals are at risk when they give an abortionist privileges,” Mills added.

Doc employed with Catholic Hospital under review for performing abortions at eugenics founded Planned Parenthood

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Catholic “doctor” under review for performing a…, posted with vodpod

Local doctor under review for abortions
Issue of where abortions are performed

Updated: Tuesday, 04 Jan 2011, 7:21 PM EST

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A local doctor is under “careful review” after a complaint that he performs abortions. The issue is complicated because the doctor is associated with a Catholic hospital, and Catholics oppose abortion.

Dr. Richard Willard is an OB-GYN with an office on the fifth floor of the DePaul Medical Building.

There has been a complaint he is associated with Bon Secours Depaul Medical Center which is a Catholic Health Care Ministry while performing abortions at Planned Parenthood on Newtown Road.

Bon Secours is aware of this and told us, “We are confident that no procedures in violation of Catholic moral teachings are performed at Bon Secours DePaul,” Bon Secours Director of Corporate Communications and Media Relations Lynne Zultanky said.

Willard did not return our phone call, but a similar concern was lodged against him in 2005, and he was investigated by an independent moral theologian who determined since the procedures did not occur on property, DePaul was within the Catholic moral teachings.

Zultanky wrote, “Given that it has been five years since we last reviewed this issue, [we are] carefully reviewing this matter.”

Abortions performed at Catholic health care ministries remain a sensitive issue.

In Arizona, Sister Margaret McBride, a Catholic nun and a staffmember at St. Joseph’s Hospital, approved an abortion in the hospital that saved the mother’s life.

However, when her superior found out, Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmstead excommunicated her. In a statement the bishop wrote, “The end does not justify the means.”

There is no evidence now that any procedure took place at DePaul which appears to be the test in this case.

In the statement, Zultanky wrote, “We will take appropriate action to ensure faithfulness to our Catholic community and the greater Hampton Roads community.”

NOTE: Planned Parenthood is an organization founded on Eugenics – Watch Maafa21 for that history (Clip below)