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Abortion giant cancels Day of Action due to blizzard

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Planned Parenthood has cancelled a Day of Action that was planned for January 26 because of the incoming blizzard.

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The largest provider of abortion in the country planned the Day of Action to kickoff the 2015 New York State Legislative Session.

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“As our state representatives start their work, we’ll be there to greet them and make sure they know that issues such as Family Planning Funding, Reproductive Health Care Access, and Paid Family Leave must be a priority in 2015,” Planned Parenthood of New York City Action wrote on their events page.

PP Cancels Day do Action

In cancelling the event, the group posted this, “Due to tomorrow’s blizzard warning in NY, we are cancelling our Day of Action trip to Albany. Safety is priority, and travel tomorrow throughout the day may be dangerous.”

Safety is a priority except for the babies and especially minority babies Planned Parenthood aborts each year in the state.

A report just released by the Center for Disease Control reveals that 68.7% of all abortions performed in New York State were performed on minority women.

Let it snow…..