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Revolutionary abortion rights group Stop Patriarchy to protest pro-life laws in several states

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The communist revolutionary group Stop Patriarchy is calling for “national actions” on July 1st to “protest new abortion restrictions scheduled to go into effect in Kansas and Tennessee that day.”

Stop Patriarchy July protest

According to the group’s website:

    On July 1st, as many as half the abortion clinics in Tennessee are expected to close due to new restrictions which will require abortion facilities to meet the same physical standards as a mini-emergency room (even though early abortion is an extremely simple, outpatient procedure).

Cal Dix SP

They also state:

    These new restrictions are part of a national onslaught against abortion rights and birth control. Over 330 restrictions have been introduced nationwide already this year! This CANNOT be tolerated if women are going to be treated as FULL HUMAN BEINGS! These laws will have devastating effects on the lives of women across the country, and especially in the deep South, where new restrictions have forced many abortion clinics to close.

Fetus not baby Stop Patriarchy

A Fact Sheet put out by the group entitled: Abortion rights are in a state of emergency, and headed for disaster, reads in part:

    For far too long, pro-choice people have remained passive, or funneled their energies into supporting politicians who openly promise to seek “common ground” with Christian fascists. But seeking “common ground” has really meant ceding ground to this whole onslaught. For decades we have watched yesterday’s outrage become today’s “compromise position” and tomorrow’s limit of what can be imagined. There can be no “common ground” with female enslavement. What is required instead is: massive, uncompromising, political resistance to STOP this whole WAR ON WOMEN, and go on to WIN the fight for full liberation.

Stop Patriarchy abortion fact sheet protest


Several members of Stop Patriarchy were arrested in Washington D.C. trying to disrupt pro-lifers on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion in America.

Stop Patriarchy March for Life arrests

They also became aggressively disruptive to Black pro-life activists in California after vowing to “Ferguson” pro-life walk.

Bragging on their website, “As politicians continue to ramp up a national assault on abortion and birth control, Stop Patriarchy is unleashing the rage and frustration of old and new generations, forging a new political force of opposition while recasting the terms in the fight over abortion around women’s enslavement or women’s liberation.”

Sunsara Taylor Carl Dix Stop Patriarchy Oakland.

Susan Stop Patriarchy

The group is headed by Communist sympathizer Sunsara Taylor, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, receiving the support of convicted terrorist Bill Ayers. Their methods and tactics have even been denounced by more mainstream pro-choice advocates.

Stop Patriarchy is very selective in their outrage against the “Patriarchy.” While they disrupt pro-life events they enthusiastically support abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood which deliberately cover child rape and myriads of abortion “providers” who sexually abuse or physically harm their patients.

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT TWEET

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT

Abortion activists have been activating since Texas passed a series of pro-life laws in the state which have closed several abortion clinics. During this time, pro-abortion radicals descended in Austin to express their outrage.
Stop Patriarchy was among them, blocking traffic and getting arrested there as well.

Stop Patriarchy slaves

Since then many other states have since passed similar legislation.

According to Life News, weeks ago Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed into law a pro-life bill HB 1368 requiring licensure and inspection of abortion facilities the same as ambulatory surgical centers in the state.

Strict pro-life laws are also being challenged in Kansas.

Communist male leader: abortion is liberating – not genocidal !

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Ignorance always amazes me – especially from people who pretend to know anything about history.

This week the communist anarchist group Stop Patriarchy plans to counter protest what they call, “Fascist Christian Preachers” who happen to be Black, pro-life and able to prove that abortion is Black Genocide.

Carl Dix attacks abortion black genocide

I’ve blogged about this upcoming protest as has other groups ( here and here) – so I am going to move onto my point.

Stop Patriarchy and Carl Dix are joining forces to “counter protest vs. “ ” because, as they state in a tweet, “Abortion is liberating – NOT “genocidal.”

So, first I have to ask, what does a man know about abortion being liberating?

Certainly abortion was not liberating to Tonya Reaves who was left bleeding to death inside a Chicago Planned Parenthood after her abortion. Nor for Lakisha Wilson also dead from legal and allegeldly “liberating” abortion.

Tonya and Lakisha abortion deaths

In fact, there is a long list of these alleged “liberated” women lying dead 10 feet under after their legal abortion – but- hey – think Car Dix will speak out on their behalf?

Not a chance!

Its always amusing to me, that, when a pro-choice man speaks about abortion it is acceptable, but, when pro-life men and specifically the Black pro-life Pastors that Dix is ranting about speak up, they are called out as “fascist” and “reactionary.”

Carl Dix abortion is liberating

It is a fact that abortion does liberate men – it frees them of responsibility and often works as a cover for male pedophiles who impregnate young girls…but…I doubt that is what Dix is referring to.

ABortion liberating STop Patriarchy Recon

So, these radical communist groups believe abortion is liberating – well – okay- whatever ! But, to say that abortion is NOT genocidal is pure ignorance!

Revconn abortion

Here is Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party calling the abortion / Black genocide link ridiculous. If you listen to his rant, he offers zero facts, zero historical evidence to counter what documents thoroughly.

When pro-lifers say that abortion is Black Genocide they are not saying that Black women do not choose of their own will to have abortions. What we are saying and thoroughly documenting is that there has been a RACIST agenda behind abortion since the days of eugenics and the founding of Planned Parenthood by Margaret Sanger, an admitted Klan speaker.

For anyone to accept the words of Stop Patriarchy or Carl Dix whose message is that “abortion is liberating” because they want “Abortion on demand without apology” would be silly.

Documentaries like Maafa21 which can be viewed here for free, fully document the racist and eugenics agenda of abortion. Any serious student of truth who wants to know this history can see for themselves that what Carl Dix is saying is pure, unabashed spin.

And because this group of revolutionaries is in apparent need of attention- Stop Patriarchy will also be protesting pro-life marches across the country.

Their aggressive and outrageous tactics will no doubt garner them media attention. But, if they think that drawing attention to the abortion – black genocide link is going to persuade Black people against the truth – they are 100% wrong. The fact is, there is a ton of empirical evidence that abortion is a racist tool of genocide.

In fact, many many Black leaders have made this claim over the years including Jesse Jackson and leaders of the NAACP.

Even today, Blacks are awakening to the truth of the abortion and black genocide connection and are speaking out ( see here).

And, with good cause, after all the stats show that in places like New York, 77.5% of abortions performed were on minority women while nationwide almost 56% of all abortions reported for race were done on minority women.

So, if Stop Patriarchy and Carl Dix want to be foolish enough to call abortion “liberating”– that is their prerogative, as twisted and ridiculous as such a claim is. But, they cannot possibly prove that it is not genocidal – no matter how many “protests” they organize.