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Bill Clinton stumps for Abortionist’s opponent

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January 19,2010

Democratic congressional hopeful Ted Deutch expects to raise more than $100,000 today when former President Bill Clinton drops by St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, (Florida) for a late-afternoon fund-raiser.

Deutch’s campaign says he has already raised more than $800,000 for his special election bid to replace former Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler.

Deutch and Ben Graber are competing in a Feb. 2 Democratic primary. The winner runs in an April 13 general election.

Deutch opponent: Benjamin Graber is a long time abortionist who ran two gynecological offices – One in Pompano and one in Coral Springs Florida – where he openly performed abortions. Graber has held several offices already , most notably a place in the Florida State House – where pro-lifers claim he used his “Title” to avoid prosecution when he failed to report suspected child abuse of a few young children he aborted (Story Below)

In 1988 South Florida abortionist Benjamin Graber, examined a 10-year-old girl whose father brought her in pregnant.

Graber performed an abortion on the child and returned her to the father who was later accused of raping her.

Despite mandatory reporting laws in the state of Florida, Graber did not inform the state of the possibility of incest at the time of the abortion, according to news reports.

Officials were never notified of the suspicion of abuse by Graber but found out only when hospital ER physicians examined the sister of the 10-year-old that Graber aborted who was taken to the emergency room for medical care.

By the time child protective services reached the children ( ages: 12,10,8 and 7 ) news reports indicated that the father had allegedly molested most of them.

This was two-years after the father brought the pregnant 10-year-old to Graber, for the abortion.
Joanne Richter, executive director of the Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Center stated to the press that Graber should have been aware of the possibility of sexual abuse and called authorities.

Graber never faced any charges for failing to report the sexual abuse of this child. Some believe that his connections as a Florida State House Representative at the time played a role in the decision to not prosecute.

Years later, when abortionist Benjamin Graber decided to close one of his Graber Gynecological Affiliates medical offices in Pompano Beach, Florida where he performed abortions, he sought out another doctor to sub-lease the office, because he was still under a lease contract with the owners.

Graber arranged to sublease the office to another abortionist by the name of Vladimar Rosenthal who owned the Today’s Women’s Medical Centers (abortion clinics) in South Florida.

The Miami Herald had earlier reported that several former employees of Rosenthal went to the Herald complaining that that the conditions at Rosenthal’s clinics were not good for patients. The employees showed the paper records that Rosenthal was paying them commission to sell anesthesia at the door. The state inspected Rosenthal’s abortion clinic and found several obscene pictures of unconscience women with their legs apart belonging to Rosenthal’s male nurse.

Employees said they were fired when Rosenthal was told that they had complained about the conditions at the clinic to the National Abortion Federation.

Despite the fact that the above allegations were reported in South Florida newspapers, and on record with the State Department of Professional Regulations, Graber chose Rosenthal to sublease his office. In a letter explaining to the owner of the building why Graber chose to sublease the facility to Rosenthal, Graber described Rosenthal as, “an excellent tenant who has been successfully in practice for a number of years.”

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Here– Ben Graber brags on his GraberForCongress website of his pro-abortion stand.

Click to read Ben Graber bragging about his pro-abortion stand on THe Daily Kos – here

AD Below: Vote for Ben Graber and he will make sure his pocket is padded with Tax Payer Dollars that will go to fund abortions – No personal profit motive here since Graber is an ABORTIONIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is important to note that Ben Graber “claims” he supports women’s rights to abortion – but former abortion clinic owner Joyce Tarnow may differ with Graber on that. Graber bailed on Tarnow years ago – leaving her to hold the bag on a lawsuit: ( You may want to read Joyce Tarnow’s Views on Haiti later by clicking here)

This article from the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel explains the rift between Tarnow and Graber from years ago:

Clinic Owner Says Graber Not Paying His Share Of Fees
May 09, 1993|By Buddy Nevins
Is State Rep. Ben Graber putting money before women?

He is stiffing us. He is shafting us,“ said Joyce Tarnow, the owner of the Women`s Clinic in Oakland Park, where abortions are given.

It is revolutionary for Tarnow to throw darts at Graber, the pro-choice champion of the Broward legislative delegation and a physician who operates abortion clinics.

But that`s what happens when money is involved.

Graber`s clinic, Tarnow`s clinic and the Broward chapter of the National Organization for Women all were ordered to pay the attorney`s fees for the anti-abortion Moral Majority last month.

Broward Circuit Judge Arthur Birkin decided that the three had frivolously sued the Moral Majority and ordered them to fork over $22,138. If one doesn`t pay, the others must pick up the slack.

That`s where Graber comes in … or ducks out. He doesn`t want to pay and has attempted to shield himself through a corporation that is now defunct, according to Tarnow.

Graber, D-Coral Springs, did not return three calls for comment.

Here is a doctor who claims he is the friend of the pro-choice movement who is dumping on us. We can hardly afford to stay open, much less pay his share,“ Tarnow said.

Tarnow said the debt, which continues to increase as the Moral Majority attorney files motions to collect it, could drive her clinic out of business.

Broward NOW, which has an annual budget of about $12,000 , has already said it faces bankruptcy because of the award.