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Baby saved after pro-choice man grabs throat of anti-abortion activist

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Last week a pro-choice man grabbed the throat of an anti-abortion activist outside a local Planned Parenthood.

Clayton Strang pic off his Twitter page

Clayton Strang pic off his Twitter page

Clayton Strang, a member of the Seattle Abolitionist Society, which opposes abortion was preaching outside a Planned Parenthood when a truck pulled in carrying an abortion bound couple.

Strang is heard on video telling the couple that, “What happens inside this building is horrific and sin and its murder. And God is holy and He sent people to tell you that there is another way.”

As the man exists the truck, the anti-abortion activist tells him, “Sir, if you’re bringing her here for an abortion you gonna have blood on your hands.”

At that point the pro-abortion man approaches the preacher and wraps his hands on Strang’s throat, who responds, “Don’t touch me.”

Seattle PP Oct 2014 AHA

The man then unleashes a series of expletives saying, “F*** You!” over and over again !

Seattle PP man attacks Oct 2014 AHA

There is no indication that police were called or that a criminal report was made.


The good news is that the woman later told the protestors that she deiced to keep her baby!

Testimony from the protesters was posted on Facebook which described what took place after the couple came back out of the clinic, “Then the couple came out of the building and sat down on the bench and talked with each other as Katie and Joanna continued to try and reason with them to keep their baby. They told them that their baby is a gift from the Lord. Then the couple got in their car as the guy was still cursing at them. Then the girl opened up the car door and told Katie and Joanna that they are keeping their baby!!! PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!!”

Woman decides to keep baby after seeing ultrasound at abortion clinic

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A 20 year old pregnant woman, who is still in favor of abortion, documents her transformation from being abortion bound to choosing life for her unborn child.

In her video, “My Almost Abortion Story“, AutumnBabydolllxx says that she when she arrived at the abortion clinic, she was told by the abortion counselor that she could not have a baby because she could not take care of the child at the age of twenty.

The abortion clinic counselor was, “honestly,a bitch,” she states,”because she said something along the lines that like, because I’m 20 years old I can’t raise a baby., she pissed me off…”

After she was called for her abortion and changing into a robe she thought to herself, “Why am I doing this?”

Almost Ab SIbling Child

She says, “I could just picture holding my second child if I got rid of this one and thinking, well, your sibling isn’t here and….I just…I just couldn’t live with that feeling, thinking that, I’m going to regret this. So, I was like, this isn’t for me.”

She then says that she made her final decision after viewing an ultrasound, “And that’s where it really hit home. They obviously found the baby on the ultrasounds and I just couldn’t believe it.

She says that when she left the ultrasound room at the abortion clinic she returned to her boyfriend and told him she could not go through with it, “I just kept telling him, the baby’s really there, the baby’s really there.”

Of her decision to keep her child she states, “I don’t regret anything. I can’t help but not smile, because, I was so negative then and so scared and there is like nothing to be afraid of.”

The woman says that she still believes in abortion but says that it is a serious decision.

African American baby saved by pro-lifers outside the abortion clinic

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Richmond abortion bound mother who stopped to listen to pro-life sidewalk counselors, Denny Green and Mary Penner. LISTEN TO HER TESTIMONY

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African American baby saved by pro-lifers outs…, posted with vodpod

The abortion industry is TARGETING black babies – watch Maafa21