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Eugenics and Arthur R. Jensen on Negro IQ

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The birth control pill was introduced at a time when scientists such as Arthur Jensen and William Shockley were promoting genetic explanations of racial differences in intelligence-test scores. During the 1960s and 1970s, thousands of poor black women were coercively sterilized under federally funded programs. Women were threatened with termination of welfare benefits or denial of medical care if they didn’t “consent” to the procedure. Southern blacks claimed that black women were routinely sterilized without their consent and for no valid medical reason—a practice so widespread it was called a “Mississippi appendectomy.” Teaching hospitals in the North also performed unnecessary hysterectomies on poor black women as practice for their medical residents. During this period, state legislators considered a rash of punitive sterilization bills aimed at the growing number of blacks receiving public assistance. .. Black concerns about family planning had arisen decades earlier during Margaret Sanger’s crusade for birth control. As Sanger allied herself with the burgeoning eugenics movement, the call for birth control veered away from its radical, feminist origins to include programs to regulate the poor, immigrants and blacks, based on theories of genetic inferiority and social degeneracy. Some blacks of the period, including the nationalist leader Marcus Garvey, opposed birth control as a form of “race suicide.” ( SOURCE: Alan Guttmacher, Family Planning Perspectives, Volume 32, Number 2, March/April 2000 :Forum: Black Women and the Pill, By Dorothy Roberts )

New York Times, 3/30/1969″Psychologist Arouses Storm by Linking I.Q. to Heredity”

Dr. Arthur R. Jensen of the University of California at Berkley.

“As long as people assume there are no differences between races,then we are not going to understand them and give children the education they need.”

“Negroes tend to average 15 I.Q. points below whites on just abut every intelligence test…American Indians, generally considered to be more disadvantaged than Negroes, consistently score higher than Negroes.”

“It is not an unreasonable hypothesis that genetic factors are strongly implicated in the average Negro-White intelligence difference…Educators would probably do well to concern themselves with teaching basic skills directly than with attempting to boost over-all cognitive development.”

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