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Bloomberg Business Week calls Eugenic founded pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood employee, ‘typical of America’s Generation Y’

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Please read the article below by Bloomberg and ask yourself- “Of all the companies Bloombreg could go to, why did they choose to interview a Planned Parenthood employee? Is this not legitimizing child killing and eugenics”

Bloomberg couldn’t find any more reputable person to highlight in a story on retirement?

Not only is this “employee” a worker for the nation’s top and most profitable abortion clinic: Planned Parenthood, Constance DeCherney is chair of the board of the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF). Which advocates for abortion on demand and tax funded abortions ! VERY NICE !

Here is the article – what do you think?

Retirement: Gen Y’s Empty Piggy Bank
As fund managers try to woo younger workers, why are few paying attention? They’re overwhelmed by big debts and high unemployment
By Mark Scott

Baby boomers fretting over their pensions should spare a thought for Constance DeCherney. Like many of her generation, the 27-year-old Web strategist at Planned Parenthood in New York has done little to prepare for retirement. While she became eligible for a 401(k) in 2005, DeCherney only began putting money into it last year. She now contributes 3 percent of her pay, though that’s just half of what Planned Parenthood will match, and DeCherney doesn’t know how the investments are performing. “Just the idea of [saving for retirement] feels overwhelming,” she says. “My fear of doing something wrong, or not doing enough, sort of paralyzes me.”

DeCherney is typical of America’s so-called Generation Y, the twentysomethings who have entered the workforce in the past 10 years. Read Rest ( AND PLEASE comment here)

(Scott is a correspondent in Bloomberg Businessweek’s London bureau. With Suzanne Woolley, Chris Prentice, Moira Herbst, and Matt Robinson.)

Hey Bloomberg– it is nice that this Planned Parenthood employee has a 401K unlike many Americans whose Tax dollars go to fund Planned Parenthood to the tune of 1 million dollars a day. How wonderful you could highlight that workers of Planned Parenthood get treated so well, on the blood of babies and with their history of racist eugenics ! Hey Bloomberg- why not interview the KKK next to inquire how they will be able to financially retire? Huh?

In case you did not know this- Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood was part of the racist Eugenics Society. In fact, she gave a racist speech to the KLAN so moving that she received a dozen more invitations to speak with the KKK. Planned Parenthood kills unborn children for hire and they place their abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods in alliance with their very eugenic foundations ( Watch Maafa21 )