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AP calls abortion doc accused of murdering born and unborn children as well as patient “Elegant”

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Only in a Pro-abortion Media World can the killer of both born and unborn children as well as an abortion patient be described as “Elegant.”

As Newsbusters, Tom Blumer, asks,” Has anyone ever seen a defendant in a murder trial described as “elegant” in a report describing his or her appearance during a trial?”

Life Dynamics
found this AP story still up at the Huffington Post.

Gosnell Elegant

The AP Story is still up at the Huffington Post here :

Gosnell Sreene Elegant Huff

Gosnell, an elegant man who appears serene in court, smiled softly as he listened to testimony last week, even that of a young woman who said she was hospitalized for two weeks after a 2009 abortion.

… A neonatologist testified that his gestational age appeared to be about 27 to 30 weeks. But defense lawyer Jack McMahon pointed out the margin of error for prenatal testing is nearly two weeks.

The legal limit for abortions is 24 weeks in Pennsylvania, where that teen mother delivered, and 20 weeks in Delaware, where she was given drugs to start the abortion process.

It was removed from the AP website after linked to it asking, “Maryclaire Dale really ought to let us know why she considers Gosnell “elegant.” Is he “refined and dignified”? Does he move gracefully? Does he demonstrate “refined taste”?”

Although the words ELEGANT have been scrubbed from the AP Website and other AP Stories online but Google still had this

Gosnell Serene Elegant

I prefer Horace Cooper’s description of Gosnell better:


As Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation states,

There’s nothing elegant about a man who killed and maimed women, delivered and killed babies by snipping their spinal cords, and kept severed babies’ feet in jars as trophies. Media bias has just gotten obscene. Gosnell is not the exception among abortionists. He is more common than the American public knows. For a reminder of his butchery, watch this excellent short doc, 3801 Lancaster. **WARNING: a few graphic images***