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Multi-Racial Mega-church Pastor threatened for saying he will NOT vote for Obama

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Sacramento Pastor Reverses Stance on President
Can we expect black people will vote for a black president? In 2008, President Obama won more than 90% of the black vote.

But a Sacramento pastor and leader of the largest multi-racial congregation in the state says while he’s proud of Mr. Obama, the president won’t get his vote.

Dr. Phillip Goudeaux leads Calvary Christian Center’s 20,000 worshippers.

Here he is speaking on TBN about other issues:

“I accepted Christ in my life. My relationship with Him means more to me the Democratic party, Independent, Republican, black or white,” Goudeaux told FOX40.
Goudeaux has pastored here for three decades but it’s his more recent political stance that’s upset some in the black community.

His vote Tuesday won’t go America’s first black president.

“I’m going to support people who support life, marriage between man and woman, smaller government, who supports Israel,” he said.
Goudeaux feels so strongly, he’s traveled the nation to promote traditional marriage.

His outspoken views have not only drawn criticism but even death threats.

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But why would this former Black Panther turned preacher support Romney when the Massachusetts governor struggles to resonate with minority voters?

“This is not a Romney thing, a Democrat or Republican, black or white,” he said. “This is about family or traditional values family. It doesn’t matter who the person is, I’m going to support the one who supports my values, which I base upon the Bible.”