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Drone captures haunting images over Auschwitz

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January 27, 2015 we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp run by the Nazi’s in Germany: Auschwitz

Auschwitz courtyard

Auschwitz 3

Auschwitz 4

Auschwitz 5

Auschwitz 6


In response, Michael Savage on his daily radio show asks Where are the righteous Jews who are not speaking out against the persecution of Christians from ISIS or ISIL today? The “never again” is happening again today !

Savage mentions the HBO documentary Night Will Fall:

In addition – there is one more holocaust people are silent about- it is the holocaust of abortion on millions of unborn children in the womb!

Aborted Baby 6


Abortion like Nazi Holocaust is “Sin of the Innocent Bystander”

Hitler + the Church- what newspapers tells us + how history warns us today

In US Adolf #Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ surges in e-book sales

Eugenicists In California Trained Nazi Party – had ties to Planned Parenthood’s founder

Massenvernichtung: Planned Parenthood’s Holocaust: 6 million abortions and counting

To eliminate blacks f/Germany Hitler called #eugenicist w/role in Sanger’s Population conf.

BBC Pushing Eugenics Idea

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Pro Forced Sterilization (Eugenics) Debate On BBC Radio

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Pro Forced Sterilisation (Eugenics) Debate On B…, posted with vodpod

Check out this film about 21st Century Eugenics called – Maafa21

British Professor promotes eugenically sterilizing the “unfit” on BBC

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BBC’s Edward Stourton chairs a live debate in which Professor David Marsland defends his view that the mentally and morally unfit should be sterilized.

Professor David Marsland is Emeritus Scholar of Sociology and Health Sciences at Brunel University, London and Professorial Research Fellow in Sociology at the University of Buckingham.

He argues that the only way to prevent the abuse and neglect of children whose parents are incapable of looking after them is to stop them from being born in the first place. It should be open to police and social workers to recommend that drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally disabled should be irreversibly sterilised – and the courts should be able to enforce this. Challenging his views will be three expert witnesses including a senior social worker, a drugs charity lawyer and a moral philosopher.

BBC Discussion here

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pro Forced Sterilisation (Eugenics) Debate On B…, posted with vodpod

A good look at EUGENICS abuses is available in the documentary Maafa21
The film contains an emotional interview with the forced sterilization victim of the North Carolina Eugenics Society.