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Pro-choice bigot disrespects Jesus/Christianity over Hobby Lobby case

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This past summer, Toronto comedian Megan MacKay, uploaded a mockery video of Christians she called the, “Hobby Lobby Makeup Tutorial.”

This closely held corporation called Hobby Lobby which is a craft store company,” she begins, “recently went to the Supreme Court and said,’ We don’t want to have to pay for a woman’s contraception because we are Christian and we don’ believe in that and the Supreme County said ‘sure…”


We could certainly debate her analysis of the Hobby Lobby case and what it was about another time. For this blog, we are pointing out MacKay’s outright disrespect of Christianity and specifically Jesus, something those who support abortion tend to do quite often.

She continues, “So, in light of the recent ruling in the Supreme Court…I thought we’d do a really cool makeup tutorial that’s a new “Christian extremist make-up look.”


“Obviously, this isn’t for all Christians. Most Christians prefer a more subtle, loving look on their face? But, for the 1% of Christians who identify as Christian extremists this is the look for you. Hold onto your hats, because we’re going on a wild ride. It’s going to bring you to close to Jesus.”


She begins by suggesting “Christians” take a prenatal vitamin because “you’re gonna get pregnant -because – you’re gonna. You know what they say, use your womb to help Jesus out of the tomb,” she says.

No Megan, what do “they” say? As a Christian since a young girl, I have NEVER heard that little cliche. Maybe you need to add some “concealer” to YOUR routine, so you are not so OBVIOUS in your anti-Christian bigotry. Just my little make-up tip….


MacKay spends the rest of the video speaking disrespectfully about Christianity and specifically Jesus.

To mock the 1% of Christians she claims she is referring to – she has no problem despairing the Lord who bled on the cross for the sins of the 99% of Christians she is also insulting.

Case in point, Megan MacKay ends her little mockery vid by suggesting the right “subtle” lipstick color because, she says,”Jesus might want to make out with you- but- closed mouth only” until she ends with “Jesus Loves Crafts” painted on her face:

Note to Megan MacKay- NOT FUNNY!