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Pro-choicer throws rocks – threatens Pro-life activists

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Pro-choicer picks up a rock

Pro-choicer picks up a rock


Yesterday, pro-lifers outside the All Women’s Health Center abortion clinic in Central Florida say they were threatened by pro-choicers. A Boyfriend at the clinic threatened to pummel them with a rock while another person did throw the rock.

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According to Michele Herzog, a spokesperson for the pro-life group, “Today was the day of rocks at the AWHC abortion mill! From an abortion bound dad telling sidewalk counselor Barbara that he was going to throw a rock at her (until his girlfriend stopped him), to an irate abortion bound young woman threatening us and her friend picking up a rock and violently getting ready to throw it at us until we started calling for Melvin the security guard! God was watching out over us, but wow, was there a spiritual battle going on down at this killing center today!!!”

Pro-choice moves closer to pro-lifers with rock in hand

Pro-choice moves closer to pro-lifers with rock in hand

The group posted this on YouTube, “This morning [ May 20, 2014] started out with a couple that stormed into the mill, with the abortion bound dad coming out a bit later heading straight for the sidewalk counselor, he came out to tell her that he had picked up a rock on the way in and was going to throw it at her and the others, but his girlfriend made him stop….he then asked for one of the brochures and went back in. Later, a friend of an abortion bound woman who had just threatened us, picked up a rock, was yelling at us and was getting ready to throw the rock hard when we called for the security guard, she then threw it at us, but not as hard. Today was the day of the rocks!”

The group says the woman picked up the rock, walked over to them, and then stepped back and threw the rock. She then returned inside.

Pro-choice woman hurls rock at pro-lifers

Pro-choice woman hurls rock at pro-lifers

2012 Ambulance at All Women’s Health Center abortion clinic

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All Women’s Health Center abortion clinic – Florida
Botched IUD

Florida abortion clinic calls ambulance

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Pro-lifers outside the All Women’s Health Center in Altamonte Springs report that on November 14,2012 an ambulance arrived to the Florida abortion clinic:

Pro-life counselor Michele Herzog stated, “While we were at AWHC this morning, November 14, an ambulance and a fire truck drove down the street and ended up at the AWHC abortuary. As you can see a young lady was transported to the hospital.”

Herzog continues, “The medical assistant is holding up a sheet so we wouldn’t see the girl on the stretcher, with Melvin guarding the scene.
The young lady is being taken out the back door. We pray for this young lady that was taken to the hospital and we also pray for this medical assistant looking at us. She knows the truth about what abortion really is and she knows that it is not safe either.”

in 2009, Agency for Health Care Administration found several deficiencies at the abortion clinic ( Report here)

Other All Women’s Locations have also had deficiencies sited during abortion clinic inspections:



Abortionist Gary A Dresden is listed as the doctor and Officer for the clinic ( Here )

According to the Florida Medical Board, Dr. Gary Dresden has a complaint on file ( here ) Case #61535 Suspension-Other Penalty Imposed

Gary Dresden is originally from Long Beach, New York. He attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada and Medical School in Bologna, Italy. He moved to St. Petersburg Florida for his residency and practiced OBGYN in St. Petersburg, Fl with Dresden, Ticktin, Klein and Sibley MD PA. He currently owns and operates several abortion clinics in Florida and New York.

Dresden once stated, “Like most everybody, I want to be loved, listened to and heard. But I also want to be remembered, without my ideas and deeds being lost in the swirling winds of time. As an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, I have been proud of my contribution, the difficult deliveries, the difficult surgeries, and concomitantly, the lives that I’ve touched and saved. But the clarity of these actions fade with the years and the feelings go unremembered, lost forever in the bottomless wastebasket of forgotten memories.”

Read about one of Dresden’s abortionists Here: Abortionist arrested for firearms violations,drugs, and history of abuses has died

More on Dresden here