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Dem Candidate tweets: Fetus no more child than man’s sperm and Pro-Life = Pro-Stupidity

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Dickinson For Congress FB

Democrat Candidate Mike Dickinson, a “Progressive” Democratic candidate vying to win the Virginia congressional seat now held by Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, Tweets: ‘Pro-Life = Pro-Stupidity’ – ‘Abortion Haters Are All Basically Mentally Disabled’

Dickinson for Congress

CNS News has more here

Dickinson also vows to target the NRA and other conservative groups:

Dickinson NRA

Life News had this tweet where Dickinson says pro-lifers cannot reason because its all “Bible Thumping”

Dickinson Bible Thumping

And on the Dickinson for Congress Twitter Page, Mike Dickinson tweeted this:

Dickinson for Congress tweet God Abortion