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RACIST pro-abortionists to black baby “KILL THE SHRIMP” , vandalize pro-life billboard

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Just another example of the RACISM of abortion- even the promotion of FATHERHOOD with the image of a BLACK MAN enrages the pro-choice/ pro-abortion supporters.

Pro-choice activists in Bernal Heights vandalized a pro-life billboard highlighting Fatherhood twice. Abortion activists defaced the billboard showing a man lovingly holding a newborn baby by changing the words “A Father’s Joy – Pro-life Across America” to “A Mother’s Choice – Pro-VAGINA Across America.” After CBS outdoors replaced the vandalized sign, the pro-choice activists returned and painted over the image of the newborn baby with the hateful words: “Kill the Shrimp.”


Original Billboard:

First Time Vandalized:

2nd Time Vandalized

This insult to BLACK CHILDREN Comes on the heels of another incident only a few months ago where an abortion doctor asked: “Why don’t you adopt those ugly black babies?”

image from facebook

Abortionist Ashutosh Ron Virmani kills children at A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On July 26 pro-life activists paid a visit to Virmani’s home asking him to repent. The rant that followed was shocking, revealing at least in part what motivates Virmani: overt racism – culminating with his accusation, “Why don’t you adopt those ugly black babies?”

According to NEWSMEAT, this RACIST Abortion doctor is a HUGE democrat Contributor: