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Pro-life leader who once survived arson attack challenges “obstructionist Republican establishment” in Ohio Senate

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A long-time pro-life leader has decided to run for the Senate in the state of Ohio to challenge what she calls “the establishment” which has refused to pass the pro-life Heartbeat bill. Janet Folger Porter has been fighting abortion for over thirty years. Her leadership helped pass the first ban on the infamous partial birth abortion method. In that procedure, the abortionist delivers the preborn child up to the shoulders, he then pierces the child’s skull with a pair of medical scissors and suctions out the brain tissue, enabling the collapse of the baby’s head which kills the child. The procedure was defended by Hillary Clinton during her term as a US Senator.

Janet Head Shot Hi-Res

It was this now illegal abortion procedure that appeared to be described by a high ranking staffer at Planned Parenthood caught on under cover video by the Center for Medical Progress who exposed their grisly baby harvesting operation. As a result, pro-lifers have called for an investigation into the potential that Planned Parenthood is violating the law.

I have known Janet Porter for many years. I have followed her bold stand as well as her witty and brilliant personality. What you see in Janet publicly, rest assured is the same privately. She is one of the most honest, godly, and hard working woman I have ever met. Janet is 100% committed to the cause of defending the preborn child in the womb. But, her stand has not been an easy one. Over the years, Janet has made a number of enemies. She is feared by groups like Right-Wing Watch who describes her an “anti-choice” threat and has published numerous alerts on her views. Janet told Saynsumthn that she is the most “watched” female by the pro-abortion group, second only to Michele Bauchman. In response to the criticism, Janet said that she not deterred by those who oppose her, telling Saynsumthn that, “When you spend your life standing for God’s word and His principles people don’t always say nice things about you.”

Janet Folger Porter prolife Bomb Threat

Tragically, words are not the only “ammunition” that have been used by Janet’s enemies over the years. The pro-life leader has also received numerous threats, including having her vehicle sabotaged when someone cut her gas line. It happened in 1994 when abortion was front and center in the news much like it is today. Janet recalled seeing smoke coming out of her car prior to a political rally for a pro-life Democrat candidate she had planned to attend. After getting out of the car she saw a line of fire from the driveway into her garage, but thankfully the fire was confined to her car engine and she was not hurt. The fire was ruled as arson and although no one was ever charged, Janet had her suspicions that she was targeted because of her pro-life activism.

“The arson investigator said the attack was deliberate. The banner headline of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Friday, May 13, 1994, read: Right to Life Leader’s car Sabotaged, Odds are it is connected to abortion issue, police say.” The sticker on the bumper read: “Abortion? Pick on someone your own size.”

Janet Folger Porter prolifer threatened bomb abortion

Janet wrote about the incident in her book, True to Life where she published this image of her burnt out car.


Janet Folger Porter prolife threatened bomb abortion Cleveland paper

Janet’s thirty years of pro-life activism began in high school where she was first convicted about abortion after she was shown a picture of an aborted baby for the first time. Today, Janet has spent the last few years working to pass the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio. This legislation works on the premise that if death is decided when a heartbeat ends, then life should be protected when the heartbeat begins. She told Saynsumthn that her involvement in a failed pro-life initiative in South Dakota helped birth the concept behind the Heartbeat Bill.

“The Supreme Court has said states can intervene and protect life in the womb if there is a likelihood of survival to live birth. But right now they are picking viability as their marker. Well, we have a better one. It’s called the heartbeat,” she said adding that, “Heartbeat is an indicator of life that is universally recognized across the wold, why should we ignore it when it comes to the very young?” she asked.


Janet said she is committed to protecting every preborn child in the womb, but for now, “If we can’t rescue all the children out of the burning building all at once, you carry out as many as you can – then go back for the rest,” she explained.

It was her passion to pass the Heartbeat Bill in the Ohio legislature that promoted her decision to run for state Senate. Janet said that she is hoping to unseat incumbent state Republican Senator Larry Obhof and that she is running against what she calls “the Republican establishment.” According to Janet the so-called “establishment” has “blocked the most pro-life bill to ever pass the Ohio House of Representatives, the Heartbeat Bill” which Janet calls, “our best chance to save the most lives.”

“They will tell you how pro-life they are. In fact, my opponent will claim to have a 100%n voting record. Well that is easy to do when you never vote on the most pro-life bill, the Heartbeat Bill which has the most chance to save lives,” she stated.

Janet has accused her opponent, Larry Obhof, with refusing to initiate and sign a discharge petition to bring the pro-life Heartbeat Bill to the floor for a vote. “He claimed to a local news outlet that I never asked him to sign it,” Porter said.

Porter holds certified receipt of letter she delivered to her opponent

Porter holds certified receipt of letter she delivered to her opponent

So I delivered the proof: the receipt of the certified letter which I sent to him on October 21st along with the return postcard which showed that he, in fact, received it.”

Janet’s determination has brought her before Ohio lawmakers many times with several victories along the way. Janet has had plenty of experience with lawmakers. After she co-founded Students for Life in 1985 at Cleveland State University as an undergrad student she became Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life for nearly a decade. It was in this role that Janet helped pass pro-life laws including the Woman’s Right to Know law (with a 24 hour waiting period), Parental Consent, Fetal Homicide, protection against dehydration and starvation, as well as the nation’s first ban on Partial Birth Abortion.

Janet explained that after asking others to run against what she calls the “obstructionist Republican establishment” she stepped up when no one responded. “If nobody else would do it, I put my own faith to action and I pulled petitions to run for the state Senate.” But, the feisty pro-life female leader said she has also launched her political campaign for the cause of liberty, “The more I think about it, we could have a lot of fun in the Ohio Senate. Instead of being on the outside begging them for their vote, we could actually take our government back! Because, you know what? It doesn’t belong to the establishment incumbents – it belongs to we the people.”

Janet Folger Porter for Senate

Janet said that her campaign needs a lot of prayer, support, feet on the ground and, of course plenty of contributions. Early voting in the state begins in a few months and the election will take place March 15, 2016. But, despite the uphill battle, Janet remained optimistic about her chances of winning:

“Here’s my chances with God all things are possible.”

Pro-choice abortion clinic director pleads guilty to false bomb threat

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Former director of Tulsa’s Reproductive Services pleads guilty in false bomb threat By SHANNON MUCHMORE World Staff Writer
Published: 10/7/2010 12:47 PM

A former director of a Tulsa abortion clinic pleaded guilty Thursday to providing false information about a bomb at the facility.

Linda Meek, 63, former executive director of Reproductive Services, said she called in a false bomb threat in August.

U.S. Chief District Judge Claire Eagan accepted her plea and scheduled her sentencing for January. Meek remains free on bond.

She was charged Sept. 1 with providing false and misleading information about a package found in a trash can at the clinic, at 6136 E. 32nd Place, on Aug. 13.

Meek waived her right to have the case presented to a federal grand jury Sept. 9 and on Thursday waived her right to a jury trial.

Meek, who is no longer employed at the clinic, told the court on Thursday that she bought an egg timer at a department store on Aug. 13, set it so that it would start ticking and put it in her trash can. She then called the police and reported a bomb.

Reports at the time said Reproductive Services was evacuated after an employee supposedly noticed a box in a trash can that she reportedly did not recognize to be trash from the clinic.

Officials treated the threat seriously, and the clinic and a building next door were evacuated.

Meek’s attorney, Allen Smallwood, said last month that “nobody was ever in danger,” although he acknowledged that the situation might have created some tension.

Meek has never given a reason for falsely reporting a bomb.

She was charged with providing false and misleading information that indicated activity was taking place that, if true, would have violated a section of the U.S. Code that makes it a crime to willfully make a threat with an explosive device.

Read more from this Tulsa World article at

Pro-choice abortion clinic director faked bomb scare to malign pro-lifers

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An abortion clinic director and former Member of the THE OKLAHOMA RELIGIOUS COALITION FOR REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE has been charged with calling in a false bomb scare to police.

The former director of Tulsa Reproductive Services has been charged in connection with a bomb scare at the clinic in August.

Linda Meeks was charged in US District Court on Wednesday with “Willfully Making a Threat With an Explosive Device.”

According to the filing, Meeks “did intentionally convey false and misleading information that a bomb had been placed in the trash can of her place of employment, under circumstance where such information may reasonably be believed…”

Reports that the employee heard a ticking sound coming from the box before she called police were unconfirmed, Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley said at the time.

“She told us that the box in the trash can didn’t look like trash the clinic usually throws away in that trash can,” he said then.

A Tulsa Police Department bomb technician examined the package, but there was no explosive device inside the box.

Meek could face a maximum of five years in prison if convicted of the charge. This document posted on facebook shows that Meek was associated with the THE OKLAHOMA RELIGIOUS COALITION FOR REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE

According to the Reproductive Services web site, Linda Meek is still the center’s executive administrator. However, the center says Meek’s employment with Reproductive Services a National Abortion Federation abortion clinic, ended on August 17th. The center says it can’t comment any further because it’s a personnel issue.

Ex-leader of abortion clinic charged in bomb scare
Posted: September 4, 2010 – 12:17am

The former director of an Oklahoma abortion clinic has been charged with making false or misleading statements after telling police she’d found a bomb at the facility, according to federal court documents.

Investigators said Linda Meek reported on Aug. 13 that a bomb had been placed in a trash can at Reproductive Services of Tulsa, according to documents filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Tulsa. The clinic, which was bombed twice in 1997, and an adjacent building were evacuated, but a bomb technician determined that a suspicious box in the trash can was not an explosive.

Meek, who left her position with the clinic after the incident, is charged with conveying false or misleading information, according to the documents. Meek, 63, is scheduled to make an initial court appearance in federal court on Thursday. She faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

Some pro-life advocates said they believe Meek may have been trying to mislead authorities and the media, to portray abortion opponents as violent fanatics who will stop at nothing to end the practice.

Republican state Rep. Mike Ritze, who supports pro-life legislation, said the bomb scare is part of a growing trend among abortion activists to represent opponents as violent and dangerous in order to divert public scrutiny from themselves.

“Either she did it maliciously to harm the opposition or is trying to draw attention away from the abortion industry,” said Ritze, a family practice physician in Broken Arrow.

Tony Lauinger, chairman of Oklahomans for Life and vice president of the National Right to Life Committee, said “there was an apparent rush to judgment” that pro-life proponents were behind the incident.

Planned Parenthood of Oklahoma City chief executive Anita Fream said she did not have enough facts on the bomb scare, but said it isn’t the policy of abortion rights activists to make pro-life advocates appear violent or dangerous.

UPDATE: A December 22,2010 article in Tulsa World said that pressure in Meek’s professional and personal life led the former executive director of Reproductive Services of Tulsa to falsify information about the supposed threat to the clinic in August “as a plea for help,” according to documents filed in federal court.

Linda Sue Meek is awaiting a Jan. 7 sentencing hearing before U.S. Chief District Judge Claire Eagan. Meek could face as much as five years in prison; however, the defense on asked Eagan to impose probation or at least “minimally confining house arrest.”

Meek, 63, pleaded guilty Oct. 7 to a charge filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Sept. 1. Meek was charged with intentionally providing “false and misleading information” that a bomb had been placed in a trash can at Reproductive Services, which provides abortions among its services.

Meek’s attorney, Allen Smallwood, wrote in his sentencing memorandum that Meek “found herself at a unique intersection in her life in which work stress. An attached evaluation conducted by licensed psychologist Curtis Grundy states that by December 2009 Meek was feeling pressure because of the responsibilities attached to grant writing as well as “limited resources, occasional protestors and the controversial nature of the work.”

By February 2010 the report says Meek felt unbearable stress, which prompted her to write herself “threatening letters.”

In regard to the incident at the heart of the criminal case, Grundy’s report says Meek purchased an egg timer, placed it in a lunch bag and then put it in her trash can at work. She alerted security and told “everyone to go out of the building,” according to the evaluation filed with the court.

According to the report, Meek submitted the false information in order to receive help from her supervisors and corporate office without appearing ineffective or incompetent.