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AG files complaint against abortion doc charging negligence and failing to protect patient’s personal information

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Michael Roth

An abortion doctor who stored dozens of jars containing “products of conception” (a term used for aborted babies) is the subject of a Michigan Attorney General Office complaint charging him negligence and failing to protect patient’s personal information. Dr. Michael Authur Roth a long time circuit-riding abortion provider in the state made headlines earlier this fall after police found 14 containers identified at the time as “human tissue” and as well as controlled substances in his car after it was involved in a traffic incident.

The administrative complaint, filed with state Board of Medicine’s department of licensing and regulatory affairs for possible disciplinary action and obtained by Live Action News from pro-life advocate Lynn Mills, details the abortion doctor’s sordid past. In the factual allegations, the document states that Roth was disciplined by the state medical board in 2004 following a complaint that he performed an abortion out of a patient’s home. Another issue came before the Board in 2012 over a complication from a procedure resulting in a fine.

Roth abortion home complaint

The Attorney General has accused Roth with being in possession of controlled substances without lawful authority. According to the AG’s complaint, when police searched Roth’s car they discovered 6 prescription bottles containing an antibiotic prescribed by another medical doctor with the initials AO for several patients as well as large amounts of the pain medicine Fentanyl and a partially used bottle of a drug used for anesthesia. In addition they found medication used for uterine bleeding.

In response to the complaint, Mills called the items found in Roth’s car, “a cocktail for abortion.” She told Live Action News that there are many unanswered questions surrounding this case, “Pro-lifers effectively got this abortionist evicted several times last year. So let’s say that he couldn’t find a place to rent that would allow him to do abortions? We know from his history that he has experience doing them in home settings. Could this have been an option he felt was viable?”

Mills said she suspects Roth was doing clandestine abortions, wondering where he was performing them, “Roth was driving around with what he needed the antibiotics, the anesthesia, the bleed control meds and pain meds. Where’s the bloody pads, the cannulas?” While authorities have not specified why Roth was in possession of the medications, Mills speculated a few possible scenarios such as his performing secret abortions on rich women or even on human trafficking victims in secret locations.

mICHAEL RoTH abortion fetus

In addition to the medications, the complaint states that police also found “Fifteen specimen jars containing the “products of conception” in the abortionist’s car. Less than a week later, upon searching Roth’s home, police found additional medications of Fentanyl and and 6 full glass vials of Methylergonovine Maleate (medication used for uterine bleeding). Police also discovered that the Fentanyl, which had expired a year earlier, belonged to another physician. In fact, several of the medications found in Roth’s possession were expired and bore the name of to another prescribing physician where Roth “provides coverage” according to the complaint.

The documents states that the license to dispense medications are “location specific” and that medications cannot be stored in places other than where the license allows. Further, state law requires that medications are to be stored in a locked cabinet or room and not in a person’s home or vehicle. The complaint accuses Roth of failing to protect patient’s personal information as well as disposing of “pathological waste” i.e. aborted babies pursuant to state statutes.

The AG accuses Roth of the following:

    Lack of Good Moral Character
    Possessing a controlled substance without lawful authority
    Betrayal of a Professional Confidence

Asministrative COmplaint Roth Abortion Fetus Car

The complaint requires that Roth has 30 days to submit a written response to the charges against him. And, if he cannot show that he is in compliance of all lawful requirements of retention of his license the AG has requested that formal proceedings be “commenced pursuant to the Public Health Code.”

(Images: screen grab from media reports )

#Abortion clinic staff refuse to help their patient after Pro-choice boyfriend hits her with Van

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According to the pro-lifer who made this vid: “Minutes after coming out of the abortion mill her male friend runs her over. Neither the abortion doctor nor any of his ‘medical’ staff would come out of the mill to help us. I was videotaping from the south side of the clinic in my car, Mike who drove up was videotaping from the North end.
The batteries in my cell phone were dead and before Mike could call the girl told us we better not because she had enough things going on. The license plate number was CA 91802E1”


DamonStutes1 (1)

The West End Women’s Medical Center- abortion clinic is run by abortionist Damon Stutes: who places vulgar signs around his clinic :

Damon Stutes 226622_10200932979103205_1914427163_n

Damon Stutes 389221_10200932967142906_1126163437_n

Damon Stutes 706026_10200932972583042_1311303393_o

Damon Stutes 943054_10200932959742721_1484544517_n

Damon Stutes 971362_10200932938182182_500686157_n

Damon Stutes 983787_10200932948182432_1015621786_n

Stutes was himself accused of running over pro-lifer protesters ( Read here)

Violent Pro-choice activst hits pro-lifer with car

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According to a Charelston media source, Abortion protester William Gasque told Charleston police that Larry Carter Center, a well-known liberal pro-choice activist in the Charleston area, hit him in the knee with the fender of his car at Charleston Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic on the morning of Jan. 12.

Gasque was not injured, but he went to the downtown police station to file a complaint four days later.

According to a manager, the clinic has had a restraining order against Center for about two years. She says she has not had problems with the abortion protesters trespassing or being disruptive before.

In a previous incident, the pro-life group 40 Days for Life Charleston, SC reported that on July 30, 2011, Larry Carter Center “came walking up the street pushing a lawn mower. When he approached the spot where a group of Catholics were praying the Rosary, he turned on his lawn mower and started pushing it into the legs of two men. This mower was running, the blades were cutting the grass, and he was yelling and bumping into these two men. Another man, who comes out on Saturdays, saw what was happening and came over to help our Catholic friends. The police were called and reports were filed. A video below shows a portion of the incident that was captured on film. The footage does not show Center bumping into the two men.

And according to Life News Center wasmordered by a court to stay away from a pro-life girl he assaulted outside an abortion center. Larry Carter Center has been ordered to 15-feet from -year-old Katherine Williams for six months and to avoid further arrests after he assaulted her back in May.

According to the Charleston Police Department’s criminal incident report, Ted Williams of Charleston and his daughter Katherine were participating in a pro-life demonstration on May 2 at the Charleston Women’s Center abortion business.

The police reports say Mr. Center “came up to the orange fence that borders the property and kicked the sign Ms. Williams was standing behind.”

“The sign struck Ms. Williams in the foot and the shin,” the report added and Williams prosecuted Center for assault.

On June 26 Municipal Court Judge N. Steven Steinert signed a consent order which deferred the prosecution of Center for six months on the condition that he stay 15 feet away from Katherine Williams and have “no new arrests within the deferral period.”

Big Brother is Tracking: Ohio Appeals Court Upholds Warrantless GPS Tracking

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From The 12/1/2010

Ohio Appeals Court Upholds Warrantless GPS Tracking
Ohio Court of Appeals green lights warrantless police surveillance of any motorist with GPS.

The Ohio Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that police do not need to obtain a warrant before attaching a GPS tracking device to anyone’s vehicle. The case arose after paid informants told the Butler County Sheriff’s Office that Sudinia Johnson was involved in selling cocaine. Acting on this information, Detective Mike Hackney attached a pager-sized GPS tracker to the undercarriage of Johnson’s white Chevy van.

The GPS unit uploaded information regarding the van’s location to a website that Hackney regularly checked. This information was used to follow the van from Chicago back to Ohio, with police prepared to make a traffic stop with drug-sniffing canines as soon as Johnson entered Butler County, as long as “they were able to find probable cause to make a stop,” according to Hackney’s testimony.

Johnson allegedly made an improper right-hand turn — one police later admitted was a perfectly safe maneuver — and was pulled over and searched. No drugs were found after two thorough searches, but Johnson admitted to police that “you guys got me.” He then proceeded to admit he was going to sell cocaine that he picked up in Chicago that was in another vehicle. In court, Johnson’s lawyer argued that both the traffic stop and the GPS tracking violated the law. A trial judge did not agree and Johnson was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in jail. The three-judge appellate panel found no fault with this outcome.

“We find that placing the GPS on the van and monitoring its movement did not constitute a search or seizure under either the federal or Ohio Constitution,” Judge Robert A. Hendrickson wrote for the court. “Johnson did not produce any evidence that demonstrated his intention to guard the undercarriage of his van from inspection or manipulation by others…. Supreme Court precedent has established not only that a vehicle’s exterior lacks a reasonable expectation of privacy, but also that one’s travel on public roads does not implicate Fourth Amendment protection against searches and seizures.”

Last week, however, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit specifically rejected this line of reasoning (view opinion). The Ohio judges also rejected the contrary rulings of the highest courts in New York, Oregon and Washington state on the grounds that their state constitutions offered greater protections from government intrusion than Ohio’s.

“Essentially, Johnson argues that should law enforcement be permitted to install and monitor GPS devices without first obtaining a warrant, the government has unfettered and instantaneous access to a person’s whereabouts,” Hendrickson wrote. “We do not disagree with Johnson that GPS surveillance could report a person’s location at these or any location. However, Johnson fails to recognize that when a person chooses to drive their vehicle to the minister, psychiatrist, abortion clinic, etc, they are voluntarily letting that fact be known to anyone on the roads, or anyone choosing to follow them, of their intended destination. Law enforcement need not obtain a warrant to observe where a driver chooses to drive on public roads, nor do they need to obtain a warrant to observe via a GPS device where a driver chooses to drive.”

A copy of the decision is available in a 75k PDF file at the source link below.

Source: Ohio v. Johnson (Court of Appeals, State of Ohio, 11/29/2010) /news/33/3338.asp