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Pastor Stephen Broden, President Carter’s Race Card Play is a Red Herring

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The injection of race into the debate surrounding the President’s healthcare plan is a red herring. It only serves to deflect from the real life concerns connected with his health care proposal. After the name calling and the racist pejorative used to quiet opposition, it is still apparent at the end of the day abortion, rationing and end of life counseling in this health care plan is unacceptable and dangerous for all Americans, white, black, brown or otherwise,” said Pastor Stephen Broden, Senior Pastor Fair Park Bible Fellowship and spokesperson for the Black Pro-life Movement, and for the documentary at

It is sad to be reminded that people in power or who have served powerfully are refusing to be educated regarding the issues of Black Genocide or are seemingly seeking to “dumb down” the community’s knowledge of the abortion industries “target audience” since its inception. What is even harder to digest is the blatant disregard for truth by politicians who instill plantation politics to disarm the Black Community. Be the first to yell “RACIST” and the Black Community will follow you. Such is non-sense! The Black Community is smarter than that,” said Pastor Dion Jackson, Senior Pastor of Chosen Vessels Christian Church, a leading Faith-Based Church Organization in Alameda, CA.

Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., responded today to charges by former President Jimmy Carter and others that opposition to the health care plan backed by President Obama is racist in nature.

Congressman Joe Wilson was disrespectful and he committed a breach of ethics by yelling out during President Obama’s speech. He apologized. The race card rebuttal is a smokescreen to deflect our attention from the issues at hand. We all know how to push the emotional hot buttons, and we know where many of the bodies are buried, including over 50 million aborted babies, one third of whom are Black. Pro-choice politicians should check the facts about the racist eugenics genocidal practice of abortion before calling someone a racist,” said Dr. Alveda King, Priests for Life Director of African American Outreach and Founder of King for America, a Faith Based Social Justice organization.

Civil rights of all Americans, born and unborn is a possible dream. We have written President Obama and members of Congress to ask that they “Define the Dream for America’s Health Care Agenda” by serving women, babies, and the sick and elderly. This is why we are asking the Justice Department to investigate the racist practices of Planned in their study on discrimination in America.”

Members of the Black Prolife Movement will be in Washington, DC next week to address the health care concerns of the African American Community, and to follow up on an open letter they wrote to President Obama in August addressing health care questions.

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