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African American Democratic candidate Johnny DuPree supports Personhood for unborn children

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Both Mississippi gubernatorial candidates agree: Amendment 26 is not a Red / Blue issue or a right / left issue – it is a Life and Death issue.

Republican candidate Phil Bryant is co-chairman of the campaign, and he powerfully restates why he is voting “Yes” on 26.

Democratic candidate Johnny DuPree also supports the amendment, and shares his own personal reasons why he will be voting “Yes” on 26. Then DuPree adds, “I’m voting on the question based on what’s on what was asked in the initiative. That initiative says, ‘Where do you believe life begins?’. I believe life begins at conception.”

Thanks to both men for refusing to allow Planned Parenthood and the ACLU distract them from what’s at stake here. On November 8th, Mississippians of all political persuasions will cast their votes for life! Vote “Yes!” on 26!

If you share Mr. DuPree’s conviction as well as the “concerns” he mentioned, please get the facts about Amendment 26 here:
Wake up and see how racist abortion really is: Watch Maafa21