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Dallas brewery location for abortion beer “celebration”

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A Dallas-based brewery is the location for an abortion celebration on January 22, 2015.

The date marks the 42nd anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion on demand in the US.

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NARAL Pro-choice America has announced their Roe v Wade abortion “celebration” to take place at the Dallas Community Beer Company.

An event on the abortion lobby groups Facebook page reads, “Our World is Changing!

“On January 22, 2015 we will explore where we were 42 years ago when Roe v Wade became law, to where we are today with states eroding our reproductive and women’s health access.

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“Join us for the whole event or just part of it to Commemorate, Educate, Encourage and Inspire at:

Community Beer Company
1530 Inspiration Dr, Dallas, TX 75207

“Doors will open at 6 p.m. with Happy Hour and Networking. From 7 – 7:30 there will be some brief presentations and a short video. At 7:30 we go back to Happy Hour and Networking followed by some awesome entertainment until 10 p.m. (to be announced).

“If you’d like to RSVP with us, you can click join on this event and then go to our website:

NARAY prochoice TX roe 2015

According to the most recent stats on abortions in the Lone Star state, 73,200 women obtained abortions in 2011 according to Guttmacher.

Stats published December 2013 ( which will most likely update/Change soon) by the Texas Department of State Health Services a total of 77,592 induced abortions were reported in Texas for 2010, the most current stats published by the state.

Despite the complete disregard for human life this Dallas business is allowing an abortion celebration to occur.

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Ironiacally, the Brewery is run by family man, Jamie Fulton whose bio said he graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, other members of the team include: Aric Hulsey, Mike DeMarco, Corey Dickinson, Kevin Carr.

Sadly, more abortion “celebrations” are planned nationwide which include, wine, music, tacos, beer and chili for choice, inside a church. Read about that here.