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Australian gov detains pro-life leader on false charges of violence #FreeTroyNewman

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FRIDAY UPDATE from Operation Rescue: The Australian High Court has ruled that the Ministry of Immigration was justified in withdrawing Troy Newman’s visa and has ordered him deported. Newman will also have to pay court costs.

Newman had appealed the decision to cancel his visa, which was down while he was enroute and without proper notification sought to enjoin the government from deporting him. (MORE)


According to a video uploaded by Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman he has been detained due to a canceled visa from the Australian government.

Newman, was on his way to speak to a pro-life group and said he had no indication that his visa has been revoked until he was on route.


As many of you know I’m scheduled to speak in a national tour with Right to Life Australia from the 1st to the 10th of Oct. But the Australian government revoked my visa at the last minute. The revocation was based on a pile of lies, including the idea that I promote violence. My 25 year history of peaceful, prayerful action speaks for itself,” Newman wrote on his Facebook page.

Troy Newman Australia

At one point in his travel between Denver and Los Angeles, airport security notified Newman that his visa had been revoked.

“I was pulled off a plane in Denver and told I could not travel to Los Angeles. And then on to Melbourne Australia. I am scheduled to speak on Friday at Right to Life of Australia’s main convention in Melbourne,
” Newman reported on his Facebook page!

“It is clear that the pro-abortion crowd does not want anyone to hear the truth about Planned Parenthood’s illegal actions. Please pray for me I’m stuck in Denver airport like a man without a country. Please share this video [below] and make it go viral.”

Newman eventually made his way to Melbourne but was detained at the airport and is being held there by security.

“Through a chain of events the Lord has allowed me to get on a plane in spite of many objections by the airlines and Australia,” Newman said.

Terri Butler

According to media reports, Labor member of the Australian Parliament Terri Butler, a pro-choice politician was behind the effort to stop Newman from entering Australia.

The New York Times reported that Butler, wrote to Peter Dutton, the minister for Immigration and Border Protection, saying she was concerned that Newman could inspire “the harassment and intimidation of women accessing reproductive services and professionals offering those services at medical clinics” or even “threats or the commission of acts of violence.”

Terri Butler prochoice abortion Troy Newman Twitter

Newman is on the board of the Center for Medical Progress which has been accusing Planned Parenthood of the illegal selling of baby parts. The group caught several Planned Parenthood top executives admitting to the horrific operation on the babies the abortion business aborts.

Terri Butler prochoice Troy Newman Twitter

“It’s not because he’s anti-choice. It’s because he advocates executing doctors #sept28, ” Butler tweeted after Newman was detained.

Katrina Haller RTL Australia

Katrina Haller of Right to Life Australia said despite the claim Troy Newman has been accused of violence – he and their protests have always been peaceful.

Newman’s peaceful protests are well documented state side and there has never been a substantiated charge of violence against Newman to date.

The Guardian states that Newman’s lawyers, Clothier, Anderson and Associates, said that Newman has never incited violence.

Reporting the following:

troy newman

    Counsel for Newman said the federal government’s decision to prevent the speaker from coming to Australia was flawed because Newman has never incited violence.

    While Newman has been arrested for taking part in anti-abortion protests in the US, he has never been charged or advocated violence, the high court heard on Thursday evening.

    “The basis of the [visa] finding seems to rest solely on the adverse reaction to my client’s presence in Australia,” barrister Richard Knowles said. “There was no question at all that that my client has ever advocated violence.

Tonight, Australian media reported that High Court Justice Geoffrey Nettle has adjourned the matter until Friday afternoon to give Mr Dutton time to consider the case overnight.

Troy Ne3wman stopped in Australia

They went on to report:

    Melissa Newman told ABC’s 7:30 that Australian authorities should free her husband, who is reportedly holed up in a cell in Melbourne Airport.

    I don’t know what they’re afraid of. I don’t know what they think he’s going to do here,” she said.

    “We just went to another airline and booked our tickets to LAX [Los Angeles International Airport]. When we got to LAX we had our boarding pass, already, because they issued it in Wichita from LAX to Melbourne,” Ms Newman said.

    They let us on the plane without any trouble at all.”

According to media reports, Newman arrived in Melbourne via United Airlines flight, which they say now faces a potential fine for carrying him.

As a result of the detainment, pro-life activists are using the hashtag #FreeTroyNewman to call for the Australian Government to let him go.

Free Troy Newman Australia 2Free Troy Newman Australia

In a late hour update from Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger, she asked pro-lifers to e-mail Australian minister Peter Dutton ( on Newman’s behalf.


    Troy has been prevented from communicating with his wife the entire time he has been there. He is now being held at a military facility with no communication –not even a phone call. He is being held like a prisoner without bail. He NEVER received official notice that his visa was cancelled, only hearsay from friends. And he was prevented from flying on his original flight from Denver to LA but a foreign government that should have no power in the US.

    “Please drop everything and do it now. I am trying to get a press release out now. We need public pressure.

    “They have dropped the “violence angle” and are planning to file new charges of illegal entry even though no one stopped him from getting on plane in LA.

    “Please share and let’s flood the minister with objections to Troy’s treatment and demands for his release.

    “Thank you!!!!!”

Troy Newman Praying

Late Thursday evening, Operation Rescue denounced the Australian Government’s poor treatment of Troy Newman writing in part:

    Newman was moved from the airport to a secondary facility on a military base where is his being held with criminals. Newman has been denied communication with his wife during his entire unjust detention.

    He was detained after his visa was cancelled without notice. He never received official notice of his visa cancellation, which was done to appease a pro-abortion Member of Parliament who lied about Troy advocating the killing of abortion providers to accomplish the cancellation and silence Newman’s peaceful pro-life message.

    Newman has never supported violence against abortion providers and statements from a book co-written by Newman have been taken out of context in order to twist the meaning to one that was never intended in the context of the book. Newman’s remarks were in the context of a theological study of a government’s ability to institute capital punishment, and was never in advocation of violent acts against anyone. What was never mentioned by Newman’s detractors was that the book also explained that in addition to judgement is mercy, and the ability to receive repentance, forgiveness, and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Baby Bonus for killing your unborn child?

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Brisbane 25 June 2013. What kind of society gives $5,000 lump sum payments to women after an abortion?

What kind of society pays out parental leave schemes to mums and dads who have willingly killed their child?

And, just for the record, I’m not talking about the early abortions here. I’m talking about late-term abortions, when limbs are formed, the heart is pumping, pain is present and the child is viable.

The answer to those questions is simple. Our society.


The above form from an Australian abortion clinic informs the mother that she may can receive the government funds after her abortion. READ MORE

Australian children to be sterilized without parental consent under new eugenics law

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Australian children to be sterilized without parental consent under new eugenics law
Thursday, March 08, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) If you have ever seen the famous 1975 movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you likely recall several disturbing scenes in which mental health patients are given frontal-lobe lobotomies, or the iconic scene where actor Jack Nicholson’s character undergoes electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Today, these horrific forms of so-called mental health treatment are considered to be cruel relics of the past, but a new bill in Australia proposes that young children be given these treatments without parental consent, and even be permitted to undergo sterilization procedures without parental consent.

The Government of Western Australia’s Mental Health Commission (WAMHC) has basically conjured up a proposal for new mental health legislation that bypasses parental involvement in the mental health treatment process, and instead tasks children under age 18, and of any age, with making the decision about whether or not to be sterilized, or whether or not to have their brain tissue destroyed with psychosurgery procedures. If a “mental health professional” can convince children that they need such treatments for their own good, in other words, than Australia’s youngest members of society will be open game for the eugenicist agenda.

It almost sounds like the plot of a sick movie, but it is all true and fully documented right in the WAMHC Mental Health Bill 2011, which you can access here:
Eugenicists want to sterilize Australian children without ever telling the kids’ parents
In the twisted minds of those who have seized positions of power all over the world, separating children from their parents and performing medical experiments on them in secret is a fully acceptable form of “medicine.” And this form of child abuse is exactly what WAMHC has proposed in its new mental health bill.

Pages 135 and 136 of the bill (pages 157 and 158 of the PDF) cover the issue of sterilization, explaining that if a psychiatrist decides that a child under 18 years of age “has sufficient maturity,” he or she will be able to consent to sterilization without parental consent. It also goes on to say that parents will never be notified that the sterilization procedure occurred, as only the “Chief Psychiatrist” will be privy to this information.

It sounds an awful lot like the euthanasia programs that emerged in Germany during the 1930s, when Nazis began secretly sterilizing individuals with physical or mental disabilities as part of “Operation T4” ( This eugenics program was later intensified, of course, when German physicians at Nazi death camps routinely sterilized men, women, and children, and later killed them, as part of the Nazi regime’s utterly revolting ethnic cleansing experiments (
Medical ‘authorities’ want to arbitrarily commit children to mental institutions, indefinitely restrain them, and force them to undergo brain-damaging procedures
All of this gets worse, however, with other language scattered throughout the bill that would allow psychiatrists to involuntarily and indefinitely detain children who are “suspected” of having a mental illness. And during their detainment, such children can be forced to comply with drug, restraint, and seclusion protocols, as well as be forced to undergo permanently-damaging procedures like psychosurgery or ECT.

Worse, those who would be permitted to detain these children in the first place, deemed as “authorized mental health practitioners,” are so loosely defined that virtually anyone could be authorized by the Chief Psychiatrist to abduct supposedly “mentally ill” children and commit them to mental institutions against their will and their parents’ will.
Mental Health Commission is only accepting comments on the bill until March 9, 2012
The language in Australia’s Mental Health Bill 2011 truly is horrifying, but not necessarily surprising. Similar efforts to undermine parental authority are taking place both in the U.S. and around the world.

California Gov. Jerry Brown, for instance, recently signed into law Senate Assembly Bill 499, which allows for children as young as age 12 to be vaccinated with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil, Hepatitis B, and various other sexually-transmitted disease (STD) vaccines without parental consent (

But our friends “down under” need your help today in spreading the word about this deadly legislation, and sending comments of opposition to Australia’s Mental Health Commission as soon as possible.

You can send your comments by email to:

You can send your comments by “snail” mail to:
GPO Box X2299
Perth Business Centre, W.A. 6847

If you live in Australia, you can also contact the Mental Health Minister, the Health Minister, and your local Member of Parliament by visiting:

The deadline to submit a comment is March 9, so be sure to submit your comment before then. And remember, health freedom issues, whether domestic or abroad, eventually affect all of us if left unchecked. This is why it is important to combat tyranny and injustice anywhere and everywhere it may be found.

Sources for this article include:

Learn more:

Video : 2008 Australia apology for eugenics policies of the stolen Aborigines’ generation

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Sydney, Australia

Aborigines who were taken from their families as children in a policy of forced racial assimilation recived a historic apology from Australia’s new government.

Prime minister Kevin Rudd fulfilled an election campaign promise when he stood up in parliament in Canberra, the capital, and said sorry to the so-called Stolen Generation. The Labor leader said the apology would remove a “blight on the nation’s soul” and had the overwhelming support of Australians.

Supporters say it is of similar magnitude to America’s apology in 1988 for interning Japanese citizens during World War II.

About 13,000 people today identify themselves as either members of the Stolen Generation or relatives who were adversely affected by the long-standing policy. Based on the premise that “full-blood” Aborigines were a race headed for extinction, up to 100,000 mixed-race children were taken from their parents between 1910 and 1970. The children, some of them babies, were often snatched from sobbing mothers by policemen or government officials.

They were then placed in the care of white foster parents or sent to institutions to be raised as domestic servants for white families. Many encountered sexual abuse, neglect, and cruelty.

For Debra Hocking, Rudd’s words go a little way toward healing the terrible wounds of her past. A mixed-race Aborigine from Tasmania, she was removed from her parents as a baby, along with her four siblings. The children were split up, with Ms. Hocking sent to a foster home where she suffered years of abuse.

“I was 18 months old when I was taken away, and I didn’t meet my mum until I was 20. I grew up not even knowing her name – the authorities wouldn’t tell me,” she recalls. “Eventually I tracked her down but by then she was gravely ill. We met twice, but two weeks later she died.”

She says there was no evidence of neglect in her family. The policy “was bizarre, and very cruel,” she adds. “Perhaps it was a deliberate attempt to breed out the Aboriginal race, by splitting up families.”

The issue of compensation is also highly contentious. Some Aboriginal leaders have called for the setting up of a compensation fund of about $900 million or more, but the government has so far refused. Reconciliation Australia hopes the government will eventually accept the idea of payouts, as some Australian states have done. “These people were done a grave injustice. Compensation is considered to be part of any reparations process,” says Mr. Glanville.

Apologizing to Australia’s aborigines had been debated by parliament for years, rejected by the former Prime Minister, and was a part of recently elected PM Kevin Rudd’s campaign. Australia’s original inhabitants, Aborigines number about 450,000 among a population of 21 million, are the poorest ethnic group in Australia, most likely to be jailed, unemployed and illiterate, and have a life expectancy rate 17 years shorter than “non-indigenous Australians.” And the apology is for that whole “Stolen Generation” thing: removing 100,000 mixed blood Aboriginal children from their parents, between 1910 and 1969. This official policy, carried out by governmental agencies was based, of course, on great a combination of eugenics and the idea that the non-indigenous were doing the mixed children a favor, rescuing them from a “race” of inferior stock, so they could live better lives… in internment camps and orphanages.

According to author Diana Wyndham, who wrote: Eugenics in Australia: Striving for National Fitness, the origins of Eugenics in Australia emerged from two prevailing preoccupations of the late 19th century. The first was ‘racial suicide’, an essentially Australian concern which compared the small and slowly growing population of Australia with the rapidly expanding populations of increasingly powerful Asian countries to the north, and assumed that invasion would result unless the (European) population of the country was quickly augmented and the tropical north of the country settled. One of the first pieces of legislation passed by the Federal Parliament of the newly created Commonwealth of Australia in 1901 was the Immigration Restriction Act, more widely known as the White Australia Policy. Using a device borrowed from the South African Colony of Natal, the Act limited immigration to those who could pass a dictation test in any European language of the testing officer’s choice, which not surprisingly proved to be a major impediment for persons of non-European origin.

More conventionally, to boost the population size after the serious losses suffered by the Australian forces in World War I, in 1920-1921 the State Labor Government of New South Wales appointed a Minister for Motherhood, a Mr. J.J. McGirr who had established his credentials for the post as a father of nine children. Adult immigration from the U.K. also was encouraged by the British Empire Settlement Act of 1922, which simultaneously sought to populate Australia while reducing unemployment and urban overcrowding in the mother country.

The second major area of concern was ‘racial decay’, a more global theme pursued by many national Eugenic movements, which predicted an inevitable decline in the ‘national stock’ because of the lesser fertility of the more successful and worthy sections of society by comparison with those regarded as being feckless and of lesser capacity. This perspective was heightened by controversy surrounding the introduction of a £5 child birth bounty in 1912, albeit restricted to white mothers only, which was criticized in the Eugenics Review on the grounds that it might encourage ‘…the birth of mentally deficient and unemployable of pauper stock’. Perhaps as a result, in the subsequent 1928 Royal Commission on Child Endowment or Family Allowance it was stated that ‘..eugenic considerations…must be taken into account’. Allied to these concerns was a strain of Social Darwinism expressed through the problems resulting from ‘racial poisons’, i.e., venereal disease, TB, prostitution, alcoholism and criminality, with plans to be made for ‘…dealing with society’s racially contaminated unfit and misfit’.

Dr. Wyndham touches on the forcible removal of large numbers of part-Aboriginal children from their mothers, to be raised in Children’s Homes or by white foster-parents, a policy introduced on the grounds that the Aboriginal peoples were destined for extinction. This policy of assimilation, which was followed with especial vigour by A.O. Neville the Protector of Aborigines in Western Australia and continued until 1970.

In the United States – eugenics targeted minorities as well- Watch Maafa21 and learn more (clip below) :

Abortion doc accused of infecting female patients with Hepatitis C

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Here’s another “Happy” abortionist and their sickening attitudes toward women !

Abortion clinic doctor infected women with hep C
By Alison Caldwell
Apr 9, 2010

Fears of a public health threat are being hosed down by authorities in Victoria after the revelation a doctor has been suspended from practice because 12 of his female patients have contracted Hepatitis C.

The anesthetist has the disease and police and the Medical Practitioners Board are investigating how it was transmitted to the women.

The Department of Human Services says DNA tests have linked the strain of the virus found in the women to the strain the doctor has.

The doctor has not been named, but he was working at an abortion clinic in Melbourne between June 2008 and December 2009.

Critics say the public should have been notified about the possibility of infection far sooner.

Hepatitis C takes a long time to surface. It can cause fatal liver problems and is very hard to treat.

People with the infection can pass it on if their blood gets under the skin or into the bloodstream of another person, possibly through the use of a shared syringe.

In this instance the anaesthetist passed his Hepatitis C onto 12 women, many of whom were pregnant when they were infected with the disease between June 2008 and December last year.

At the time the anaesthetist was working at the Croydon Day Surgery in outer east Melbourne.

Health authorities do not know how it happened. They do not believe anyone else has been infected but they cannot guarantee it.

Victoria’s chief health officer, Dr John Carnie, says other people who visited the surgery are being tested.

“I mean I am pretty confident that if there were any other notified cases we would have picked them up. But for completeness sake we are going to call these other people back and get them tested as well,” he said.

Accident or deliberate?

Dr Carnie says he cannot explain how 12 people could be infected by accident.

“Accidents might involve say one or two patients, but we are dealing with a cluster of 12 patients. So at this stage there is nothing in the processes and procedures at this clinic that would enable me to explain how it happened,” he said.

He says investigations began in December when three people presented with Hepatitis C who had each been treated at the clinic over a six-month period.
Officers asked for all staff involved in surgical procedures to be tested.

“All of the staff at the time tested negative except for one of their medical practitioners who happened to be overseas at that time,” Dr Carnie said.

“So on that person’s return from overseas we arranged for that person to be tested – and this was at the beginning of February – and the results were clear, the person was Hepatitis C positive.

“We then asked the lab to conduct what are called sequencing studies. What it means is comparing the structure of a virus that you get from patients and comparing that structure with the virus that was obtained from the doctor concerned; similar to I guess doing a kind of fingerprint matching if you like.

“And the laboratory has found that there is a clear link from a structural point of view between the viruses of the three patients that we initially identified and that of the doctor.”
Notification criticism

There are concerns authorities took too long to notify the public about the possibility of infection.

National president of the Maternity Coalition, Lisa Metcalfe, says it has taken a long time for authorities to act and women are vulnerable.

“Where medical practitioners have been acting inappropriately and it has taken the Health Department some time – I mean 12 cases is a lot of women to be exposed to this kind of alleged abuse,” she said.

“It has taken a long time for them to actually act on it and to have effect, take effect and to do something about reining these medical practitioners in.”

In 2008 in the United States a district health authority in Nevada issued a public warning and called on people who had used a Las Vegas clinic over a four-year period to be tested for Hepatitis C and HIV.

The warning came after an investigation found the clinic had been responsible for unsafe anesthesia injection practices.

The Southern Nevada Health District identified six cases of Hepatitis C at the clinic, five of which stemmed from procedures on the same day involving anesthesia.

It said a syringe that was used to administer anesthetics to one patient may have contaminated the vial from which the anesthetics were drawn. Intended for single use only, the vial was subsequently reused.

The district advised 40,000 patients to contact their doctors and get tested for the disease.

Nothing like this happened in Victoria. Instead authorities went to the clinic and asked for a record of patients. Officials are gradually going through the list and contacting patients one by one.

Chief health officer Dr John Carnie says they did not want to alarm members of the public by issuing a warning in the first place back in February.

“We are in the process of starting to call people back, other people who may have had procedures at this clinic,” he said.

“We didn’t want them to be alarmed by a call from the department but we wanted them to be aware of the issue that we are dealing with, and that was the reason for making this public.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Abortion clinic patients infected wit…", posted with vodpod


Doctor a known drug user

THE anaesthetist under investigation for infecting at least 12 women with hepatitis C was a known drug user who previously had his medical registration restricted by health authorities.

The Medical Practitioner’s Board of Victoria became aware that Dr James Latham Peters had a drug problem in the years before he is alleged to have passed hepatitis C to women attending the Croydon Day Surgery, Victoria’s only late-term abortion clinic.

The medical board was so concerned for public safety it even placed Dr Peters on its health program for substance-abusing doctors and made him submit to drug tests for a year before it was convinced he was clean.

While he was being monitored the MPBV placed conditions on Dr Peters’ medical registration, limiting his access to certain drugs as well as other safeguards.

However, the conditions were lifted and any publicly accessible record of them was concealed to protect his privacy as soon he convinced the board he was reformed and the monitoring period ended.

The Herald Sun has learned the drug testing occurred within the past five years; however, privacy legislation prevents the MPBV from discussing the health history of any doctor.

Dr Peters’ licence was suspended on February 15 after the Department of Human Services found 12 female patients became infected with a strain of hepatitis C genetically the same as Dr Peters’ own infection.

All had attended the Croydon abortion clinic between August 2008 and August 2009.

When news of the hepatitis C scandal broke last week MPBV president Dr Robert Adler revealed only that Dr Peters had not been monitored for drug use at the time his medical registration was suspended, but would not reveal the doctor’s past.

Victoria Police is now investigating how the women came to be infected because health authorities have no explanation for how the virus could have been passed accidentally in so many cases.

The infections occurred at the Croydon Day Surgery – not the nearby Croydon Betta Health Medical Centre, which is not an abortion clinic, but which was included in a photograph appearing in Saturday’s Herald Sun.

In the past two days more than 700 former Croydon Day Surgery patients have called a Department of Human Services hotline worried that they could have been infected.

Anyone needing urgent contact with DHS about this issue can call 1300 365 677.

Eugenics comes to Australia

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Australia to appoint population minister; develop strategy
Sat Apr 3, 2010 9:34am IST

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia is to create a new government post of minister for population tasked of developing an official population strategy, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Saturday.

Tony Burke, currently minister for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, will add the new job to his current portfolio, Rudd said. The new strategy is expected to take 12 months to develop.

Recent estimates have suggested Australia’s population could grow by more than 50 percent to around 35 million in the coming decades, from its current level of around 22 million, fuelled largely by immigration.

This has prompted concerns about whether such an increase is sustainable in the world’s driest continent.
Rudd said the objective was to look at the challenges and opportunities population growth would bring, examine its likely trajectory, minimise the risks and consider what infrastructure would be needed.

“The strategy will also seek to address the challenges associated with population growth, including the impact on the environment, water, and urban congestion,” Rudd said.
An election is due later this year, but Rudd said he hoped development of a population strategy would continue whether the Labour government or conservative opposition won it.

World Governments gear up for the use of Biometrics

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The Australian Government has announced it will invest $69 million over the next four years to introduce biometric date checks for Australian Visa applications.
Biometric checks will be made to Australian visa applications being processed in 10 countries as part of a major strengthening of Australia’s border security.

Under the new biometric system, all people applying to Australian Immigration for a visa in any of the 10 designated countries will be required to lodge their application and submit fingerprints and facial images at a visa application centre.

Biometric information, which uses measurable biological characteristics to establish a unique identity for a person, will be recorded and cross-checked to confirm the true identity of visa applicants.

The biometric information will be able to be matched by the Australian Government with databases by Australia or any other participating international country, in a system that will be able to better identify terrorists, criminals and other people of concern.

Currently, Australia has biometric data-sharing agreements with the United Kingdom and Canada, and the United States and New Zealand will join the data-sharing arrangement this year.

The Australian program is being undertaken in collaboration with the UK Border Agency, which has a similar scheme already operating.

Read Rest Here: Biometric checks for Australian visa applications

Animetrics Inc., a face recognition biometric solution provider, has been granted patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patents entitled, “Facial Recognition System and Method”, “Generation of Image Database for Multifeatured Objects”, and “Viewpoint-Invariant Image Matching and Generation of 3D Models from 2D Imagery” are breakthrough technologies which are already revolutionizing the face biometric for use in security, surveillance, and computer vision.

“For the face biometric use in border control, in-the-field identification, and military operations our patents are ‘game changers’ and we have several more on the way”, said Paul Schuepp, President and CEO of Animetrics. “US government tests by DARPA and NIST have shown that the face biometric for matching in non studio conditions where the face is not controlled and its appearance is compromised by pose and illumination show unacceptable performance. These patents cover Animetrics 2D-3D Facengine™ which enable biometric matching of the face in more difficult conditions than ever before. This opens up a wealth of opportunities and applications for us and for the market.” described Dr. Michael Miller, Chairman and Founder.

The technology covered by the patents specifically provide methods for (i) generation of 3D models from arbitrary numbers of uncalibrated photographs at any orientation and scale, and (ii) generating databases from 3D models for use in biometric systems for training or for recognition, and (iii) face recognition systems based on normalization using 3D models.

Animetrics has been a leader in facial biometric technologies since 2003. It is known for its 2D-3D face creation and Animetrics90™ face recognition products. The company is in the process of implementing a facial surveillance system for US Army. The 2D-3D facial creation technology is also available in Animetrics Forensica™ product line which is now being used by US government intelligence community and forensics in law enforcement.

Rest – Here

The Dubai affair has had its eyebrow-raising moments, like the Twitter accident (since un-tweeted) and the latest trends in spy wear. But it’s also re-raising concerns about the possible next phase in smart identification: biometrics.

Intelligence agencies in false mustaches could soon be outsmarted by systems using biometric information to provide categorically positive IDs.

Phony IDs are used by the underage crowd to acquire beer as well as in the perpetration of scams, espionage and terrorism. Israel says it has about 350,000 fakes floating around, costing the country the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars. Financial scams are expensive; terrorism costs lives. A few years ago, Israeli authorities started pushing for smart, un-fake-able IDs with foolproof information — and also a national biometric database.

A group called NO2BIO campaigned against the biometric-database bill; among other actions, they mooned cameras outside the house of then-Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit in the wee hours, showing privacy goes both ways.

Israel’s low-tech population database is already on the Web. But leaked biometrics such as facial features could allow anyone with a grudge and software (and maybe a gun) to pick out Israelis — average Joes and high-ranking officials — from a crowd in an airport or downtown rush hour anywhere in the world. It’s universal jurisdiction on speed.

Read Rest – Here

Cogent will provide an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) of the UK National Fingerprint Collection along with all services to provide a nationwide mobile biometric identification system available to all police forces in the UK. Cogent will provide a Framework Catalogue and an online ordering system for police forces to purchase a variety of biometric capture devices to suit a broad range of policing needs. The contract proposals were evaluated on the basis of 10,000 mobile devices being deployed throughout the period of the contract, but the actual number may be more or less. In addition to the Mobile Identification AFIS and catalogue of Cogent and third party mobile devices, Cogent will provide services for device accreditation, device and user authentication, integration with existing mobile communications gateways, a Cogent national gateway and a full suite of service management provisions. The contract also includes options to expand the service for additional agencies and other capabilities.

Read Rest – Here

In an effort to renovate a subsidized child-care program overwrought with fraud called Wisconsin Shares, Mark Honadel, a Republican from South Milwaukee, has announced plans to circulate a bill that would require child daycare providers in the state to utilize a biometric system to check children in and out, according to a Security Info Watch article.

rest – here

The Bulgarian government has, as expected, approved on Wednesday a rise in the cost of new personal identity documents containing biometric data.

As of March 29, it is confirmed that new identity cards will cost BGN 18, a driving license fee will become BGN 25, and an international passport will be issued for BGN 40.

Read Rest – Here

DALLAS, Texas, Feb. 16 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Biometric Signature ID (“BSI” – announces that its CEO, Jeff Maynard, will be a featured speaker at the 2010 eLearning conference in Ft. Worth Texas. Mr. Maynard is scheduled to speak on Monday February 22, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. on “Biometric Signatures for Student ID Identity Authentication and Results of pilot with University of Maryland University College.”

Read Rest – Here

Homeland Security Program Benefits Stanislaus County

Law enforcement agencies in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties this week became the latest in California to benefit from an initiative developed by the Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security (DHS) that modernizes the process used to accurately identify and remove dangerous criminal aliens from the community.

The initiative, Secure Communities, is administered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Secure Communities enables ICE to determine whether an individual arrested by a participating state or local law enforcement agency is a dangerous criminal alien and take the appropriate action to remove the individual from the community.

The Secure Communities biometric identification technology is now accessible to the local law enforcement agencies in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties that use electronic booking machines. Formerly as part of the booking process, local arrestees’ fingerprints were taken and checked for criminal history information against the DOJ biometric system maintained by the FBI. With the implementation of Secure Communities, that fingerprint information will now be simultaneously checked against both the FBI criminal history records and the biometrics-based immigration records maintained by the DHS.

If any fingerprints match those of someone in DHS’s biometric system, the new automated process notifies ICE, enabling the agency to take appropriate action to ensure dangerous criminal aliens are not released back into communities. Top priority is given to individuals who pose the greatest threat to public safety, such as those with prior convictions for major drug offenses, murder, rape, robbery, and kidnapping.

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Biometric technology has been a mainstay of spy thriller for decades, but until recently, it has been a pretty alien technology in the real world.

In the past few years, however, this technology has become popular in police stations, high-security buildings, financial institutions and even homes/offices.

In Uganda, according to Mr Andrew Mukiri, a sales and marketing manager Security Group, many security companies have realised the value of biometric technology and are readily replacing proximity technology with it.

“Unlike proximity technology, biometric technology is full proof. The person has to be there physically for it to operate,” he says.
Biometric is the most secure and convenient authentication tool. It cannot be borrowed, stolen, or forgotten and forging one is practically impossible because biometrics measure a person’s unique physical or behavioural characteristics to recognise or authenticate their identity including; fingerprints, hand or palm geometry, retina, iris, and facial characteristics, signature, voice, keystroke pattern and gait.
Though there are many types of biometrics technology, Mr Mukiri says it is only the finger print reader that is available in Uganda and the region at large.

“We are going step by step because people need to understand the available technology before you introduce any other,” he says.

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