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Definition of a human animal: Norway Terrorist shooting innocent children

Posted in terrorism with tags , , , , , on July 26, 2011 by saynsumthn

Police find Anders Breivik on file
It has emerged that the name of Anders Breivik, who has admitted the shooting and bomb attacks in Norway, was in security files four months ago.

Director of the Norwegian Police Security Service, Janne Kristiansen, said Mr Breivik’s name had been highlighted over a cheque worth around £15 in March.

She said: “He’s not on our list of people of interest, and we had no knowledge about him and so he had not been under surveillance.

“He was not on any lists of right wing extremists but after what has happened we have now looked into our archives, where we have an enormous amount of information.”

THe Mirror is reporting
POLICE are trying to track down two Brits who agreed to fight a global anti-Muslim terror crusade with mass murderer Breivik.

Before slaughtering 76 and wounding 97 in his sickening spree, Breivik, 32, posted a 1518-page terror plan on the internet.

The Norwegian killer claimed he re-founded a fanatical group called Knights Templar Europe with “an English ­protestant” and “an English Christian atheist” in April 2002.
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The three held two ­meetings in London with five members from France, Germany, Holland, Greece and Russia – who Scotland Yard is trying to identify.

Four more – not in London – were from Serbia, Sweden, Belgium and the US.

But Breivik’s file said: “Names will be kept classified to avoid persecution.”