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Former Planned Parenthood Board Member loses bid for Supreme Court in Washington

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Johnson re-elected to Supreme Court
by Jack Broom

One-term incumbent state Supreme Court Justice James Johnson convincingly won re-election, defeating his challenger, Tacoma attorney Stan Rumbaugh, in a race decided in this primary election.

With 51 percent of state precincts reporting, Johnson led 62 percent to 38 percent, according to The Associated Press.

The mood was giddy at Johnson’s Olympia home. Johnson campaign aide Alex Hays said, “Experience prevailed.”

For the nonpartisan post, Johnson, regarded as the court’s most conservative member, faced an opponent from the opposite end of the political spectrum. Rumbaugh has been a Planned Parenthood board member and a frequent donor to Democratic causes.

Because there were only two candidates in the primary, the one who receives more than 50 percent will be the only name on the November ballot.
Johnson was endorsed by nearly all the state’s newspapers, based primarily on his experience. He spent 20 years in the state Attorney General’s office. On the high court, Johnson heard more than 700 cases and authored 140 opinions.

Rumbaugh has tried only two cases before the Washington Supreme Court. A coalition of labor and progressive groups poured more than $250,000 into the campaign to defeat Johnson.


Stan Rumbaugh never mentioned his affiliation with Planned Parenthood is his election video- was he ashamed?

“Voting for Judges” stated that Stan was a recent Board member, Planned Parenthood Washington- Here

Stan on the Issues

The race for Supreme Court position 1 could not offer a more stark contrast for voters. Stan Rumbaugh has spent a career fighting for individuals, the rule of law and the welfare of his community. Jim Johnson, however, has devoted his life to promoting the interests of powerful special interests.

Before taking a seat on the bench, Johnson worked as an attorney for powerful developers, corporations, and property interests undermining the things Washingtonians value most: our natural resources, freedom of speech, public schools, and responsive government. For decades he was an effective champion of the powerful few against the interests and rights of the broader good. Unfortunately, after these same special interests bankrolled a seven-figure campaign effort, he has continued his efforts from a more powerful position.

In case after case, Johnson has sided with his lifelong benefactors. Even when it means going against the Court or bending over backwards to bring in arguments outside the case at hand. His judicial activism is so outrageous he has prompted rebukes from both the Legislature and editorial boards across the state.

Whether attempting to import the same federal standards that caused the global recession rather than enforcing Washington’s strong consumer protection laws, arguing that against protecting our salmon fisheries, or advocating for children’s rights to carry concealed weapons, Johnson has shown himself to be an opponent of Washington families.

Stan Rumbaugh, on the other hand, has spent his legal career protecting health care benefits for injured workers, legitimate property rights, equal benefits for domestic partners, and accountability against abuse by powerful corporations and government at all levels of the legal system. He has a broad history of public service, serving on the Board of Bates Technical College, Planned Parenthood, the Tacoma Housing Authority, World Affairs Council, and his kids’ schools.

Washington deserves a Supreme Court that will serve the people as well as the laws and Constitution that protect them. Stan’s experiences have taught him that the independence of our legal system is the best shield citizens have to protect their rights.

Stan donated to Planned Parenthood – here

Planned Parenthood kills more babies from abortion than any other abortion clinic- they are target blacks for abortions as defined in this documentary on eugenics : Maafa21